Donny, You’re Out of Your Element.

Where was the Oscar?

Where was the Oscar?

–So I mentioned Walter Sobchak earlier in the day, and it just allowed me to reflect one more time on the greatness of The Big Lebowski.  I hate when people say, “Is that the bowling movie?”  If I was teaching acting I’d just throw in a John Goodman highlight reel from Lebowski, put it on repeat, and go play golf.  It has to be one of the most underrated performances of all-time, in a movie that is full of them (Phillip Seymour Hoffman?).  Goodman here and maybe Alec Baldwin in Outside Providence are my two favorite performances in non-mainstream roles.


–Is a chocolate, chocolate chip muffin healthier than a piece of chocolate cake?  Is it less healthy?  Are they the same?  I was wondering this while I ate a chocolate, chocolate chip muffin.  It seems like anything that is called a muffin should be healthier, but then there are those cofee cake muffins at Dunkin Donuts that must be 1000 calories.  Pretty good by the way…I’m waiting for the double fudge brownie muffin.

–The Clippers won the lottery.  Does this ruin Blake Griffin’s career?  How many words is the Sports Guy going to write about this?  12,000?  31,000?  135,000? 

–I had the Nuggets (+6.5) tonight at centsports.  I put my whole bankroll on it (down to about 1.50).  I love betting against teams I already don’t like.  Lakers 105, Nuggets 103.  Bang.

–Chapter 7 of First Birthday posted in the Other Writing section.


6 thoughts on “Donny, You’re Out of Your Element.

  1. “This is a f’ing show dog with f’ing papers. You can’t board it, it gets upset.”

    Moyer starting tonight? I see Happ is penciled in as starter this weekend. I guess now the question is: When does Kendrick make his glorious return to the rotation? Do we still have Kris Benson in the system?

  2. No more Benson.

    The problem is that Moyer can’t go to the bullpen. So…what to do, what to do?

    I’m hoping for a Moyer in tears press conference by Mid-July, but that probably won’t happen.

    Let’s just hope for now, that Happ does a decent job.

  3. “And keeping an amphibious rodent . . . for domestic . . . within city limits . . . that ain’t legal either.”

  4. Ahhhh, Walter. Classic performance.

    PSH is the king of underrated performances, partially b/c he’s in a ton of crappy movies. That crap Robin Williams movie Patch Adams? I mean, jesus H he’s a move wh*re.

    Moyer needs to have a Bobby Ojeda, aka a career ending injury that has nothing to do with baseball. I think Ojeda tried to come back, but whatever. It ended his career. He pitched for the NYY after i think, but he sucked.

    Back to important stuff-A Rod is a g*ddamn man amongst boys. He and Tex are lighting it the F up, look out.

  5. and even better news from inside AAA sources, apparently Wang is on fire down there.

    I’m putting away a dollar a day for Yankees tickets. See you there in 6 years.

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