John Daly Dresses The Part

Can't Wait for Tomorrow's Pants.

Can't Wait for Tomorrow's Pants.

Would you want to be John Daly for a day?  I guess it would depend on whether or not you could pick your day.  Daly’s playing this week at the Open de Espana, and it appears that if his game doesn’t draw any attention he is still determined to be the story.  The best part of this shot?  I think he’s actually pulling the pants off.  Only Long John can mix argyle and a beer gut. 

I’ve always been a Daly fan.   I’m a big believer in making your own decisions, so it’s never bothered me to watch Daly’s repeated attempts to run his career into the ground.  He’s had drinking, gambling, and women problems, but every couple of years he straightens out for a week or so and plays some good golf.

I agree with the assessment that Daly is obscenely talented, but his days of winning on talent alone are long gone.  There are plenty of big hitters with a soft touch on Tour now.  Phil Mickelson is likely longer than Daly at this point, and we know about Phil’s short game. 

Daly has no status on the PGA Tour, and being a threat to withdraw from any event he enters its hard to see him picking up a lot of sponsor exemptions despite still being one of the most recognizable golfers on the planet.  This week John is capitalizing on his popularity overseas, and just in case anyone didn’t know he was playing, he threw on a pair of pink and orange pants. 

I don’t know where Daly goes from here.  Without some decent golf we’re unlikely to see much of him in the states until he becomes eligible for the Champions Tour.  Big John out there with the old guys is an interesting possibility, but as it stands now he’s reminding me a lot of the character Mickey Rourke played in “The Wrestler.”  He’s still putting on the same show, but it’s becoming a lot harder for him to find the venues. 

To Follow Daly’s performance this week, and look at a couple more pics of this outfit go to



6 thoughts on “John Daly Dresses The Part

  1. Looks like Big John has been a frequent visitor to Domino’s and their newly minted “Pasta Bread Bowl”. Gross, I am praying that you have seen the Domino’s commercials with the unbelievably ridiculous idea of pairing pizza with pasta into one entree. What could possibly be fatter? I would think that 3 putt territory would devote some space to such a culinary feat

  2. You know what? I hadn’t seem them, but immediately checked them out online…and in a word, brilliant. I actually am a little wary of “fast food pasta”…but i think this did give me an idea of a post for later tonight.

  3. Did you catch a glimpse of Daly’s pants today? He’s making a strong argument to buck the trend of verticle stripes being considered slimming…

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  5. Anyone else read Daly’s book on how to play golf? It’s awesome. 150-200 pages of “hit the ball hard and don’t think”. Literally.

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