Summer Blogcation

Well, as it turns out, the blog isn’t going to come together down here in the Commonwealth. I’ll try to return triumphantly soon. In the meantime, you’ll have to go back to reading professional, expert opinions at other websites. If you want things to talk about while I troll the aisles of Wal-Mart and Bass Pro, how about….

Where does Shaq rank on the list of people you want to retire? At this point Shaq is just desperate for rings. I get the feeling he’d sign with ’72 Soviet Olympic team if they would take him and he thought they could beat the Lakers.

How about Roy Halladay creeping back into the Cy Young race? I’m still backing big Roy’s campaign for 20 wins. He’s on a nice little hot streak, and his consistency could eventually wear down the rest of the candidates. Get on board.

If you don’t know, VA is the home of personalized license plates. Yesterday I saw an all-timer. On the back window of an SUV there were 4 decals. Two Yankees and two Red Sox. The license plate? “Rivals.”. I feel like you should be able to run people like this off the road.

See everyone when I see ya.