What’s the Shelf Life on Josh McDaniels?

Less than a Twinkie For Sure.

Less than a Twinkie For Sure.

So, I was watching the Sunday Night Football game.  Preseason football?  What about Entourage and True Blood?  Well, I watch sports.  That’s what I do.  It’s like my thing.  Well, cheese is my thing, but it’s like my second thing.  And, I can watch Entourage anytime.  The real reason I was watching the football was because I wanted to check out Jay Cutler’s return to Denver.  It was Josh McDaniels’s first home game as the Broncos coach, and the first since he traded Cutler to the Bears.  The Broncos quarterback is now Kyle Orton.  Yes, the Kyle Orton that stinks.  There isn’t a new Kyle Orton.  So, that’s how McDaniels ushered in his reign as Broncos coach.  He whiffed on Matt Cassell, disgruntled his overly-sensitive yet talented quarterback, and brought in Kyle Orton.  Let’s see how this is going to play out. 

First of all McDaniels looks like someone dressed up as Bill Belichick for Halloween.  When he came out Sunday wearing the hoodie I almost threw up.  Get your own thing.  Belichick is a great coach, let’s not even discuss that, but he’s making these other guys look better, and just because someone coaches with Belichick doesn’t make him a genius.  Romeo Crennel, Charlie Weis the Man-Genius…these guys have mixed reviews at best.  McDaniels is a super young guy, I’m sure he’s great in the gusto department, but I think he’s going to run the Broncos right into the ground.  This is a classic case of the Broncos not knowing what they had until it was gone.  Oh, haven’t won a Super Bowl in 8 years or whatever…boo hoo…how does 5-11 sound?

But, wait.  Josh McDaniels called the plays in New England.  Great.  Marty Morning-Nuts calls the plays in Philly.  You want him coaching your squad?  I’m pretty sure any die-hard Pats fan that plays Madden could call the plays in New England.  And, maybe he is a good play caller…terrific.  Doesn’t mean he can coach or should be able to make any personnel decisions.  The Broncos got absolutely slapped by Chicago.  The Bears defense was giving up nothing.  I know Moreno wasn’t playing, and Marshall is suspended, but are we going to count on Marshall at all at this point?  And, what about that notion that anyone could gain 1,000 yds running for the Broncos?

Well, the Broncos offensive line was still getting praise all game, but the running backs weren’t doing a thing.  The combination of Buckhalter and Hillis were snapping off about 2 yards a clip.  Buckhalter had one 20 yard gain, somewhat skewing his mediocre stats.  The first team pumped in all of three points at home in the first half, and Kyle Orton…well I guess he can throw the underneath stuff.  Buckle up and enjoy the ride Broncos fans.  You’re going to have running backs and tight ends catching 4 yard patterns all year.  Meanwhile Cutler looked shaky early, but lead a long touchdown drive at the end of the first half.  The Bears look legit, and they’re still going to pound the ball, because Cutler or no Cutler…their receivers stink.  I’m sticking to it. 

So, Josh McDaniels keep wearing your hoodie.  Keep being the tough guy.  Keep bringing in Patriot castoffs like Russ Hochstein and Dan Graham.  Keep stone-walling people on injury reports…do it up, Belichick style.  In three years this guy’s going to be a valet at Gillette Stadium, or walking Belichick’s dogs, but I don’t see him coaching the Broncos.  What you say?  I’m making this case based on essentially a half of football.  That’s right.  That’s all I need to see.  Next.


17 thoughts on “What’s the Shelf Life on Josh McDaniels?

  1. You know I obviously don’t like the Cowboys but would it really hurt NFL coaches to throw on a tie and jacket ala Tom Landry?

  2. I actually think they weren’t allowed to wear suits for a while. Because they had to wear some NFL licensed crap…

    I know they let mike nolan wear suits for a while then…not sure what the exact rule is now, and can’t think of anyone that wears one.

  3. I agree on the suit, in fact J asked me this same question on sunday night (what would you wear if you were an an nfl coach) and i immediately snapped off the “suit, no question” response. Just looks classy, and i think it brings an air of decorum/respect to your persona. Young guys like McDaniels already have a hard time garnering the respect and necessary control of their vets, dressing like a hobo isn’t helping. Belichick can do it b/c he’s been dominant, not so much McDaniels and crew. Rock the suit, if only b/c it visibly separates you from players and the people in the stands, and sometimes you have to “dress for success”. Within the same vein, i volunteered that in the winter, in games in places like Chi-town, Denver, NY, cold weather—-I’d rock the fur coat. No question.

    The sad thing about Cutler/McDaniel is they had a chance to mend it. When they sat down, all Cutler wanted to hear was “we aren’t going to try and trade you, you’re our guy.” Only McDaniel was too proud and wanted to “assert his authoritIE” as cartman would say and played the “i’ll trade you if the right deal comes along, no one is safe, blah blah blha”….not the best time to try and put your stamp on this team. That’s when Cutler demanded the trade. I mean, how badly can you misplay a circumstance? Just horrible decision making by McDaniels. Not only that, but if he doesn’t trade Cutler, i bet his problems with Marshall are halved.

  4. Well, the fur coat would be spectacular. I think we can all agree on that.

    The Cutler thing is a mess, because no matter how you slice it, Kyle Orton is your starting quarterback. Cutler is clearly a primadonna of sorts, but also is clearly better than Orton.

    When the deal for Cassell falls through, I don’t know how they don’t back off. Tell the guy what he wants to hear…but like you said, he has to go Denzel in Training Day, “I’m the Man up this &*^*^&%(“.

    I think Marshall is basically trying to orchestrate is way out of town as well, he’s just a clown, and doesn’t know how to pull it off.

  5. I totally agree that marshall is trying to get out, but if you were a stud WR on a team that just gave away it’s pro bowl QB and was selling you the Kyle Orton bill of goods, wouldn’t you want out too? I mean, his production will HAVE to suffer badly no matter what now. Not to mention they’ll have a rookie RB. It just seems like he sees the writing on the wall, and its not like they’ve been flexible on reworking the guy’s contract.

  6. I don’t know his exact contract situation. The problem is, he’s not really making himself attractive to other teams.

    Cutler was a whiny bitch, but still a QB’s a QB. Should I do the arm strength joke? No, that’s for the blog only….but Cutler’s got way more leverage, and will land on his feet.

    Marshall now has to repair his own image before anything else. If I was him, though, I’d definitely want out of there.

  7. i just can’t see past the twinkie…still have some stored from the Cold War warnings.

    LD Q

    ps, twinkie v. little debbie oatmeal cream-pies…??

  8. The videos of Marshall in practice are pretty bad. It reminds me of the time Jerry Porter wanted out of Oakland so he bought the Million Dollar Belt and wore it on the sidelines when he was refusing to enter preseason games. The fans started booing him so he walked over to the back of the bench and the did Hulkster ear cup routine. Priceless.

  9. Speaking of new head coaches (Todd Haley), sometimes the right play is to fire your offensive coordinator (Chan Gailey) two weeks before the regular season begins and after your starting quarterback (Matt Cassel) goes down with a knee injury.

    I assume this is an improvement over Herman Edwards, but I’m not exactly sure how.

  10. well, clearly haley wants to call the plays. he was the cardinals offensive coordinator afterall.

    so, as soon as the chiefs get boldin, fitzgerald and kurt warner they should be set.

    going back to last week’s comments, hard to not feel a bit sorry for KC fans at this point.

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