Dallas Braden Makes Worthwhile News.

Perfect Game, Mustache Tattoo...Equally Impressive.

If you follow sports a little bit you’ve probably heard of Dallas Braden.  Or you at least heard of the guy who went off on A-Rod for running across “his mound.”  We could probably do a whole post on the unwritten rules of baseball, but since I find that to be one of the most boring topics in all of sport, I skipped over mentioning Braden in a post.  I suppose Braden had an argument to a certain extent, but the crusade he was going on made him look ridiculous.  Keep in mind that for me to side with A-Rod, you have to be an incomparable clown, but when Braden insinuated that he’d welcome a physical confrontation with A-Rod, that was all I needed to hear.   First of all, two baseball players getting into a scrap is about as likely as a fight breaking out in a couples cooking class.  Secondly, get over yourself.  Fast forward to today, and Braden throws a perfect game.  An impressive feat to be sure, and perhaps now he can stop trying so hard to get his name in the paper.

From the department of pitchers not throwing perfect games, the Phillies pitching staff is trying to undergo some type of revival.  It’s been a week or so since a starter really got shelled.  After all, we use Jamie Moyer standards in this town, so six innings and 3 earned runs puts you in the Cy Young race.  Considering Roy Halladay had no help at all in April it was nice to see Hamels, Kendrick and Moyer string together solid appearances.  Hamels couldn’t quite back it up Sunday afternoon, but he managed not to completely implode, and the Phillies won the game.  So, is this going to last?  Let’s take a look at the guys…

Moyer:  In the comments section of the Inquirer after Moyer’s shutout, there was a lot of, “Where are the Moyer Haters now?”  Well, I’m still here.  I’m not going to say something idiotic like Moyer didn’t pitch well, but that isn’t the point.  One good start a month doesn’t really blow my hair back.  Moyer won’t be this good again, he will be bad again.  Hopefully not too bad.

Hamels:  There’s always going to be a range for Hamels’ starts.   How good is his fastball?  How’s his command?  Last year we saw that in Cole’s off outings, he couldn’t even keep the team in the game.  I’m still holding hope that this year his rough outings will be more like Sunday, and the team could still grab a win.

Blanton:  Blanton’s going to be around .500 with an ERA somewhere around 4, and he’ll probably look fairly hungry most of the time. That’s Blanton.  He’s the second most consistent pitcher on the staff, he’s just not that good.

Kendrick:  Well with your bad back Ed, you really shouldn’t be throwing anyone.  Bottom line, I don’t trust him.  He looks a little less scared out there, maybe has gotten a bit out of his own head, but here’s a dark little secret about Kendrick:  His stuff isn’t that good.  That’s limiting.

Lidge:  Whoo Boy.  Some would say thank god the wind was a blowing up a gale today, or we could still be playing down at the Bank.  Get the ball out of the middle of the plate, Brad!  Good news,  Durbin and Contreras have been solid all year, and it looks like there are at least 2 arms out there the Phils can count on.  The translation in the modern NL?  That’s good enough to get by, for now.


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