Busiest. Day. Ever.

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History making day at Three Putt Territory.  I suppose we owe it all to Cliff Lee.  Either that or my extra sharp provolone wit.  Hard to say, but imagine the explosion if the Phillies had traded for Roy Halladay.  It certainly was a strange day to be a Phillies fan.  After being conditioned for decades, beaten down to the notion that the Phillies would always be sellers, the club took the reins today.  It may not have been the most popular move, but they didn’t get bullied, and made a decisive play.  We’ll see how it works out.  I’m pretty hopeful, but I did hear from one anonymous occasional baseball fan today, “Cliff Lee?  He’s terrible.”  So, not everyone is sold.   

I’m not calling it the Cliff Lee era until he arrives, so Wednesday’s loss to the D-Backs does not tarnish the deal at all in my opinion.  The meek offfensive effort against a marginal starter at best doesn’t warm the soul, but there will always be these days when the swings and misses catch up to this squad.  Honestly, I don’t think a fan out there cares about this result.  They just want to see Cliff Lee make that first start for the Phillies. 

Elsewhere we are waiting for the other dominos to fall into place.  It seems likely that Toronto may keep Halladay now, and while it’s hard to criticize keeping Halladay, it’s hard to believe his value would have ever been higher.  It just seems that the Blue Jays were asking for too much.  Not a lot of other big names out there…I mean, we’ve been talking about George Sherrill.  I’m sure there will be a little flurry at the deadline…who goes where?

World of Golf News…We are happy to hear that John Daly has a reality show coming back to the Golf Channel.  John’s Daly Planet was a classic bit of programming, and I’ll be looking forward to catching an episode or two this time around as well.  Daly said this series will focus on his renewed commitment to his game.  Sounds a little boring, but JD has a flair for the dramatic.  A win and an after-party this week in Michigan would make a nice episode. 

And, just to give an idea of the status of non-PGA golf in the United States…the Women’s British Open and the U.S. Senior Open are this week.  Did anyone know this?  These have to be sinking ships.


8 thoughts on “Busiest. Day. Ever.

  1. Don’t all the recent John Daly-related developments add just a little bit of extra luster to the tradition and legacy of John Daly Golf for the TI-82 calculator?

  2. What’s the point of the US Senior tour? Isn’t it kind of akin to the “over 40 league” for softball? No other sport has a tour for people who are so old they can no longer compete with top talent.

  3. I think the Senior Tour has a niche market. I’ll use myself as an example. I think everyone has their favorite players, and you start following them when you are young. As you get older you dont really pick up new favorite guys, and so the Senior Tour still gives you a chance to watch that guy. And, obviously in golf you can maintain your level of play for much longer. That being said, I’m surprised it can sustain a full tour, and wouldn’t be surprised down the road if it turned into a one tournament a month/showcase kind of thing.

  4. On Golf: There’s blood in the Water at the Buick Open. As usual, they are tearing up Warwick Hills. Tiger’s going to have a lot of pretty numbers to shoot at when he tees off this afternoon. Of 78 players in the morning wave, only 10 are over par.

  5. This picture ranks in my top 5 in 3putt history

    maybe that’s what the senior tour should do, go to more of a showcase format compared to a full tour. I’m sure the decision will simply be dictated upon whether they can sustain enough sponsor dollars to support a full tour or not…. not that anyone here cares, but I believe in tennis they have more of a showcase format where they have “legend” matches at a lot of the big tournaments. This way people can still see Sampras or McEnroe or whoever their man crush happens to be. I also believe they very briefly tried to have a senior tour, but obviously that didn’t stand a chance

  6. Haha.

    I’m glad someone liked the beaver.

    Tennis is just a model fringe sport I feel like.

    Yes, that was a backhanded compliment.

    And, yes, that was a pun.

    I’ll stop now.

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