Let’s Go to Switzerland.

Awww....St. Bernard Puppy.

The Swiss are my new soccer team.  I’m getting invested.  I want to road trip to Switzerland right now and get involved in the party.  I feel like I am perfectly within my rights to abandon the US team.  Isn’t this like getting to pick which NFL team you root for if you live in Mobile, Alabama?  No legitimate local team, so spin the wheel, see what it lands on?  The US Soccer Team has had plenty of chances to win me over.  I want the flavor of the month, or should I say flavor of the day.  I respect Switzerland’s neutral style.  That whole, “We’ve got the Alps, Bitches,” way of life.  I mean, really….chalets, chocolate, St. Bernards, hot watches, swiss miss, I really feel like we are missing out on Summer in Switzerland.  Let’s get a flight.


15 thoughts on “Let’s Go to Switzerland.

  1. You might have an opportunity to prolong your world cup vested interest, although it’s not likely the Swiss get out of the group. They’ll have to beat Chile, so get excited to watch the matchup with fervor. Might need a running diary, which would double as “things i think about when bored”. I’m a little giddy to hear the ramblings on that one, like “is nutella the fluff of nuts, or is Fluff the nutella of marshmallow? Dogs love peanut butter….what is a cat’s equivalent to peanut butter?”

    • The Swiss were a smooth +800 to win.

      Spain went off at -1.5 goals for (-120). Their money line was -400.

      I still hate the Swiss from Cool Runnings, so I’ll pass on em for now.

  2. Who knew the neutral country full of anti-war fairies could be so dangerous.

    Chile looks dangerous too, apparently they’ve looked like the most dangerous team offensively.

    Oh, to the Korea thing, two points. Apparently the S. Koreans even told people who they talked to “Uhhh, North Korea is a lot better.” And also, north korea apparently hired a bunch of Chinese people to go to S. Africa and pose as fans/citizens of NK. hahaha that’s kinda awesome.

  3. I heard about the “north korean” fans. Good stuff.

    Although is it that much different than Americans pretending to care about soccer once every four years.

  4. I like that it (to me) is a tacit acknowledgment that all asians look the same.

    At least we live in the country. I mean, we don’t follow skiing or any sh*t until the Olympics right? It’s national sh*t, they don’t even play year round (regularly). They dont trot out there once a week as a national team or anything.

  5. I like how more than half the Swiss team looks like they have more than just a little Hispanic in them. I expect the Swiss team to be decendants of the the Family Von Trapp – not Diego de la Vega.

  6. you had me at swiss miss.

    ps, while on q-cation…took a photo of the original flyers kitten.

    expect a photo in your in-box when this pussy(cat) returns from…where else, but kansas.

    flyers kittens for swiss miss.

  7. Ah, well since you asked, I’m working on throwing something at the end of tonight’s post. Stay tuned.

  8. AHHH GROSS!!! Look what I found!! yes – fly to Switzerland! You can see all the Grossmunsters you want! (Ok I should be working…)

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