(Not) Definitive NFL Power Rankings.

If Jeff Garcia and Adam Morrison's Facial Hair Had a Son.

So, Training Camp.  Day one.  Anyone else bored?  Two big stories from camp.  One national, and one local.  The local story is holdouts.  Nate Allen and Brandon Graham haven’t agreed with the Eagles yet, and their first day of practice was supposed to be today.  Allen is apparently close, Graham not so much according to the Philly papers.  These holdouts and the whole, “missing valuable time” stories become tiresome and make me want a slotted NFL rookie salary structure even more.  We’ll watch half-heartedly to see when the alleged impact rookies will arrive.  The national story is that Dez Bryant refuses to take part in hazing rituals and Cowboys teammate Roy Williams has threatened to “take it up a notch.”  I don’t have much against simple hazing of the pad carrying variety.  I do see Bryant’s point, as well, though.  Any unnecessary waves being caused in Dallas should be considered a good thing, and this story could get wild depending on what the veterans decide to do.  Williams made reference to stealing credit cards…um, what?

Getting back to me being anxious, and having no real interest in training camp, I thought I’d rank the top 10 NFL teams for 2010 completely off the top of my head.  I’d ask everyone to remember that I picked 60% last year, so this guy knows his football.  All right, Let’s go.

1. New Orleans Saints.  This is a nod of respect, and an apology for never really getting on the Saints bandwagon last year.  By Super Bowl week I guess I was convinced, but that’s like admitting a blizzard is good while eating that last bite of unmixed plain vanilla out of the bottom of the cup.  Tell me why the Saints are worse than last year.  No?  All right, number 1.

2.  San Diego Chargers.  The AFC Eagles.  You know what I like about the Chargers this year?  They don’t have LT.  That guy was an anchor and a distraction and I feel some McNabb similarities while understanding he was way better than Don at one time.  Time to move on, though.

3.  Dallas Cowboys.  I hate Dallas, and maybe because of that, I think there might be an NFL plot to get them a home Super Bowl in 2011.  Wouldn’t that just be special?  Bottom line, I think Dallas moves past Minnesota, continues to learn not to choke and has a good chance to win the NFC.

4.  Indianapolis Colts.  They were crowned last year, but forgot to win the big one.  This is Peyton Manning and the rest.  Probably the safest team in the league?  Barring a Manning injury and he’s never hurt?  See what I’m doing here?

5.  Green Bay Packers.  I put them here despite that awful taste the defense left in my mouth last season.  What was that?  The good news is people think Aaron Rodgers is just going to shoot through the stratosphere and throw for about 6,000 yards or something.  They are very dangerous, no doubt.  A top-fiver.

6. Baltimore Ravens.  Joe Flacco’s arm strength?  Check.  I think we’re going to see the best Ravens offense ever?  I don’t know, but they should be a little different from Ravens teams of the past.  They have Anquan Boldin now.  He plays with a broken face!

7.  New York Jets.  Rex Ryan thought the Jets could win the Super Bowl last year.  Everyone thought he was crazy, and then they started winning playoff games.  I’d like to really get on board with this defense and running game, and they’ll be good, but what I just can’t commit to is San-chize.  I gots a bad feeling about this one Jets fans.

8.  Minnesota Vikings.  I imagine the Favre will play.  I don’t think he can do what he did last year, but this team is loaded, just loaded with talent.  I think it’s only 50% the Brett wagon finishes the season, though, so it would get ugly after that.  I’m restrained on the Vikings.  Very restrained.

9.  Atlanta Falcons.  I don’t know, a hunch?  I feel like things didn’t quite go right for Atlanta last year, and they are better than they looked.  As opposed to Sanchez, I think Matt Ryan could be a good quarterback in the league.  If he takes a step forward this year, the Falcons will surely be playoff bound.

10.  Miami Dolphins.  We love Chad Henne here (wearing teal Henne jersey watching clips of a bazooka on the History channel).  The Dolphins were just a tough game last year, and when Henne explodes into greatness the Dolphins could waltz right into the playoffs and be a problem.

11.New England

12. Pittsburgh

13.  Philadelphia

14.  Houston

15.  San Francisco

18.  New York Giants

20.  Fighting Donovan McNabbs.


7 thoughts on “(Not) Definitive NFL Power Rankings.

  1. I like the Atlanta call, but I hate the Dolphins call. I don’t know why, but I just can’t take the Dolphins seriously. I don’t know if it stems from the Wildcat offense, or the fact that Pennington was the quarterback down there, but I just never believed in Miami.

    I’m going to toss a semi-bold prediction out there too: New York Jets don’t make the playoffs. A lot of people are high on this team and there are those who think they are among the elite teams in the AFC.

    The Eagles could be a total train wreck, but I still can’t wait for the season to start. Praying for 6 wins…

  2. Well, I think there are plenty of reasons to doubt Miami. I don’t blame you.

    I just got to 10 and looked at NE or Pitts and felt maybe they were on the way down, while Miami could possibly be improving. New guard.

    But who are we kidding, half these teams will probably miss the playoffs.

  3. Chargers have the “Ewing Theory” thing going for them, to steal a Sports Guy line. Maybe they get over the hump a la Tiki retiring?

    Hate the Cowboys, and i’m hoping they suck so i can point to Romo playing too much golf in the off season as the main reason. I’d love it. Literally it’s a dream of mine.

    Houston is interesting in the top half the league. No love for Denver? San Fran w/ Gore for a potential top ten? If you ask Josh Freeman, the Bucs are a playoff team hhahaa

  4. No love for Denver from me. Not at this point. I didn’t do a lot of research on this, and when I got to the 9-10 range teams like SF did pop into my mind, but I just don’t like their QB that much. And i don’t know that Gore can last a season.

    Josh Freeman is high on Josh Freeman.

  5. What about the Bottom 10? I love to figure out who is going to be the worst team each year and just watch them flounder.

    Last year I thought it was going to be the Bucs and things looked great until they won 2 of their final 3 to finish with 3 wins on the year.

    my vote right now goes to Buffalo. They will be lucky to get to 4 wins this year.

    • Oh, I think the Bills will be terrible. Their QB is so frightening. I would just be so depressed if I was a Bills fan.

      I am interested in the Rams (will Bradford live), the Browns (will Delhomme throw 40 picks) and maybe as a flier, Arizona? I think Leinart could implode and WE KNOW who is behind him.

  6. I love CJ Spiller, i think he’ll have a big year. Will it be enough for the Bills? Not in that division, and probably not with an Ivy League QB.

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