What do we Think of Women’s MMA?

Gina Carano, the face of Women's MMA.

Gina Carano, the face of Women's MMA.

I don’t know exactly what to make of women’s MMA.  It seems that a lot of fans don’t get on board with the sport because they either don’t enjoy watching women fight, or they believe the ladies don’t produce the exciting finishes that the men do.  The most recognizable name in women’s MMA is Gina Carano.  She is an undefeated fighter who also appeared on the American Gladiators revival as “Crush”.  A lot of insiders believe that Carano is not at the top of the sport, but simply is marketed in such a way because of her appearance.   Carano’s skills in the ring will be tested in her next fight on August 11th against Chris “Cyborg” Santos.  Cyborg is considered the most powerful striker in women’s MMA.

The fight will air on Showtime under the Strikeforce promotion.  UFC President Dana White had expressed some interest in bringing Carano to the UFC, but she ultimately went with Strikeforce to set up the fight with Cyborg.  It will certainly be the most high profile women’s MMA fight of all-time, and the hype surrounding it has started to heat up.  Last week, in an effort to display how dangerous she is, Cyborg choked out a reporter from MMAworldwide.com.  Perhaps in response to this a video has surfaced of Gina Carano doing the same.  Clearly, both these women have the skills to end the fight in dramatic fashion.  The question is whether or not we’ll be watching. 

I’ll admit I have some interest in the fight, and have watched some of Carano and Cyborg’s other contests.  The opponents I’ve seen to this point have been overmatched, but facing off against each other should provide a pretty dramatic show.  Both fighters will be looking to take the crown of women’s MMA, and all the spoils that will come with it.  It’ll be one intense cat fight.  I’m joking of course, I would never want to anger either of these animals who would beat the bag out of me in seconds.


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