Cliff Lee, Will you be my Valentine?

February Can't Get Here Soon Enough.  I mean, October.

February Can't Get Here Soon Enough. I mean, October.

So this is what Cole Hamels was supposed to look like this season.  Please allow me the following premature and slightly extreme statement (It is 1 am).  The Phillies haven’t had a legitimate ace in their starting rotation and been a good team since 1983.  That year John Denny won the Cy Young award, and Steve Carlton was at the tail end of his dominance.  I know Cliff’s made four starts, and he’s not going to be this good, but there’s no doubt in my mind that he’d have been a 20 game winner if he pitched here all season.  No doubt at all.   Twenty in fact, seems a little conservative. 

Watching the games is a revelation.  Oh, this is what someone with command looks like.  Games don’t have to last three and half hours.  You don’t have to throw 120 pitches in 6 innings.  This is groundbreaking stuff.  To say that Lee has exceeded expectations would be a huge understatement.  He absolutely, could not have been any better than he’s been so far.  It’s been great to watch, and tonight he completely overmatched the D-Backs, and the Phils hitters knocked around Dan Haren a bit, and the game was stress free after the fifth inning.   That may be Lee’s biggest benefit.  If Brad Lidge takes years off your life, Cliff “Mother Lovin” tries to put them back on.

Oh you want a G&T Weds wrap-up?  I know it was the only post I managed Wednesday so I guess I better come full circle.  I was going to do a Solheim Cup preview, but….What can I say, sometimes nothing really hits me.  If anyone has any suggestions like BK’s brilliant QB rating post…I’m definitely open for them.  I’m only one man…with an abnormally large brain.  S0, G&T Weds?  Well, it was awesome, obviously. 

Couple things of note:  Someone I was with ordered this Pineapple Vodka thing called a “Stoli Doli”.  Now, what happens is, you order this drink, and then a guy makes out with you.  I’m joking, but on G&T Wednesday?  It was borderline.  What else happened?  Well, Haas ordered a Gin Rickey, which is advanced Gin ordering, apparently.  No one in the joint knew what it was, but long story short…he didn’t get charged for it.  I had a mild wave of BK’s described “gin rage” come over me when some guy referred to his Heineken as a “green tea.”  Also, someone’s possible attempt to visit bartenderville was cut tragically short.  Reason, “they just came from two different worlds.”   Needless to say, see everyone next Wednesday. 

Even though it makes no sense whatsoever, I’m ready to propose the nickname, Cliff “G&T” Lee.  Catchy, I think.


26 thoughts on “Cliff Lee, Will you be my Valentine?

  1. Is a gin rickey like a gin fizz? For those in the know, there’s a phenomenal bar in NYC called Raine’s Law Room (possibly misspelled) that is based around Raine’s Law (prohibition era) and is supposed to be “speak easy-esque”. Point being? Apparently gin is the “base” for all other alcohols (i was told) so 50% of their drinks are gin based, another 30% are whiskey i think and the rest are hit and miss. Its G&T Wednesday’s on steroids, the bloggers dream. And gin rickey’s, among a myriad of other “sophistimicated” gin drinks are on the menu. Oh, and the “bar” is a literal kitchen with the bartender essentially sitting at an island in the middle.

    Blogger-i challenge you to attend this bar with me in the near term.

  2. A lime rickey is basically lime juice and club soda–carbonated limeade. I’m guessing a gin rickey is the same thing only with gin?

  3. Yeah, that’s right. It’s gin/lime duice/and soda.

    BK you aren’t the only one that is trying to get me to NY.

    I’ve made vague promises for a fall trip.

    Gross + 90 degrees + mild case of clausterphobia equals no summer in the city.

  4. I’ve stopped watch Cliff Lee starts. Like the sun rising, you know what’s going to happen.

    Am I the only person who comments that just stumbled on this blog? Everyone else seems to know each other.

  5. Well they all at least know me (the lucky s.o.b’s) if not each other.

    Thanks for stumbling in and participating, though, always looking for new stumblers…

  6. I love that his ERA with the Phillies is 0.82. I love seeing that number. It almost looks cooler than 0.00. The guy is a freak.

    And by the way, what was up with the Pedro “error?” Harsh scoring decision from the scorer. I think he wanted to see a no-no. Clearly not an error. In the end it was good cause it padded that ERA for Cliff.

  7. Everyone– they just made ballet an olympic sport! So exciting!
    Has anyone thought about the transcendental nature of the comments that we actually DONT post on this site? I was walking around Boston and it just hit me- life is full of sociological conspiracy theories!


  8. JP–

    I’ll take comment impersonation over no comments, any day.

    Regarding the obscene .82 ERA. I agree, it does seem more badass than 0.

  9. i’d like to have a discussion about sandwiches. have we already done that?

    i think the BLT is the perfect summer sandwich.

    yesterday i ordered a sub with turkey, swiss, and onions all mixed and heated on the griddle, with some mayo and sliced tomato. it was pretty damn good. what’s the best sandwich you’ve had lately?

  10. I think we have done sandwiches…should probably re-visit at some point.

    The other night I made myself a cheeseburger steak. Since I don’t have a grill I have to come up with creative ways to get the ground beef in my diet.

    So, i just made it in a frying pan like I was going to make tacos, seasoned liberally, slathered with cheese, and shoved it in a hoagie roll.

    I mean, it wasn’t completely magical, but pretty good, and a nice honey mustard delivery system as well.

  11. Does G&T Weds lead into Random Fact Research Thursday? I hope so.

    If the phils win tonight and complete the sweep of the lowly D-backs (I like our chances with BJB on the mound), they will be 20 games above .500 in late August. When was the last time the Phillies were 20 games above .500 this early in the season? I don’t know the answer, but I am hoping we can figure it out.

    Anyone notice Pedro is slated to start against the Mets at citi field on Sunday afternoon. That should be an interesting game. Looking forward to seeing the fans’ reaction there.

    • well, i’m really good.

      the baseball almanac website has every season game by game.

      so, i didn’t look at every year, but I assumed ’93 would be it.

      so, it at least happened then.

  12. speaking of sandwiches, i’ve been toying around with this question for a while so i’ll throw it out to the group…. when eating a hoagie (sub, for non-philly 3PT readers) do you prefer the meat on the top or bottom, hence would you prefer your lettuce/tomato/onion etc. below or above the meat…after a lot of internal back-and-forthing i think i’ve come up with my answer, but i’d be interested in other opinions

  13. Seems that for the integrity of the roll, you have to go with meat on the bottom, providing a barrier between the items most likely to make the roll soggy.

  14. Meat on the bottom for gravity and stability purposes. The lettuce and stuff starts falling out unless it is supported by the meat. Unless maybe you have gigantic thumbs. This is especially true in places like New England where hoagies are called subs or bulkies and served on flimsy rolls or buns or bread. (Its a real crapshoot as to what kind of bread you get in sandwiches here.)

  15. personally i’ve been won over by meat on top, it really seems to contain the lettuce and especially the tomatoes(i know 3PT doesnt have this problem since tomatos are banned) too often with the alternative i find myself spilling lettuce, tomato, etc. all over the place… as for the integrity of the roll, if you start with a lettuce base that should provide a sufficient buffer for potentially soggy items such as pickles and tomatoes…a hybrid method i’ve seen sparingly, but effective, has meat on bottom with lettuce on top and tomatoes “side-tucked” behind the meat

  16. never tried the meat on the top, but it does make sense that it would hold in the lettuce. this is all assuming that the roll isn’t cut all the way through.

  17. Nothing to add to the great sandwhich debate of ’09, but I thought it was interesting that this quickly became the most popular post on 3PT. I guess it had the perfect combination of Gin and Tonics, Cliff Lee, and lunch meat.

  18. that does seem to be the holy trinity,

    but the numbers are skewed i think…because it got about 1000 hits randomly from one of those “live blog” compilation sites or whatever…


    regardless, it’s my favorite non-fred, non-anecdote, non-QB arguement post of all-time.

  19. Gin isn’t the base for all liquors. Gin is a base liquor, as are vodka, rum, tequila, mekhong, bourbon, cognac, brandy, whisky, etc. The distinctions arise from how they are distilled and the ingredients used in the mash.

    The construction of a cocktail starts with a base liquor, then includes a modifier like vermouth, citrus, bitters, campari, etc., and is finished with a flavoring or coloring such as grenadine, chambord, cointreau, blue caracao, grand marnier, etc.

  20. think i became the victim of identity theft today…by a certain Q-dizzle.

    guess i will try to blog less tangentially with the boys!

    this is me being linear and sporty:


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