Welcome Back B-Dawk.

Always an Eagle.

 I don’t want to say that I forgot Brian Dawkins was coming back to Philadelphia.  I know he plays for the Broncos, and I know the Eagles are playing the Broncos this Sunday.  I guess, it’s just the anticipation for the game has died down a bit since the schedule came out.  At least in my mind.  I think the Eagles success in recent weeks has a lot to do with it.  The Eagles may have been better with Dawkins, but sitting at 10-4 it’s hard to be too disappointed with how things are going.  The defense is far from a juggernaut, but we’re not talking apocalypse either. 

Regardless of how the Eagles are faring, or how Dawkins is playing in Denver, this moment probably shouldn’t have happened.  The Eagles stuck to the letter of the law a little too closely when they let Dawkins walk away, and with only the likes of Sean Jones to replace him…well, Dawkins certainly would still be starting had he remained an Eagle.  Some guys are just associated with one team, have a special connection with the fan base, and Dawkins’ return this week reminds us of that.  He was quite possibly the most loved Philadelphia athlete of the last decade, and the constant face to a usually stout Eagles defense. 

I can’t think of a player who did more during the decade for the fans of Philadelphia.  Every defense should have a Dawkins, a guy that looks as if he’s about to snap at any moment.  The picture above captures the rabid intensity that Dawkins would achieve before kickoff.  I don’t see that on the Eagles sideline this season.  You need a guy to lead you on the field, but you also need a guy who sets the tone with his intensity.  Dawkins was that man.  Perhaps one of the problems with the Eagles defense this year is that they have lost their identity.  Well, it will be at the Linc on Sunday, wearing the opposing colors. 

I’ve heard many fans intend to go to the game decked out in Dawkins Bronco orange.  More of an acknowledgement to him, than a slight to the Eagles.  And, certainly a shot at management.  It takes it a bit far in my mind, but Dawkins certainly deserves the standing ovation he will undoubtedly receive.  We know for sure, that at least one Bronco will be up for this one.  Whether Dawkins’ emotion can lead to a victory like it did so many times in Philly, we’ll have to wait and find out. 

So, welcome back B-Dawk, you never should have left….but you’ll always be welcome.


19 thoughts on “Welcome Back B-Dawk.

  1. I love b dawk as much as the next eagles fan and appreciate all he did for the team and the fans, but the fact is that he’s older now and can’t cover anyone… point taken that he still bring the energy and the birds d lacks that right now… but he’s been getting beat pretty badly in Denver just as he was starting to do his last couple years in Philly… I’d like to see him try and help cover desean, d jack is gonna make him look silly when he glides right past him and then starts highstepping towards the endzone from the 40 yardline

  2. As a g-men fan, Dawkins actually is a major part of one of my highlights as a fan. The jump ball between him and Shockey were Shockey literally takes it out of B-Dawks hands as they’re falling to the ground. Then as they’re both laying on the ground, Shockey is just nodding for like 15 seconds at him, jawing away.

    Of course, i was also at the linc the year before that play when shockey twisted an ankle and b-dawk ended ike hilliard’s career by practically decapitating him. But whatever.

      • I think it’s cashman’s attempt to act like he’s doing something b/c he keeps getting dominated by Epstein, so he needs to validate his job. The media at large is hysterical too, trying to talk Yankee fans into this being a good trade. Umm what? I mean, we didn’t give up anything (i hate melky, Dunn is allegedly a high end prospect but who knows with these guys), but vasquez is a joke. He might give up 90-100 hr’s this year. Seriously. Yeah, he’s top 2 in K’s over the last 5 years or whatever, but has anyone thought “if we only had Vasquez, we’d be on our way to another ws”? Sometimes these sabermetric/moneyball guys talk themselves into numbers versus just realizing their gut is right. Let’s see: Beckett, Lester, Lackey, Dice K, Bucholz/Wakefield……..CC-Burnett-Pettitte-Vasquez-Hughes. Who you betting on? Yeah……thanks Brian. The only saving grace is the assumption he’s going hard after Lee/King Felix next yr.

      • that and the fact that you had the best team to start with…

        which is always a good place to start.

        but yes, I think Vazquez’s second stint will be a lot like his first.

      • I think we had/have the best lineup, but our staff is a major concern to me. Outside CC, i have no real confidence. Pettitte was great last year (juice, cough cough, juice) but old pitchers tend to break overnight. If we’re expecting another 30 starts out of him and 15 wins, i’m not buying. Then there’s burnett, and god knows what you’re getting with that guy. Hughes i like a lot, i think he’ll be a good starter, but at his age his a 4-5. Vasquez is gonna get worked in the AL, so basically i think we have a stud ace, and then a bunch of 4 guys (Burnett’s probably a 3 unless he gets his sh*t together all of a sudden) who you don’t know what your getting day in and day out. And that’s the biggest thing. There’s no consistency in that rotation. Although if it gets joba back to the pen, i’m on board. That experiment, essentially jerking him around a bunch, is over and he need to be in the pen. They messed with him too much.

      • Also, Javy is a fly ball pitcher prone to giving up HR’s. Not exactly an endearing quality to be highly valued in the new bandbox the yanks play in.

        MGG-Might need a shout out to JCK’s better half with SMU finally making a bowl game. Live Blog (of boredom)?

  3. the hit against hilliard was incredible. I was at that game and just remember saying to myself, “Oh. My. God. He just killed a man.”

    I was also at the NFC championship game against Atlanta when he laid out Alge Crumpler. The man had no fear and hit everyone regardless of size.

    He was something to witness during the pregrame warmups. I loved to watch him pace in the endzeon like a Tiger in his cage before feeding time.

    Shockey got in his face because he was surprised he made a play against such a beast. No one and I mean no one went near Dawk and left unscathed. I’m gettin fired up over here. I want to skip Christmas and go directly to Sunday 4:15 at the Linc. I will be there and very wasted…

  4. You guys have amazing memories for football…

    I just know b-dawk had what I call the natural roid rage.

    And, yeh, he doesn’t cover that anymore, but who has covered Jackson this year? And, if he was still here, he wouldn’t have to worry about it.

  5. 14-6,

    By do or die games, do you mean the playoffs? Cause I’m pretty sure Shockey never had a touchdown against the Eagles and I don’t think he ever was part of a Giants team that won in the playoffs against the Eagles.

    Get some Eli lover.

  6. Big Dub H:

    Do you have to be in the playoffs to win in them? So if you need to win a regular season game to get in or season’s over, it’s do or die right? Ok….ok…….sorry i’m not sorry big guy. Like many a philly fan, you prove your knowledge daily.

    Get some, Lover of The Unclutch QB.

    Dec. 28, 2002: Giants Beat Eagles to Earn Playoff Berth

    After a nondescript 6-6 start in 2002, the Giants’ offense caught fire, leading them to three straight wins and the doorstep of the playoffs entering the season’s final week. But the Eagles, who were playing for home-field advantage in the playoffs, stood in the way.

    At the Meadowlands, the Giants racked up yardage all game long, but a series of maddening missed opportunities kept them off the board until the fourth quarter, when Jeremy Shockey tied the game at 7-7 by out-wrestling Eagles safety Brian Dawkins on a jump ball in the end zone.

    But after a Tiki Barber fumble –- his third of the day –- the Eagles had a chance to win near the end of regulation as the Pro Bowl kicker David Akers lined up for a 35-yard field goal. Akers had made 50 straight field goals from inside 35 yards, but he hooked this one wide right, giving the Giants an improbable reprieve.

    The game went to overtime, where a Giants interception set up a 39-yard field goal for kicker Matt Bryant. Bryant had missed a short field goal earlier in the game, and then nearly missed an extra point when it bounced off the upright. But his final kick on this day was true, and the Giants were headed to the playoffs with a 10-7 win.

  7. 14-6,

    Please spare me the run down. I remember the game like it was yesterday. That was the year Giants stadium threw down nasty ass sod on the field and as it turned out the Eagles did not need that game for homefield advantage. So for the Giants, yes, the game was do or die. For the Eagles it did not matter as much.

    A true do or die game at the end of the regular season would be like the game between the Eagles and Cowboys where the loser goes home.

    Stop with your argument over semantics.

    Yet another win for me and my fellow Eagles fans.


    Big Dub H: 10 – 14-6, 27, any other terrible names of the week: 0

  8. It’s not semantics, are you a ruh-tard? It’s a do or die game, literally by definition. If the giants lose, they go home. I don’t think it gets anymore cut and dry than that. If there was a way to explain any simpler i would, but i think a 3 year old would understand that it was definitively do or die. At the time (whether it “turned out” or not) it was for home field advantage, sooooo, yeah, you didn’t pull punches. And shockey dominated B-Dawk in the air. Dropped his white farm hand nuts on Dawkins’ chin. Take it all b-dawk, and like it.

    I like that you’re now assigning yourself points, despite Eli routinely proving you wrong as the season progresses.

    • 27,

      Please explain how it is a true do or die game then. Please enlightment me. Stop hidding behind gay-porn references and tell me how that game is do or die.

      The Giants die if they lose while the Eagles “do” whether they win or lose. You have one team playing to extend its season against another team who had a first-round bye locked up and didn’t even need to win to clinch home-filed advantage.

      Yeah, really sounds like a do or die roll for the Eagles in that game.

      I love how you routinely reach for examples where if you stretch the truth it fits your argument.

  9. 27,

    Let me make this easy for you.

    Was it a do or die game for the Giants? Yes. They lose and they go home.

    Was it a do ir die game for the Eagles? No. They lose and they play in two weeks at home in the playoffs.

    Better luck in the next debate.

    Me 11, You 0

  10. That’s literally one of the dumbest things anyone’s ever said. It’s not worth arguing with someone who doesn’t remember the circumstances of a game, then when he realizes he’s been proven wrong, refuses to admit it. This wasn’t a debate (b/c it’s a flat out definition and therefore not a debatable point-it was just a do or die game, like a true of false quesiton, and you were wrong) but I hope that your remedial classes help you out over the holiday. You’ll notice that, though this site is largely populated with Eagles fans, no one has come to your aid. Silence speaks volumes.

    Real score:

    BDH: -5, BK:5

  11. 27,

    Don’t avoid the questions.

    1) Was it a do or die game for the Giants?

    2) Was it a do or die game for the Eagles?

    And last but no least no one else really cares, which is why they aren’t saying anything.

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