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Pujols > Everyone.

Pujols > Everyone.

I don’t make a real habit of following Albert Pujols’s stats.  He’s out there in St. Louis, the Cardinals bother me a little bit, and there’s no need to look really.  He’s always hitting.  Well after seeing another multi-homer game pop up for Albert tonight, I took a peek at the year he’s having.  No big deal really.  Leading the league in just about every offensive category except hitting (pitiful .332BA), and he’s on pace for 62 homers and 160 RBIs.   Those are some pretty gaudy numbers for a guy who only strikes out about 60 times a year.  The two-time MVP is probably headed towards a third, and at 14,000,000 might be one of the better bargains in the league.  What do you think the Yankees would pay this guy?

Was doing some more thinking on game shows and easiest jobs in America.  I read today that Simon Cowell is in negotiations to continue to judge American Idol.  His new price tag is rumored to be in the 140 million range.  That’s per season.  Now, I don’t like to downplay wittiness, but this is a little ridiculous no?  What does he do?  20-some episodes a season?  If Paula or Randy are making a tenth of this?  I might throw myself off my balcony.  Related to this I think I realized why game show hosts make so much money.  They have to be actually happy for the people who win.  If you were making 75 grand a year, and some idiot got lucky and won a million dollars, you’d probably punch them in the face.  You couldn’t be genuine, so they pay these hosts 20 million so no matter what happens they can give that fake, condescending smile when someone wins big. 

Phillies lost in extra innings tonight.  Just another step on the staircase to third place.  The real problems?  First, the Braves were one of my picks, so my people betting against me took a loss.  The bullpen blew a good chance to assure another losing night.  Now, we have to wait for the late games.  Secondly, J-Roll emerged from his hiatus with a ho-hum 0-5.  J-R0ll’s average is trending towards 0.  He said all the right things during his break, but I’m not sure he’s the kind of guy that responds to a benching.  It’s just one game, and we’ll see, but for now…the slump continues.  He’s officially overshadowed Big Papi, and now we’re like in Andruw Jones 2008 territory. 

Lastly, saw ad for Fiji water that said, “Yes, it’s actually from Fiji.”  No s**t.  That’s good to know.  I still prefer my water to come from Eastern Europe, and that’s why I drink Poland Spring.


3 thoughts on “This Just In.

  1. unbelievable comeback from the O’s, that was just insane. Joba can’t get a decision, but yanks are 10-5 in his starts…..i have no idea what to make of that.

  2. There were some strange games last night. Can’t believe Baltimore came back…they were dead.

    Don’t know what to make of the Joba stat either really, except I know its better than if they were 5-10 in his starts.

    Nice to see the Yanks playing a bit better, we don’t want them completely out of it.

  3. As a side note-the Yanks would pay him approximately $5M more a year than Tex. Can you imagine that line up? i mean, it’ll never happen, but what if they were trotting out a lineup of Gardner-Jeter-Tex-Pujols-ARod-Cano-Posada(DH)-Damon-Cervelli? Yeeessshhh. What’s the over/under on runs that group scores? Like i said, it’ll never, ever, ever happen, but dear lord what would opposing pitchers be coming up with to avoid that lineup?

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