Power Rankings.

I'd Put the Dorito Above the Frito, but Below Martin's Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

I'd Put the Dorito Above the Frito, but Below Martin's Kettle Cooked Potato Chips


Something strange is going on in Philadelphia.  The Eagles have opened training camp, top pick Jeremy Maclin hasn’t agreed to a contract yet, but most fans still have their attention planted squarely on the Phillies.  What does it take to supplant the Eagles?  A first place team, and a hot trade rumor.  This will works in July, anyway.  Not too sure the Phils can compete with much more than just training camp.  Around the country, though, it’s NFL time.  And, ESPN has responded with their first set of Power Rankings.  Putting aside the fact it is ridiculous to rank the teams during camp…a couple of notes. 

The Steelers check in at number one.  I’m not buying it.  If you beat the Cardinals in the Super Bowl you lose all rights as a defending champ.  Plus, Large Ben has this extracurricular incident hanging over his head, teams don’t repeat anymore, and the AFC is just “too damn hard.”  That’s a Colonel Frank Slade quote.  In homage to the hated technique of the Sports Guy…

The Tom Brady Pats check in at number 2.  Bad news for Patriot haters.  It’s been a rough decade, and it shouldn’t end any differently.  Brady’s knee holds up, and they’ll have a pretty ridiculous offense.  Also, the Jets, Dolphins and Bills basically stink.  That doesn’t hurt. 

The Eagles are sandwiched between the Mannings at number four.  The Eli Manning’s are 3, and I’m just not sure about giving the G-Men that much respect.  Last year we weren’t sure if the NFC East was the best division in football…or just evenly matched.  I’m still not sure.  #3 for NY seems a little high for the G-Men, and #4 seems a little high for the Birds.  Remember I’m trying to curb expectations this year.  Also, I’m a little worried about the new D-Coordinator, and the RB situation that looks like it could blow up in the Bird’s faces with one injury. 

Randoms:  The Titans are #7.  They won 13 games last year remember?  Somehow?  If they win 10 this year I’ll be impressed.  

The Vikings are #9.  Is this the Brett Favre Vikings?  Do they drop to 12 when Favre signs?  

Defending NFC Champs Arizona check in at #12.  Seems high.  Um, they were 9-7 last year. 

The Cowsnitches are #14.  I think this is the year that Tony Romo looks confused, and throws about 24 picks.  So, basically every game will be like the playoffs. 

The T.O Led Buffalo Bills are #21.  T.O in Buffalo.  It’s just hard to believe.  He’s got Trent Edwards throwing to him.  I don’t see how it’s going to work, but good luck up there in Buffalo. 

DAL?  The Lions of course.  How long can losing streak go?  I just looked at the schedule.  I’m going to go crazy and say they beat the ‘Skins at home in Week Three.  Deal with that. 

I apologize for the people who were hoping for a snack food Power Ranking.  Probably some other time.


In or Out?

Pete Rose Could Hit....Parlays.

Pete Rose Could Hit....Parlays.

It was Hall Of Fame Weekend in Cooperstown last week, and that always stokes the Pete Rose debate.  Rose has a habit of showing up somewhere else in Cooperstown during the weekend to sign autographs.  And by sign, I mean charge people for autographs.  Rose was banned from the game twenty years ago, and there’s been speculation that his lifetime ban will eventually be repealed by Bud Selig.  Rose’s case seems to be gaining more momentum lately as current Hall of Famers, like Hank Aaron, speak on his behalf. 

I’ve always thought they should put Pete in the Hall of Fame.  You don’t have to let the guy manage a team, but let him in the Hall, let him go to Reds’ reunions, and things of that nature.  He still has a ton of fans, and baseball should accomodate for that.  They need as many fans as possible.

Rose bet on baseball, and that is unforgivable, but again, he’s not being voted into the Hall of Fame as a manager, or as a role model.  He’s the all-time hits leader, and baseball is almost ignoring that part of it’s history.  The stories go on and on about the player he supplanted at the top of that list, Ty Cobb.  Cobb was a notorious misanthrope.  An alleged racist, he was rumored to have killed a man.  But, Cobb’s in the Hall, and there’s no doubt he should be.  People argue the difference is that Cobb didn’t commit any of these sins on the baseball field.  Perhaps, but neither did Pete…while he was playing. 

The whole induction process for MLB has gotten too big for its own good.  I’m a fan of tough Hall of Fame standards, but the writers have too much power, and the Verterans Committee is too much of an Old Boys Network.  It’s getting a little out of control .  Rose would likely bypass the writer’s vote if he was ever re-instated, and go straight to the Veteran’s Committee.  You think this would be good for his chances considering the opinions you hear coming from former players these days, and honestly I don’t want to hear the writers pontificate on the issue.

I’m all for preserving baseball’s integrity, but it’s taken quite a hit in recent years, and it’s probably time to let old Pete in the Hall.  It’d be a wild weekend, and an interesting speech if he was inducted. 

Speaking of speeches, a lot of people were expecting Rickey Henderson to fall all over himself during his speech this past weekend, but by all accounts Rickey nailed it.   Classic baseball character that guy.  Congrats to him and Jim Rice.