Time To Start Again.

Hitch Up the Bandwagon, Let's Do This.

The NCAA Tournament is relentless this first weekend.  Factor in a regular sleep pattern, and you don’t have much time for anything else.  It’s forced me into a rare Saturday post.  We’ll just total up the picks from the first round (we’ll start picking again Thursday, these guys are union and aren’t going to work the weekend).  And, we’ll do a quick little wrap-up of round one.  And, this will be the place to leave any thoughts, laments, etc.  about this weekend’s action.

Pick Results:

Grossy 5-5.  I consider this respectable, although I was a BYU 2OT miracle cover away from being a lowly 4-6.

DC 4-5-1.  A real respectable 3-1-1 yesterday.  Perhaps still too fond of the big spread game.

Kraft 5-5.  Couple tight ones, Izzo screwed him, but 5-5 feels like a 30 TD season for Derek Anderson at this point.

Big Dub H:  3-9 (0-4 Money Line Specials).  Tough 0-5 Friday.  I guess he calls himself Eddie Mush for a reason.

Random Awards:

Dwight Schrute Award:  Temple for being decimated by the Big Red.  How happy is the Nard Dog today?  It’s odd that Cornell’s most famous alumni isn’t even alumni, but getting back to the award….remember when the Nard Dog unexpectedly won the duel for Angela?  That was yesterday in my mind, Temple never had a shot in this one.  Never a sniff.  Of course, it ultimately didn’t work out for the Nard Dog and Angela and it’s not going to work out in the tournament for Cornell either.

Mark Price Award:  Georgia Tech.  They made 24/25 from the line in a tight match-up against Oklahoma State.  This was a pretty good game to watch, and maybe the most obvious case I’ve ever seen of a team winning solely because they made almost all of their foul shots.  It was a decent effort by Ok. State, but a team hits 96% of their foul shots, and they’re tough to beat.

The Derek Anderson Award:  Scottie Reynolds.  The Anderson came about when DA threw for 9 yards or whatever and they beat the Bills.  It seemed impossible that the stat line could belong to a winning player.  Enter Scottie Reynolds who went a smooth 2-15 from the field with 4 turnovers in the opening round win over Robert Morris.  Forget the free throws for a second.  If you heard Scottie went 2/15 from the field, what’s your gut instinct about the result?

The Glenn Robinson Award:  For best coaching histrionics while inexplicably not getting a technical.  Mike Rice of Robert Morris.  Now, maybe Rice had something to complain about (G-Rob always thought he did), but it was quite a show.  The jacket came off, the profanity could be read easily on the lips.  He did the fake walk out of the building, and even had to be contained by a player.  He did everything except throw himself on the floor.  Shame we don’t get to see Rice in action again today.

Tennessee Tech Award:  In 1963 Loyola beat Tennessee Tech 111-42 in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.  I’d say that was a little bit of a mismatch.  Oddly enough the award goes to another of the Volunteer State’s finest…East Tennessee State.   I’m not sure if 100-71 was the largest margin of victory, but Kentucky was absolutely doing whatever they wanted in this game.  Keep in mind Kentucky operates lawlessly under the wandering eye of Coach Cal.  Someone with a game plan probably could have won by 50.  East Tennessee State?  Yikes.  Kentucky?  Reminded everyone that talent doesn’t hurt.