Dodgers Counter.

The Dodgers bullpen now features Ace & Gary.

The Dodgers bullpen now features Ace & Gary.

The Dodgers traded for George Sherrill on Thursday giving them a pretty solid right/left combo at the back end of the bullpen.  Pairing Sherrill with Broxton starts that old, “make it a seven inning game” notion.  I’m not going to sit here, and say that the Dodgers don’t have a nice pitching staff.  They do, but they also have Randy Wolf.  Who doesn’t want a piece of that character in October?  There’s not a guy on the staff that I think the Phillies couldn’t beat, and even though you could say the same thing about the Phillies…Hamels owns L.A, and the Phils have the superior offense. 

Rodrigo Lopez gracefully bowed out of the rotation by getting his teeth kicked in for 4 innings against the Giants.  Hey, thanks for the memories Rodrig0.  When is this Lee guy going to throw?  Pistol Pete Martinez will start in Lehigh Valley on Friday night, it’d be nice if Cliff Lee got the call as well.  A double taste.  A virtual explosion of flavor for Phillies fans.  The thought of moving Happ to the bullpen when Pedro arrives makes me shudder.  How about a 6 man rotation?  And by that I mean the five guys pitch, and then every sixth day you skip Jamie Moyer.   No?  If Moyer was a team player he’d volunteer to go to the bullpen…and hand out sunflower seeds. 

Couple weird things happened to me today.  First of all, I realized that Target is a pretty special store.  I don’t want to like Target that much, but I set out today to do some errands, expecting to have to stop at a lot of places, but no.  Target had everything.  I know what you are thinking, Grossy, Target’s been around for like two decades, where have you been?  The answer is I don’t know.  I really don’t.  I think their signage and red shirt wearing minions put me off. 

The day was capped on the drive home, however, when I hear a movie promo that says, “From the writer of Saw 4, 5 and 6, comes…”  Really?  First of all how many Saws are there?  Secondly, they’re basically just saying, “From the guy who wrote the sh-tty Saws”.  Right?  No one has seen Saw 6 have they?  It got me thinking, maybe I can just start sending out writing with cover letters that say, “Hey check out this new novel, it’s by the author of The Greatest Gatsby.”   Or, “This screenplay is sick, the guy who did Goodfellas 3 co-wrote it.”  Maybe it could work.  I mean, Saw 6?


9 thoughts on “Dodgers Counter.

  1. nice pic of my and rob/bob’s Halloween costume for this year

    3putt really seems to be firing on all cylinders lately, nice goin

    love and respect the consistency of your moyer bashing

    thrilled you’ve come around on target, in the past when I’ve sung their praises you would usually slip in a comment about how you prefer walmart, which always baffled me… target specializes in customers coming in for one or two things and having them check out with way more stuff for a hunj or so, great business model… and a little secret from me to you, you can pick up some real gems in mens clothing and probably for under ten bucks

  2. Ah yes, like the un-warm fleece for 9.99.

    I haven’t gotten to that point yet, but I’m trying to remember why I said I like wal-mart. I think I thought it was basically the same store, but wal-mart was cheaper.

    I don’t really go in either often, but its always nice to have a strong opinion.

  3. The red shirts of Targe` (that’s classy french for Target) are a major turn off. But the stores aren’t horrible, once you cross the mental barrier of actually entering them. I had a great “duet” costume the other day, and i forgot it. I hate when that happens.

    Can we talk about the aggressive media campaign by Obama to repair his image after the whole “cops are stupid” comment? I mean, did you see the pics from his “beer with the professor and cop” and how these are plastered every where??? I love that the people who hated Bush would often make snide comments about him being a redneck southerner… they’re celebrating how much of an “every man” Obama is b/c he can have a beer at the white house. This could not be more contrived, i’m almost pissed the cop wasn’t like “how about instead of a beer, you take two steps back and literally FIST yourself” to steal a line from Tropic Thunder. I get it, it’s a chance to sit at the white house, but have a little bit of pride. Make the guy who maligned you, your profession and your entire squad work for it a bit.

  4. I like that Bill Simmons continues to not write about Big Papi. Keep on ignoring this story Simmons, it’s what makes you YOU. If it’s a negative towards boston or its spots teams, it doesn’t exist. I can’t wait for this spin!

  5. V-Mart to the Red Sox. He’s a first baseman/catcher, LaRoche is a first baseman, so i guess this means the Sox REALLY believe in Papi huh?

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