Browns Fire GM. (Still in Toilet)


The Ant-Bill Walsh.

Eric Mangini can coach up some quarterbacks.  That’s for sure.  The Browns have gotten rid of their GM, George Kokinis, in a “we have to do something” kind of move, but head coach Eric Mangini dodged the bullet.  There are plenty of reasons to fire Mangini.  The team is terrible, seemingly continuing to regress after an anomaly of a 2007 season, and his management of two young quarterbacks has yielded no dividends.  The question I want to bring up is, how often can you change coaches, and are we ever going to get to the point where these guys don’t get three-year deals up front?

I don’t think anyone would disagree with the notion that Mangini isn’t getting the job done in Cleveland.  Is it his fault?  Well, there are several talent strapped teams around the league.  Bottom line is, he’s probably hamstrung by his lack of skill, but is he doing anything else?  Are they building?  Has he lost the locker room?  Does the team play hard for him?  Will he draft well for us?  I can’t answer any of these questions, I stay as far away from the Browns as possible, but at some point they have to start turning things around.  I mean, this is the franchise that took Tim Couch.  Now, we’re on Drady Quinanderson, the worst QB duo since Steve Grogan and Mark Wilson were flinging up floaters on Tecmo Super Bowl.  Romeo had a chance, then they give the keys to Mangini.  I suppose he deserves more time, but if he only had a one or two-year deal would he still be around?

Teams hang on to guys because they don’t want to keep five different coaches on the payroll.  Think the Redskins, or even the Sixers dabbled in this technique for a while…paying a few guys not to coach the team.  Bottom line is, coaches have gotten too much leverage in my opinion.  They make a ton of money, and a guy like Mangini can get fired somewhere else, and immediately walk into another long-term deal.  It makes no sense.  There’s no profession where proven failures get more second chances than the professional coaching ranks.  The Indians hired Manny Acta!  Now, I’m not saying he’s to blame for all that was wrong with the Nationals, but still.  They were dying to get this guy.  They skipped a second interview with Donny Baseball, because they were afraid the Astros were going to steal him away.  Jumping over bodies to get a guy who wins 1/4 of his games.  I don’t get it. 

I guess in the end, I don’t want to see the revolving coaching door get any worse.  Stick with your hire, but take these guys down a peg.  And, start giving some new people chances.  That doesn’t always work either, but in five years some GM will probably be introducing Eric Mangini after a new four-year deal, and the fans will be thinking…”The guy from Cleveland?”


We’ll Start with a Sniff.


Keep Pitching To Him. Seriously. Go Ahead.

I guess there’s still a little fight left in the dog.  The Phillies still have an uphill battle ahead of them to even force a game seven against the Yankees, but they didn’t go down at home, and for that, their fans can be thankful.  It doesn’t feel right losing the last home game of the season, and the Phillies avoided having to watch the Yankees celebrate on their field.  It was far from a perfect effort, but a couple of the left-handed bats woke up, and A.J. Burnett’s shelling allowed some fans to believe that the Phillies might be employing a tortoise vs. the hare strategy.  The short-rest Yankees are perhaps left with a seed of doubt.  Of course, the Phillies don’t have any appealing option for game seven if it’s necessary, rested or not.  Worry about that if there is a Thursday.

Monday Night the Phillies used a variation of their game one formula.  Cliff Lee was far from his best, but was better than his final line.  A team with any kind of bullpen doesn’t send him out for that eighth inning.  It was a good lesson, though, for the likes of Cole Hamels who can perhaps see how you pitch without your best stuff, after giving up an early run, and with a lead.  Lee kept doing his damnedest to pound the strike zone, and through most of the middle innings he stayed out of trouble.  The Yankees are relentless, though.  They kept coming, and coming, and sitting in the stands I didn’t feel comfortable until Derek Jeter grounded into that double play.  Johnny Damon has become a pest, but Mark Teixeira is a Howard-esque non-factor at this point. 

Of course, my thoughts on the game would be incomplete without bowing at the feet of The Utley.  We need to work on a nickname or something for this guy.  Perhaps tie him to one of the Greek Gods.  What a monster.   Crushing left-handed pitching, tying Reggie Jackson’s homerun mark in just five games, and trying to pull this Phillies team across the line.  His homer in the first was exactly what the Phillies needed, and his second shot of the night, proved just as necessary.  To give you an idea of how locked in he seems to be, the pitch before his second homerun, he ripped about 400 feet foul.  He was jumping all over Coke, everything right on the barrel.  We’ll look ahead to game six in the next day or so, but it’s nice to have a couple more days to talk this series. 

 On the way out of the yard, I found myself by the Yankees buses, and lo and behold who was but a foot away from me….none other than the Kate Hudson.  Ms. A-Rod.  No BS.  A ton of things popped into my mind after I walked past about what I “should” have said, but clearly I just walked by.  Next time I’ll have my one-liners ready. 



Grossy:  21-18-1 (This Week:  3-2).  Well, I continue to be an incredibly boring handicapper, but I’ll take what I can get.  I think it’s been a tough year to call games, and I know that I’m just barely above .500, but I feel like I’m getting better.

Big Dub H:  16-19.  Big Dub took the week off.  Maybe he’ll be back, maybe he won’t.  Not sure if he has the time. 

Kraft:  14-26.  (This week 1-4).  What can we say.  It’s not lack of effort.  Perhaps, he’s snake-bit.  Either way, his 65% losing percentage is the most bankable number on the blog. 

The “Does this Guy Know what He’s Talking About, Or Is It Blind Luck” Pick of the Week:  I have to give myself the nod here.  I didn’t see a ton of people out there picking the Panthers, and not only did I pick them, I said they’d have a chance to win outright…which they did.  These are the games that encourage me.  When two piles of slop are facing off, and I can decipher the mess.  Of course, the exact opposite happened in the Bills/Texans game. 

The “Do you still think Bernie Kosar Plays for the Browns” Awful Pick of the Week:  Kraft took the Browns.  Which means Kraft bet on Derek Anderson.  Derek Anderson has just completed one of the worst months in the history of quarterback play.  Enough said.  Yes, he was probably right about the Bears being terrible, but the Browns?  That’s a don’t go there level of suckitude.