The Brett Favre of College Football

Tebow Saving Himself for Marriage, the UFL.

Tebow Saving Himself for Marriage, the UFL.

It’s going to be the season of Tebow.  Can he win a second Heisman?  A third national title?  Is he the best college quarterback ever?  Answers:  who cares, maybe, goodness no.  It’s SEC media day, or preseason media week, or something.  I’m not in the media, so I don’t know the exact title, but we’re already being flooded with Tebow stories.  The biggest news so far?  Tebow was asked the old “Britney Spears” question during a press conference, and someone didn’t vote for Tebow as the first team pre-season QB.

I don’t want to delve to far into the first issue.  Everyone that knows of Tebow’s faith wouldn’t be surprised at the answer, and if you’re thinking about taking a shot at him…well I’d suggest typing “tim tebow girlfriend” into google.  At this point you probably get confused/frustrated, walk to the top of the nearest building, and throw yourself off. 

How do I react to Steve Spurrier not voting for Tebow as the pre-season first teamer?  Well, I think it’s pretty hilarious, and pretty classic Spurrier.  Spurrier is an attention whore.  Did we just figure this out?  He knows the press are only going to be talking about Tebow, so this is how he throws his visor in the ring.  He just hitched up to the old Tebow wagon.  Looks like South Carolina and its coach are getting some media attention all of a sudden.

Who cares about pre-season all conference teams anyway?  I know that SEC football is like the NFL in the South, and I probably don’t understand, but this doesn’t seem like that big of deal.  He wasn’t a unamimous selection.  He’ll be all right.  And Spurrier?  The guy’s a stone weasel.  He walks around with this idiotic “ball coach” persona…he’s just another fraud college coach that can recruit well.  Just put him in front of a room of reporters, turn off his microphone, and pull the string.  He’ll eventually talk himself out.

I’m hoping for another Tebow motivational post-game speech this year.  There’s never been a college player that worked harder, or prepared his team better.  So, where does he go from there?  Besides the CFL?  I’m not sure, but it’ll be a nice late summer into fall as we project and hyperbole the bullcorn out of Tebow’s career.  I’m going to invent a new offense that has Tim Tebow and Mike Vick in the backfield, and send it to Al Davis….just to speed up the process.


4 thoughts on “The Brett Favre of College Football

  1. Agreed, total non-story. All that matters is who is on the end of the year team. Regardless of whether or not you are tired of Florida football and the annoying stories about how Tim Tebow performs circumcisions in the Phillipines, they most likely will win another national championship—-they return their entire starting Defense, and they only lost 2 offensive starters from the nat’l champ team, and they also have about 8 guys on “O” who run like a 4.1 who will step in and replace Harvin. I for 1 will be hoping to ride the 3 team parlay of Tebow-Colt McCoy-Bradford for the first 4 weeks of the season, as each of those teams lays 4 touchdowns and still destroys the cover.

    Tebow most likely will not make any greater impact in the NFL than to be the next Jim Kleinsasser, but he is an incredible, incredible College QB. His impact on that team is unbelievable, he makes plays in every game and he is a tremendous leader.

  2. Haha….

    I would love to hear Mel Kiper project Tebow to be the next Kleinsasser.

    Tebow is certainly a beast, no doubt. And, they probably are the favorites to win everything, but strange things happen in the SEC from time to time…

    I like that parlay theory, though. There’s not that can equal the feeling of laying 31 1/2 and being up 35-0 at halftime.

  3. Tebow will have an impact in the NFL, just like Pat White will. Somewhere, i’m just not sure where.

    I’m sick of Tebow stories though, and even sicker of the “he’s an amazing leader” type crap. He plays on the most talented team in College football (arguably, but top 3 definitely), has a ridiculously good coach-guy almost got Alex Smith a heisman-and his home field advantage is top 5 in college football. Of course he wins. He’s not remotely the best QB in College football history. Matt Leinart was a better college QB, for chrissake.

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