Flyers Acquire Chris Pronger.

Is Pronger Still Dominant?

Is Pronger Still Dominant?

In a move that could be called typical Flyers, the club shipped highly touted defense prospect Luca Sbisa, Joffrey Lupul, and two first round picks to the Ducks for former Norris Trophy winner Chris Pronger.  Pronger was once the best defensemen in the league, but is now 34, and we’ll start to wonder how many years he has left at the top of his game.  We know the Flyers are not shy about acquiring veterans, and star players that are past their prime.  Jeremy Roenick, Darien Hatcher, the Beezer, the list goes on.  We’ll see if Pronger can push Philly over the top in this short window, or if it will be another failed grasp for the Cup. 

I don’t really have a problem with what they gave up.  Two low first round picks, and Lupul is a guy they can replace, and couldn’t afford to keep.  Sbisa you hate to see go, but he’s not a proven commodity.  Sometimes these defense prodigies never get over the hump.  I was really hoping they were going to focus on Jay Bouwmeester.  Bouwmeester brings a similar set of skills to the table, but is several years younger than Pronger.  As always with the Flyers I will keep my hopes up, but they just never quite make the move you want them to.


Random Photos of the Weekend.

Well, it’s the end of another week, and I’m left to ponder what do for the weekend.  It seems to me there is really nothing going on, which means maybe everyone should head to a beach or something…it’s quite hot.  But, some people don’t like the beach.  So, I thought I’d offer up some other suggestions.  There’s always the time honored classic:  Horseshoes.  The Wife’s in for a surprise the next time she goes to the can.

The Wife is going to be in for a Surprise the Next Time she Goes to the Can.

Someone's a Jordan Fan.


But, maybe horseshoes isn’t your game.  Maybe you’re the kind of person that just likes to hang out, drink a few beers, and enjoy a good old American Cookout.  I’m with you, just don’t forget the multiple loaves of Wonder Bread.

Pig in a Blanket, Or Weiner-Tot Casserole.  Your call Mable.

Pig in a Blanket, Or Weiner-Tot Casserole. Your call Mable.

Maybe sitting around isn’t your style.  You want to get and do something.  I understand.  I might want to hit the links this weekend.  Sunday is looking like a nice day.  I think I might try out my new golf cart.  I went for a couple custom options.  Check it out.

Going to Drive This Over the Bridge to Pine Valley, See What Happens.

Going to Drive This Over the Bridge to Pine Valley, See What Happens.


But, in the end…golf is boring.  You can play golf when you’re 90.  Things need to be livened up a little bit.  I have one last suggestion.  Something I’ve never heard of, but I’m willing to give it a try.  All we’re going to need is a little heart:

I always played with apple, but you know...whatever.

I always played with apples, but you know...whatever.


Have a good weekend all……..

Anecdote VI.

I don't know the term, but there better be some cheese on those bastards.

I don't know the term, but there better be some cheese on those sumbitches.

Yes, an anecdote.  I know a lot of people come to the blog solely to read BK’s comments, so I thought it was probably time for a BK anecdote.  I think he’ll probably be thankful (along with other involved parties) that I’m skipping the Hooters ancedote, and going straight to this one.  This great story took place in the lovely town of Jackson, TN.  I was in Tennessee for the first time to attend the wedding of the illustrious JCK and the illuminous Mrs. JCK.  I’d put her initials, but she has like 4 middle names, and I can’t remember the order.  So, anyway, welcome to Jackson, snitches.

It was a pretty classic weekend all around, amazing time, best wedding ever, but the heart of the anecdote occurs after the wedding, and after the reception.  And after the party, it’s the hotel lobby…stuff like that.  So, after the reception a group of us piled into a stretch limo and headed to a local bar.  Myself, BK, and a couple other dignitaries were still wearing our tuxes (obviously), so we roll into the bar, and keep in mind we’d been drinking at the reception for 4? hours?…and we get a few looks, but whatever.  It’s JCK’s wedding.

Couple notes from the first stop before I get to the real meat of the story.  First of all JCK’s sister completely dominated the entire place.  Bar, dance floor, she was in control of it all.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I went back to the bar, and they were building a statue of her outside.  Anyway, that was amazing.  And, not only that, there was a local girl of well below average appearance who seemed to take a shine to me.  Now, I was not sober in the least.  We walked in, BK handed me a Vodka/soda splash…and I said I didn’t drink Vodka.  BK’s repsonse?  “You do now.”

So anyway, this chick is talking to me, and I’m not really listening.  She tries to buy me a drink, and I get confused, and think I’m supposed to buy her a drink.  Well this pisses her off, and she goes away for a minute.  Then, she’s back.  And she’s talking again.  She said she likes me, and I shouldnt care what my friends think.  I shouldn’t care what they think about what?  Then she grabs my face, and kisses me.  Oh, that.  Well, I was a little concerned what people may think.  Glazing over a few details she left like an hour later with a 50 yr old.  Pretty good score for that guy.

As the night is winding towards last call at the bar, there is a consensus that we want to go to Steak N’ Shake.  Why?  Well, because when you are near a Steak N’ Shake…you go.  That’s how it works.  Somehow, out of nowhere, D-Hatch had arrived on the scene.  This is JCK’s father in law.  So, D-Hatch gets wind of this idea, and sensing a disaster he re-routes the limo, and instead of going back to the hotel…we’re at Steak N’ Shake.  Score.  Now D-Hatch wanted to go in alone, and just get a bunch of food.  I don’t think so, I’m coming in.  So I supervise the order, and we leave with a haul of food.  I’m passing out burgers and fries like a GD soup kitchen  employee.  I don’t remember what I had to eat in total, but I know I was washing it down with a chocolate shake.  I know BK had a shake as well, and this is important to the rest of the story.

So, we get back to the hotel, and everyone piles in, and this includes the young lady that BK had brought to the wedding.  Somehow BK and I are just kind of loitering outside.  He may have been inexplicably finishing a cigar?  Maybe he’ll fill us in.  Anyway, we’re the only people out there, still in our tuxedos.  This kid appears out of nowhere.  His first question, “Were you at the wedding?”  No, we’re mannequins at Men’s Wearhouse…we just got off duty.

We kind of overlook this question, and the kid (he’s like 20something, but looked 12) comes over and introduces himself.  I shake his hand, but BK has his shake in one hand, and the cigar? in the other…so he gives him some knucks.  The kid get’s all pissed that BK didn’t, “Shake his hand like a man.”  BK says, “I’m drinking my shake.”  Then the kid tries to shake his hand again, and this time BK just laughs.

Sometime after the kid walked away in disbelief I think I spotted a Waffle House sign down the road.  I mention it, BK says something like, “You won’t go to Waffle House.”  And, we’re walking to Waffle House.  Now it wasn’t far, but it was down a divided 4 lane highway.  We’re walking down the middle in the median or whatever.  There’s no traffic at all…it’s like 3 AM, but BK did manage to airmail the last of  his shake over two lanes of traffic, and into the ditch on the other side of the road.  Not really important, but a nice touch.

We made it to Waffle House, and let me tell you, you haven’t gotten a look until you walk into a Waffle House in Jackson, TN at three in the morning wearing tuxedos.  It was amazing.  Somehow we managed to put away another meal.  Keep in mind we had left Steak N’ Shake approximately 30 minutes prior.   And, believe it or not, it was delicious.  Unfortunately, around this time…we were realizing we had to walk back to the hotel.  As fate would have it, the young lady that BK brought to the wedding happened to call.  I believe she asked something along the lines of “Where the hell are you?”  To which, BK gave the truthful answer…Waffle House.  There was a pause in the conversation where I’m sure BK heard some interesting stuff, but his reply made the night.  What did he say, “Come pick us up.”

And, there it is.  The only way this story gets better is if the Swan was there.

Bunch of Lolly-Gaggers.

Don't Think.  It can only hurt the ball club.

Don't Think. It can only hurt the ball club.

The Phillis stink right now.  They’re awful.  I don’t really feel the panic setting in with the fans, which I find very interesting.  I don’t know if it’s the World Series, or what, but most of the fans seem just as confident as the players that everything is going to be just fine.  Well, it’s not.  This team has forgotten how to win in the last two weeks, and during that time the roster been shot full of holes by a bunch of AL East teams that have been teeing off on the Phillies weak pitching, and baffling their slumping hitters.  Tons of problems abound, among them:

Jimmy Rollins is terrible.  Currently benched, Rollins has been a mess all season.  He’s a rally killer, he’s an 0-fer, he’s an out.  The guy never takes a pitch.  He goes weeks without drawing a walk.  Literally.  He seems locked in a quest to have a lower OBP than batting average.  Hey Jimmy, great try with the .250 OBP, but it’s not possible.  He has 300 at-bats!  This isn’t a slump anymore, it’s practically July.  I would have guessed that Rollins was the Phillie most prone to a Series hangover, and it looks like that is the case.  This just feels like a year long thing, so get used to it.

The Rotation stinks.  You know I got way too excited about Bastardo.  Probably because his name was Bastardo, and I thought he had decent enough stuff to get through the league once or twice, but it doesn’t appear to be the case.  Bastardo looks like a guy that wasn’t ready to make the jump to the major leagues.  He blew a 4-0 lead last night in a couple innings, he’s prone to having crooked numbers hung up on him.  He was probably short term to begin with, and now we’re hoping that the term is almost over.  

How about Joe Blanton?  He’s terrible.  He can get rocked in any game he pitches.  Any game.  He can walk out there under any circumstances, and just give up a quick six spot.  It’s happened, and it will continue to happen.  The guy’s a fifth starter, and I feel like we keep waiting for him to turn into Curt Schilling.  It’s not happening.  If Blanton were in the NBA draft they’d be talking about his low ceiling, and freakish downside. 

I’m going to skip over Moyer to get to the bullpen.  A while ago I wrote about 5 guys that would benefit from some time in the minors, well I’d like to send Jack Taschner to north pole.  See if Santa needs any help with the reindeer.  This guy is useless.  I feel like the only time he pitches is when the Phillies are already down 5 runs.  Then, quickly, they’re down 10.  He doesn’t have good stuff, they clearly don’t trust him in close games…what am I missing here?  Get rid of the guy.  Put him on waivers, have him throw BP, I don’t care, but I’m tired of seeing him in the games.  The rest of the bullpen is basically a joke too, but Taschner makes me want to kick puppies…and I love puppies. 

Bottom Line, not only do the Phillies need Raul back, but they need him back and picking up right where he left off.  Aka, hotter than he’d ever been in his entire career.   They need to sort out the lineup.  Leading off J-Roll is like starting a game with 22 outs.  It’s hard to do.  They need two starters, probably two relievers (Lidge could be one of them), and they need to win some games.  Next week they’re back playing in the division, and this smoke and mirrors lead they have is going to be gone, and next thing we know they’ll be under .500.  Get it together, it’s a long summer.