Could You Do It?

Just How Much Do You Like Pizza?

I was thinking about this the other day.  Or sometimes I get into a little rut with my meals, and it pops into my head.  I’ll realize that I had chicken for lunch and dinner, or maybe three nights in a row, and I wonder what my threshold is for eating the same food over and over again.  You hear people say if they could only eat one thing for the rest of their life, it would be….and then they say something like their grandmother’s fried chicken, or the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday, whatever catches their fancy.   I suppose it would be possible to eat the same thing for the rest of your life, but no one really wants to do that.  If you were in a contest, though, I wonder what you’d pick and how long you’d last?

I’ve never come remotely close to trying this, and I hope I never do, but like I said, I’ve thought about it.  I spent a summer in Michigan once, and the golf course hours I was working left me eating a lot of late dinners.  Since I wasn’t exactly located in a metropolis, and Michigan can’t touch Pennsylvania for convenient store convenience, there wasn’t many options for me to grab a quick dinner.  This left me fending for myself most nights, and when it’s 10 pm, you just want to be done with making something.  There’s not a lot of time for flair, so I was eating an inordinate amount of pasta.  About as creative as I got was to mix up the sauces, but still I was packing it away like an animal.  I don’t remember ever getting the point where I was dreading popping another rotini into my mouth, but I was probably in the neighborhood.

In fact, I think I might have maxed out my pasta intake that summer, because there are times now when I am just definitely not in the mood for it.  No, if you’re going to eat something all the time it better be more interesting than pasta.  And, when you are thinking about this, don’t worry about the nutritional values or anything, or we’ll allow you to take vitamin supplements if you must.  In my mind, there are a couple approaches to answering the question, what would you eat if you could only eat one thing the rest of your life?

The first approach is just gut instinct, you throw something out there, and it’s from the heart.  Chocolate cake!  Great call.  Something that falls into this category for me is pancakes.  Love ’em.  You can eat them any time of day and feel like a King.  Bonus.  They’re relatively easy to make….looks like we’ve got a winner.   The problem is, pancakes are kind of special.  I don’t even know if I’ve ever had them two mornings in a row.  Perhaps if every day of your life was Christmas, then pancakes would be the play, but I think they would pretty quickly grind you to a halt.  I don’t know if I could last much longer than a week or so on the hot cakes.

Second approach is what I call the clean slate approach.  You pick something that you can eat several different ways.  For me, this would definitely be chicken.  Oh, the versatility of chicken.  We get into technicalities here, because I’m not sure if I would allow you to mix up side dishes, or even have side dishes.  I’ve thought about this, but there are a lot of gray areas.  I would say you can eat anything as long as chicken, or whatever you choose is the main ingredient.  Like, I’d allow a chicken pot pie, but a chicken breast with a salad and a potato or something…not allowed.  I’m not sure what my record is for eating chicken day after day, but it’s certainly more than a couple of days.  If we’re talking chicken, I think I can last a while.  A long while.

The third and final approach is the gun to your head approach.  If the first method is decadent, the second one practical, this is just the most realistic.  Bottom line, what are you taking.  The other name for this approach would be, “The Pizza Approach,” because I think most people are picking the pie.   Pizza is something I can almost convince myself I would never get sick of.  There are different varieties, different styles of crust, you can mix it up a little bit.  I’m just thinking about my life, and trying to recall a moment where someone suggested pizza and I showed any hesitation at all.  I can’t think of anything.  It’s a guaranteed yes.  Pizza?  Yes.  I don’t know how many days in a row I could eat it, and I’m not going to try to put a streak together, but in some ways it sounds like a delicious experiment.


Bouncing Around.

Philly's Best Player?

The Sixers won the Evan Turner consolation prize Tuesday night.  This is good news for the 7,000 faithful that pack the Wachovia Center for every home game.  No guarantee the Sixers take Turner of course, they could get John Wall, or they might take some guy who spends his summers getting crossed up by Ricky Rubio.  Who knows?  I’m not coming back Sixers, sorry.  I’m happy for the real fans, though, and for the people in Washington who had to put up with Gilbert Arenas.  Hopefully John Wall will find a better use for his safe in the locker room. On the actual court is Celtics/Lakers inevitable?  Is anyone watching these games?  How’s Dee Brown playing?

The Flyers won again.  Flyers kitten is so full of himself right now that he wouldn’t even pose for a picture.  Tuesday night was the Michael Leighton show.  Ride the wave, people.  If you are ever going to watch hockey, it might as well be now.  The Flyers are two wins away from their first finals appearance since 1997.  Out west the Blackhawks have jumped on San Jose for a 2-0 lead in their series.  If I was projecting, and let’s face it I was a little bit, I was hoping the Blackhawks would get through.  It feels more winnable to me.  If the Flyers do play Chicago in the Finals, one long-suffering hockey fan base will be relieved.  Lord knows what array of jinxes I just unleashed in this paragraph.  Although, according to Big Dub H (America’s Most Typical Sports Gambler), the Flyers have been wearing hexola Kevlar for about a week now.

If you are starting to worry about Roy Halladay’s pitch count, raise your hand.  Ok, put your arm down and read the rest of the post.  The stat you’ll probably hear Wednesday is that this was the 2nd most pitches Halladay has ever thrown.   True, but probably not as important as the fact that Halladay had an extra day off before each of his last two starts, and his average pitch numbers are only about 4 pitches per start higher than what he’s put up in the last 4 seasons.  Considering he’s on pace for 16 complete games right now, when 10-12 is probably more likely, all these numbers will probably level off.  Bottom line, he’s not going to blow himself out, so if you want to complain about Tuesday because they didn’t pinch-hit in the 7th, go ahead, but forget about his pitch count.

Couple more Randoms:

–From afar, my question is, what did the Yankees do to Joba Chamberlain?  A bad week, or have they permanently ruined him?  I still can’t quite believe he’s not starting.  Something bothers me about grooming someone for the bullpen from such a young age.  Joba 2008>Joba 2010.   And, just a complete travesty of relief pitching all the way around the last two nights.  I guess such is life in the Yanks/Sox World of 4-hour games.

–Speaking of sabotage, Hanley Ramirez is doing a nice job of torpedoing his season.  Off to a less than inspiring start, he dogged it on the field, got benched, blew up at his manager and teammates, and then took Tuesday night off as well.  By the way, the Marlins won 8-0 without him.  When you aren’t even putting up Dan Uggla numbers, and your mediocre defense has taken another step back, shut your mouth.  This little fiasco is the kind of thing that guarantees you’ll spend your whole career making a lot of money on bad teams.

–And, I bet you didn’t think I could go political, but I’ll bid an indifferent farewell to single-bullet theorist Arlen Specter.  Anyone who gets parodied in a Seinfeld episode involving Keith Hernandez deserves the utmost respect.  I really know nothing of politics, and my two concrete beliefs are that no one party should ever hold too much power, and anyone who has been in office for more than 8-10 years is probably not doing much aside from trying to continue to get reelected.  Please do not ask me to support those theories.  So, considering Arlen can’t even decide which party he’s in and has been kicking around for decades, I’m perfectly comfortable with someone else getting an at-bat.