Sunday Crucial For Birds.

Send This Guy Home Unhappy.

Can we get better games on Thanksgiving?  The Lions attach an anchor to holiday spirit every year, and much of the time the Cowboys aren’t that much better.  Where did they come up with the Raiders?  I’m not sure the schedule makers pay any mind to who they drop into these Thanksgiving slots, but they should.  Any time there is only one TV option, the game should at least hold some intrigue.  Maybe the Lions are a lost cause, but give the Cowboys a division rival, something.  The still relatively new night game on Thanksgiving looked like the best match-up on paper, but then the Giants took the field.  Ugliness prevailed.  About the only thing the Thursday games produced besides blowouts and boredom was some clarity in the NFC playoff race. 

If you want to think the Cowboys are a good team, because of their 8-3 record, go ahead and do so.  I’m going to stick to my guns, and say they stink.  A win over Oakland doesn’t really blow my hair back.  The Cowboys close with a brutal stretch of schedule, and even though they probably only need 2 wins to get in, they could be tough to come by.   They go @ NY, San Diego, @ New Orleans, @ Washington, and Philly.  There’s not a lay-up on the schedule, and the key game is likely next week against the Giants.  If the Giants can salvage their season with a win, it could send Dallas into a tailspin.  Even if they do beat Dallas, it will be tough for New York to get to 10 wins.  They still have the Vikings and a full trip through the division on their plate. 

Green Bay won handily yesterday, and has been looking more consistent in recent weeks.  They’re sitting at 7-4, and what benefits them the most is a week seventeen showdown with Arizona.  A winnable game no matter what, there is a decent chance a 9-6 Packers team could face a Cardinals team that is resting players.  If the Cards are locked into the 3 seed, regardless of the outcome, it could be just what the Packers need to get to ten wins.  Otherwise, they may have to take care of Baltimore next week at home. 

So, what does this all mean for the Eagles?  Well, it means the next two weeks are basically the season.  Sitting at 6-4, they have to find a way to get to 10-6.  Finishing 9-7 could be good enough, but it’s not a risk they want to take.  It all starts Sunday at home against Washington.  They must win.  There’s no excuse for losing to this Redskins team, who will likely play hard, but can’t match up talent wise with Philly.  Their anemic offense will provide little challenge for even a banged up Eagles D, and the Birds should be able to wear them down.  A win against Washington sets up a Wild-Card throwdown with Atlanta the following week.  At 5-5, Atlanta is on the outside looking in right now, but has 2 games with Tampa, the Jets and Bills remaining.  Weakness of schedule is squarely in their court.   If they beat the Eagles, they could easily streak to 10-6. 

I’m sticking with 10-6.  I think Green Bay gets there, and I think the Eagles still have a chance to get their as well.  The Giants probably would need to sneak in at 9-7, and Atlanta has eliminated all room for error.


37 thoughts on “Sunday Crucial For Birds.

  1. Ding Dong, the Giants are dead.

    How bad is Eli Manning. God I wish the injury clause in the bet with BK was never included.

    Right now Donovan has a better completion percentage (1), more wins (2) and fewer INT (3).

    He only trails Eli by four TDs and 700 passing yards. This all comes with Don missing 2 1/2 games and still has not played in week 12.

    How in the name of Vince Lombardi did Eli win a Super Bowl?

    The Eagles have 3 wins in the bag right now. They will beat the Redskins, 49ers and Broncos all of which are home.

    That means they need to win just 1 of the final 3 road games (Falcons, Giants Cowboys).

    I say they beat the Cowboys. Romo is awful in December.

    Falcons are very solid at home and they get revenge from last year’s loss to the Eagles.

    The Giants stink, but weird things happen up the Meadowlands. Wish I stats to back it up, but I only predict the future.

  2. Eli won because the d stood on their head and because of the greatest catch ever from David Tyree- you cannot just brush aside how unreal that catch was…all people talk about is how Eli won the big one, they forget how many dominoes fell in place for it to happen. That catch was a miracle

  3. Arenas stole what should be don’s nickname. As in “zero big wins when it counts.”. I would like to point out the injury hurts don somewhat in yards/tds (even though he throws a shit ton) but it also helps him int wise there big guy.
    More importantly jacobs looks horrible. Eli goes as his young receivers go along w terrible play calling. Kyle orton diced up our pos D, yippee. Get excited iggles fans to make th playoffs then go down in flames as mcnabb lights the ship and burns that mofo down. Since ur town is the focal point of the first gay and gay cancer movie…..don, will you light my ccaaannnnnddddllleee?

  4. Eli was horrible last night. The whole team looked like garbage. No arguments from me. And yes, there is a good chance that they are done. But to say the Eagles have 3 games in the bag…please. Have you already forgotten about week 6? Only a few teams in the league can say that they have games in the bag and none of them are in the NFC East. The division is horrible this year and nobody deserves to make it very far.

  5. I agree…

    nothing certain for NFC slop.

    If the Cowboys ended up 8-8 I wouldn’t even bat an eye.

    When I was looking at the schedules this morning, there was definitely part of me that we’re headed for a big log jam at 9-7, but it’s really hard to predict.

  6. Kraft-why? Brady’s first sb was largely defense oriented. All sb winners have great plays that occur and strong team play around them. Eli made a great play escapingthe sack. Not to mention several good throws including the td.
    Terry bradshaw have a * bc of great defenses?

  7. Agent Zero.

    Here is the difference between what Brady and Bradshaw did versus Eli: Brady and Bradshaw won the Super Bowl a combined seven times while little Eli has only done it once.

    Brady and Bradshaw proved they can win games by making plays for their team and not having to rely completely on their defense.

    In a way they validated their first Super Bowl wins.

    Eli has a lot to prove in his career and continuing to win is one thing he needs to prove.

    Outside of his one miraculous Super Bowl run he has led his team’s nowhere in the playoffs. Three playoff appearances outside of the Super Bowl and no one win.

    Two of the losses were at home and two of the losses were against Donovan who apparently can’t win any big games. I guess playoff games are not big, but I digress.

  8. Well…the Texans are a buckle team that can’t stop anyone. not that surprised it happened this week.

    i think you just have to realize too that the Colts must be playing with obscene confidence right now. just expecting to win every game, score a TD on every drive.

  9. so, Q’s getting all festive for the holidays. and she gave up trying to relocate the comments and suggestions post that Rand has such a talent for locating…

    Q’s holiday wish list for 3-Puttdom…

    1. How about best made-up sport based on a Holiday concept?

    Q?, um, i’d suggest the unparalleled delight of Radio City’s Christmas Pageant Rockettes playing “Rockette Ball.” It’s like racket ball, but instead of rackets…the chicks use their heals to kick little balls. sure they’d be good at that:)

    2. Best Holiday Special??

    Q?, thanks for asking: Toss up between Hanukkah Harry Strikes for Gold; Rudolph; Frosty; Jessica Simpson and her Kwanzaa Extravaganza Ride Across the Suburbs of America – the Target all access Tour.

    3. Will there be a Monday morning wrap-up on the Trot? Photos, ideal…


  10. Well, the best Holiday special Is hands down How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

    Case closed.

    Rockette ball? Might take me a while to wrap my head around that one.

    • keep wrappin’ yoga guru…think you have 26 or 27 days left. i’m horrible with basic math, 3-putt (but throw me some real analysis deduction and boom).

      we can advent (sp??), though, til you accept the new olympic sport replacing softball. no nightmares, cowboy, you can still keep beach volleyball.

      grinch?? eh. too scary. but a real psycho-drama.

      giggles. Q

  11. So I guedd peyton’s sb was lucky since he hasn’t “vindicated” it yet? Marino wasn’t the qb bradshaw was?

    Every sb requires team effort and great plays. Eli doesn’t deserve an asterisk anymore than big ben, kurt warner, et al.

  12. Who said vindicated? I said validated. And why are bringing Peyton into this? This discussion was about Eli MAnning and the comparisson that you made to him, Brady and Bradhshaw.

    As for the point about Big Ben. He had an asterisk next to his name in the minds of many football fans. But then he validated it with a Super Bowl win.

    Kurt Warner won the league MVP so there was never an asterisk. And if there was one it went away when he took on of the worst franchises in league history to a Super Bowl and came within seconds of winning it.

    Eli is always going to have that asterisk until he proves that he can continue to win. Until that happens he is nothing more than a one-hit wonder, as in “I wonder how he won a Super Bowl.”

    • He won by leading a team past the once dubbed untouchable Patriots. Yes, Eli has more to achieve to be validated in the eyes of Eagles fans and others, but no matter how you cut it he has a ring.

      Now back to the subject of this post. Yes, the Eagles won today, but by no means did it ever look like they had that game “in the bag.” In fact, they looked horrible. If they do indeed find a path to the playoffs they are sure to hold true to franchise history with that kind of play.

  13. The way I see it, Eli is the guy on NC State who threw up the prayer of a shot and David Tyree is Lorenzo Charles. I’m not sure who plays Valvano running around the court…

    how’s that comparison grab everyone?

    Eagles look awful today, but in a win, as opposed to the Giants looking awful in a loss. Don’s brought them back two games in a row now. This Eagles team often has to win despite their coach. See Andy spotting Washington that early TD today.

    • Are you implying the giants coaching staff is in some way better than the Iggles? Our offensive play calling is literally just that-offensive. I’ve never seen a team with such a refusal to run play action inside the 10. It’s unfathomable.

  14. You know a lot has been made of the G-Men being decimated by injuries…and that may be the case, but the Eagles have been riddled with injuries as well.

    The linebacking corps, they’re down 2 o-lineman, starting slot receiver, starting running back, don missed some time, now DeSean has a concussion.

    Not exactly a star-studded team the last two weeks, but at least they’re finding a way to still win games…for now.

    • I wasn’t saying the G-Men would do any better than the Eagles if they made the playoffs. I was simply stating that the Eagles current level of play won’t get it done. Again.

      Yes, Eli tossed it up there and Tyree saved his ass. But I believe there were many other passes in that game that were just as much Eli as they were receiver, most notably the game winning toss to Plaxico. Is it really right to negate the rest of Eli’s performance over that one play? He scored when it mattered and it was enough to win.

  15. Ok, he threw a TD pass. His numbers in the game were good, not great by any stretch. The defense won the game, hands down.

    His playoff numbers aside from that season…are terrible. Awful.

    Take Donovan out of the equation, if I were a Giants fan I wouldn’t have a warm feeling in my heart that I have this top-flight, playoff hardened QB.

    He put together one year on a team that got hot and had a great defense. That is why Big Dub is comparing him to other guys that won one super bowl without being great QBs.

    Eli has a lot to prove, he’s not some Hall-0f-Famer in waiting.

    • So you have to win multiple SB’s or it’s an asterisk? Peyton? Marino? Favre (can ayone say “special teams”, i mean talk about a guy who’s team won b/c of other players)? Ok……ok……

      No one is saying he’s a HOF’er today, but jesus the aggressive “he deserves an asterisk, blah bla blah” is absurd. Does he need to get better? Of course he does, but he’s going to have a long career with a young receiving group that appears they will be good.

      Eli has half the appearances of McNabb in the playoffs, so he has plenty of time to “Catch up” to Don. And you can tell me that Giant’s fans “shouldn’t be comfortable”, but i wouldn’t be comfortable with the Don either given he’s not exactly lighting up the post season. Not to mention, you can say don has never had a “real receiving corps” (sans TO), but he’s also had a hall of fame RB in Westbrook the majority/all of his career.

      • 14-6

        Let me review each:

        Peyton put up mind-blowing numbers when he came into this league and won a ton of regular season games. He had a little asterisk next to his name in the minds of fans because he did not win a big game.

        The asterisk was erased when he beat the Bears.

        Marino went to the Super Bowl I beleive as a rookie and he started to put up great numbers.

        the asterisk hung around for a while, but then he broke every record in the books. The asterisk left at that point.

        Favre won a Super Bowl and then he started doing dumb stuff left and right. He was doubted by some but now he is breaking all of the records Marino set.

        Heck. Look at Steve Young. Big old asterisk hung around while he won games and put up numbers. It went away when he won a Super Bowl.

        So what is Eli missing? He is missing consistency and numbers. If he goes out and starts to win a playoff game every now and then or leads the league in some statistical category other than INTs then yeah, he will lose the asterisk.

        But until then he is a one hit wonder.

        And to say Westbrook is a hall of fame RB might be the dumbest thing I ever read in my life.

    • I’m not saying he’s a hall of famer in waiting. I’m not even saying he’s better than Donovan. But, I do think that breaking down his Super Bowl season to one lucky pass does not do justice to the performance.

      The defense won that Super Bowl, no doubt. I will always contend that defense wins championships — I will say Brady would not have won his Super Bowls (nor any QB for that matter) without a great defense. But at the end of the day you still need a guy to deliver the ball to the receivers when it counts and that’s what he did.

      Eli didn’t win the playoff games or the Super Bowl by himself in the same manner that Donovan is not solely responsible for losing playoff games/Super Bowls.

  16. Not at all. Those guys like Favre/Marino are beasts. MVPS, 35-40 TD pass season, 4000 yards (5000 in Marino’s case).

    If Eli was putting up those numbers we wouldn’t be having this convo. But, he doesn’t. And, this isn’t even my argument, but that is where the *, comes from I think.

    Marino was a great pure passer, thats what defined him. Favre is one of the best QBs ever.

    Eli is still working on his career, time will tell. Making the playoffs isn’t a given, so yes Don’s had more appearances, but give him some credit for that. If Eli makes it five out of the next six years, we’ll say all right…consistent winner at the least.

    But who’s to say that is going to happen. They could miss this season, and the NFL is a week to week thing, who knows what’ll happen.

    And, I love Westy and the NFLs lenient HOF standards, but there’s no way he’s a hall of famer.

    The Giants with Tiki and now this collection of guys have always had an equal or superior ground game to Westbrook/duce staley

    • People have called Tiki a HOF’er, if he’s one i’m giving it to Westbrook too.

      As for both your “arguments” for those guys, the point is it takes a NUMBER of things to occur to win a super bowl. No one anointed Eli a hall of famer, but he’s got a SB, largely because of strong play all around by him, and that’s that. The whole idea of “asterisks” next to players who win super bowls is stupid. How about Roethlisberger? He’s got two….with horrific SB numbers, and not exactly world beating playoff numbers either. Does he get an asterisk since he’s not “tearing up” the NFL like the aforementioned older players? Or has he “validated” his SB, despite not being remotely close to dominant (barely serviceable) in his SB wins?

      Having an asterisk for not winning the big one is entirely different then getting it for winning one. Putting an asterisk next to a win is just ridiculous in my opinion. The guy is a SB MVP, he’s reached the playoffs every year as a starter, so do date he’s a winner. It is what it is.

  17. So his second SB, despite the fact that both were largely in spite of him and the fact that he’s not lighting up the NFL at all, removes his asterisk? I think that’s ridiculous. You could throw in any number of NFL QBs on those steeler teams they win, and probably handily since his performances were far from good.

    There area number of guys who won single super bowls, Namath, Simms, etc, and none that win deserve an asterisk. Least of all when they’re the MVP. If you want to say he has more to “prove” to make it a HOF career or something, fine since no one said he was a HOF’er yet anyway. But there’s no asterisk next to a SB MVP’s super bowl win.

  18. Big Ben engineered one of the greatest drives in Super Bowl history. It is right up there with Montana against the Bengals. Ben made great plays and none of what he did can be considered luck.

    I never said this discussion had anything to do with Eli and the hall. He needs to be considered an elite QB before we get to that discussion.

    And Ben has some nice numbers, but numbers are not going to remove an asterisk. Winning does that too. And when you win 2 SB you are off the hook

  19. Ummmm, so Eli up against a team that was undefeated and being called one of if not THE greatest team in NFL history and engineering a TD drive for a win under two minutes isn’t “one of the greatest drives in SB history”? Regardless of how you look at that drive, it absolutely is legendary and remembered as one of the highlight drives in NFL history. That’s not debatable….at all…..

  20. It won’t be remember for asante dropping a pick. At all. It’ll be remembered for Eli escaping (hush JCK, you’re still bitter), Tyree’s catch and Plax smoking Asante for a TD from Eli (right in front of JCK/KK for that matter). One of the most memorable, best drives in super bowl history given everything surrounding it. So either Big Ben gets an asterisk or no one gets an asterisk.

  21. Hmmm. Weird.

    i keep trying to put an asterisk next to Ben’s name, but the computer says, “Error. Two Super Bowl wins does not allow one to be placed.”

    I guess Eli needs to one of the following to erase the asterisk:

    A) Win another Super Bowl (not gonna happen)

    B) COnsistently win games (potential)

    C) Put up big stats (not likely)

  22. Hahahaha, then i guess Don will have to maybe win a SB to remove the asterisk? I guess going to the playoffs every year as a starter isn’t “consistently winning games” huh? I love the two faced judgement by Iggles fans.

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