Wake Up!

Hope Your Weekend Leaves an Impression.

Hope Your Weekend Leaves an Impression.

We need some signs of life around here.  This was reminiscent of the slow April Fridays of the young blog.  I guess, I’ve been more interesting, but we’ll spice it up with a little parting shot.  Little caption to make you think.  Appropriate?  Inappropriate?  Who are you to decide, really?  Get off your high horse, and relax.  You know it’s funny…now hike up those biz cas pants, and go get a cocktail somewhere.  What’s cracking this weekend?

First of all I’d like to thank Brandon Marshall for adding just a touch more mystery to the fantasy draft.  At this point Marshall is either going to be the guy who ruins your season, or the guy you curse yourself for passing over…nine times.  Marshall was suspended by the Broncos for the remainder of the preseason, and if you saw the video of Marshall’s antics in practice…it’s hard to see him getting back in good graces anytime soon.  The fact remains, though, that he’s a top talent, and that is what fantasy is about.  I’m setting a go/no go round for Marshall in my draft…and actually, I kind of hope I get him. 

The weather could be messing with Pedro again.  Not sure what the outlook is for the rest of the night, but it doesn’t look too good for Phillies/Braves right now.  Pedro is supposed to take on Tommy Hanson, and honestly…it’s a pretty terrible match-up for him.  Hanson is the Braves 23-year old future ace, and he’s been really good so far this year.  It’ll be tough for the Phillies to manage Moyer-esque run support against this kid.  If the game goes down, I’m thinking Phils lose…sorry, but reality is reality.  The rest of the series is all about pitching.  Cliff Lee/Derek Lowe and Jair Jurrgens/Joe Blanton.  I don’t have to remind everyone that Jurrgens pitches well against Philly, right?  We all remember that.  I’ll throw a reverse hexola out there.   Braves win 2/3, and pull within six.  No big deal.  Obviously, “Mother Lovin” handles his business.

We’re back on Freddie watch for the weekend.  It’s the best place to be, honestly.  It appears that Liberty National is going to fail in it’s test to win over the tour pros, but it might succeed in identifying a good ball-striker as the champion.  Fred started terribly yesterday, but rallied the troops and seems to be hitting it better.  We know he can hit it as good as anyone when he’s in rhythm, so I’m allowing myself a little hope for the weekend.  He’s currently at 1-under, which is a healthy six shots back, but only 1 behind the virtual lead (Tiger at 2-under).  Scores much higher today, and any wind over the weekend will send them higher, and the winning score won’t be too far into the red.  If Fred can stop three jacking these crazy greens…look out.  If not be prepared for Clark, Woods, or Stricker.

Last note, another golf mention.  The finals of the U.S. Amateur are this weekend.  This is a very cool event, and it lacks a high profile amateur this year, but if you have a chance to tune in…it’s worth a watch.  Especially the semis, when the guys are playing for a spot in the Masters.  What could very well end up being the pinnacle of their career.  It’s not bad stuff…

Everyone take it easy over the weekend…oh, Couture vs. Nogueria on Saturday.  UFC 102.  Pretty weak card, but you know…for the die-hards.  Thanks for the visits and comments…see everyone next week.  Melancholy happy trails to all my Cyborg Santos hits…


USC’s Embarrassment of Riches.

Matt Barkley, No Relation to Charles.

Matt Barkley, No Relation to Charles.

The USC Trojans announced yesterday that true freshmen, Matt Barkley would be their starting quarterback for the upcoming season.  Hard to believe a true freshmen could crack the line-up at USC, a school that routinely brings in several of the top recruits at each position.  The news came at the expense of red-shirt sophomore Aaron Corp, who missed a few weeks with an injury, and lost his starting job.  Corp, a former Southern California high school player of the year, returns to the bench where he has some pretty highly regarded company.  The Trojans 3rd string quarterback is Mitch Mustain, the former starter at Arkansas, and the consensus top recruit in the country just a few years ago. 

Like I said, quarterback isn’t the only position where USC stockpiles talent.  Name a skill position, and there is likely a guy on the bench that could be starting for another major college program.  I understand the lure of USC.  Their track record for producing pros, and pro quarterbacks recently is good.  They win every year, it’s LA, the players are treated like gods.  I understand all that.  USC is an easy sell, but the competition is crazy.  Taking a scholarship to USC is no garauntee you’ll ever see significant playing time, no matter how highly you are recruited.  Just ask Matt Cassel.

Cassel is the example of the best case scenario of what can happen by going to USC, and sitting on the bench.  Still, he didn’t really get to have a college career.  I’m sure he’s fine with that now, but what about all the guys that go there, sit, and then are never heard from again.  I know that true talent will always prevail.  This Matt Barkley kid, if he’s the real deal, there would have been no stopping him.  Aaron Corp could do whatever he wanted, but injury or no injury it would have been Barkley eventually.  Does Corp not have what it takes, could he be like Cassel, or is he a great high school QB that never panned out.  We’d know a lot better if he was at a different school. 

I’m sure every recruit that goes to USC either believes they will start, or just wants to go to USC at any cost, but I think college football is losing out a bit with this USC recruiting dynasty.  Wouldn’t it be better for the sport if Corp or Mustain was at UCLA, or Arizona St.  Spread some wealth in the PAC-10.  If I’m a recruit, USC is tempting, but other schools may offer a better chance to play and develop.  Either way, the USC juggernaut rolls on.