It’s a Miracle.

Let there be Light.

Let there be Light.

You give PECO 24 hours to work on a problem, and they’re going to solve it.  I won’t lie.  I’m pretty excited that the lights came back on, but I’m pretty devastated that the whole day of blogging basically went down the old commode.  Now, the only thing left to do is to hose myself off, try to locate some clean clothes, and face the weekend.  I should probably be doing this as we speak (these telephone poles just fall without warning), but I’m going to try to hang in there, and get a post done under the wire. 

I was a little upset that I couldn’t talk about the baseball games yesterday.  Matt Holliday’s sweet grab in left was amazing, and surprisingly Cubs like.  The Dodgers are going to win this series?  Really?  The Phillies loss was certainly disconcerting.  Do we know or care if Cole Hamels was distracted by his wife’s imminent labor?  I know I don’t care.  Loss is a loss, and for the Phillies it was a telling loss where they produced only one offensive whimper.  The fact that this 3-run rally came right after they played “Welcome to Jungle” I think is no coincidence.  The  class Phils are now left with Pedro in game three after burning through several starters in the bullpen of game two.  I think Charlie might have mis-managed the pen a bit.  The seventh seemed like the time to bring in Eyre, and then he had to anyway once Happ got clipped with the line drive.  I’d be a lot more comfortable if Happ was going game 3.  Pedro leaves me hopeful, but nervous.  Side story, the weather in Denver is supposed to be awful.  Like wintery mix nightmare.  Good stuff. 

I was right about my Tiger Woods/Steve Sticker pairing being dominant on Thursday, and I was also correct about no one caring about this event. I’m hoping it heats up a little on the weekend, but even me, a supporter is finding it to be a little mundane.  And, speaking of mundane, golf was officially approved for the 2016 Olympics in Rio.  The area has zero (0) championship golf courses, so a layout is going to have to be commissioned.  I’m available for the design.  I once drew a sick track in the back of one of my college notebooks.  I’ll even give the IOC a discount.  Two million flat, and we’ll talk. 

Donovan is back Sunday at 1pm.  The Eagles take on the Bucs.  Big Dub H has alluded to the shockingly easy schedules that the NFC East has had to this point, and it continues this week.  I’m expecting the Birds to cruise in this one, and they might even cover that monstrous line.  It is, without a doubt, one of the worst NFL slates I’ve ever seen, though.  Back in college, JCK and I used to identify one “stinker of the week”.  Over the years, they seemed to multiply, this week…there’s ten.  Ugly stuff for the NFL, is there any concern about this product?  How many teams are going to win 3 game or less this year?  4?  6?  It’s insane.  If you don’t have a hometown team to watch this weekend, I feel sorry for you. 

I’m out, still feeling a little dejected.  Stop messing with my life PECO.  I’m trying to do some things here.  Dang.  Have a good weekend everyone.  Thanks for the visits and comments, and patience.


Week 5 NFL Picks

Well, we’re still in the dark so to speak. I’m just sitting around depressed and in seclusion in the West Wing. Here’s the low budget picks of the week. By the way, how awful are these games?

Big Dub H. Record 11-9.

Eagles (-15) vs. Bucs.
The Eagles feast on teams like this at home. Remember the Chiefs? Donovan has a big day, and the Birds win 45-13.

Denver (+3.5) vs. NE.
Let me get this straight, Pats beat the Broncos 41-7 last year, are coming off a huge win, and are only giving 3.5? Doesn’t make sense. Broncos 27-20.

Carolina (-4) @ Washington.
When a team with no wins is favored…I take them. Does Jim Zprn coach his last game this week? Panthers 27-16.

Cincy (+8.5) @ Ravens.
Ravens coming off an emotional loss, Bengals coming off an emotional OT win. Both teams come out flat, points at a premium. Ravens 20-14.

Miami (+2) vs. Jets.
Another shady line. Aren’t the Jets supossed to have a big bounce back here? Someone knows something. Miami 17-9.

GROSSY. Record 10-10.

Colts (-4) @ Titans.
Well, I would lead off with the G-Men as usual, but Eli’s still in doubt. The Titans can’t start 0-5….shut up. Yeah they can. Primetime Peyton, Colts 31-20.

Steelers (-10.5) @ Detroit. The Steelers showed me something on Sunday. At least for 3 quarters. Lions can’t keep up, Steelers 28-13.

Browns (+6) @ Buffalo.
So, the Bills, the Buffalo Bills are laying almost a TD? Yes please. Aren’t both these teams awful? I’ll snag the points. And, beware Anderson to Massaquoi (or whatever that guy’s name is).

Atlanta (+2.5) @ SF.
My FU, I’m going the other way pick of the week. We’re high on the Niners, really? Cause they scored 3 defensive tds against the Rams? Great. Atlanta has 2 weeks to prepare and wins, 23-20.

Houston (+5.5) @ Arizona.
Here’s two more similar teams in my opinion. The Texans are going to score, so I’ll take a 5.5 point head start. Texans, 31-24.

KRAFT. Record: 9-11.

SF (-2.5) vs Atlanta.
Frank Gore is out, but NE showed Atlanta can be pushed around. Niners physical offense leads the way.

NE (-3.5) @ Denver.
The clock strikes 12 for the Broncos. Cute story, but here comes reality. Tom Brady vs. Kyle Orton? Bellichick will have some to prove against McDaniel as well.

JETS (-1.5) @ Miami.
Bounce back game for the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets. I don’t believe in Chad Henne, and the Jets defense will force him into mistakes. After the game look for Braylon Edwards to punch someone out at a South Beach hot spot. What can I say? I like my teams fiesty, and my star WRs willing to drop somone at a club.

Carolina (-4) vs. Washington.
My FU Washington pick. They’ve screwed me all year against garbage teams. Plus given the above theory we must take into account Steve Smith, and the fact that Panther cheerleaders make out with each other in public bathrooms. Look for Dan Snyder to immediately contact Bill Cowher after the game.

Dallas (-8) vs. KC.
Don’t think too much. Dallas needs a win, and KC is a terrible team.

Well, that’s it for week five folks. Some disparity in the picks could lead to separation in the standings. We’ll see. Apologies for the weak formatting, and to my fellow handicappers whose insight I had to slightly edit.

Cluster Feazy

What’s going on everyone. So, I’m headed home last night when I suddenly hit a traffic jam at about 11 pm. Little rare. Never a good sign. Especially when you live on a stretch of road that is prone to large accidents, water main breaks, random construction problems, etc.

So, as I finally approach my building, the road is closed. Like I can’t get into my parking lot. Excuse me, Mr Fireman, what in the heck is going on? Oh well, a couple telephone poles are down, you can’t get in, and there’s no power in the building. Ok, awesome. Great Summary.

I had to do the old drop on my Pops to catch a place to sleep, and I return this morning to find the road opened up, but the power is still elusive. So, no power means no anything basically.

The blog goes on hold until we get some juice. If things still aren’t looking good by early afternoon I will try to throw the NFL picks up just so they are documented.

I bid you farewell for now. Enjoy your Friday.