Opening Night!

Hit The Lights. Let's Do This Thing.

Is everyone on board with the Thursday night opening game?  In some ways I want to be a crusty old traditionalist and say we should wait for Sunday.  On the other hand, I’m kind of looking forward to this beast tonight.  And, a Phils off day on top of that.  It’s the perfect window.  I suppose if you have an early wake-up call that all primetime games are an annoyance, but I think I’ve gotten accustomed to this idea of a Thursday opener.  They always put a good game on the slate, and there have been some memorable match-ups in the past.  The Saints/Vikings contest won’t be quite as good a game as the NFC championship, but I imagine the spectacle of New Orleans celebrating the Super Bowl will be worth watching in itself.  Also, almost everyone who plays fantasy football has someone on one of these two teams.  Which leads to the old, should I pull the Thursday trigger debate.

My thought on tonight’s game is that the Vikings may be in trouble.  The defending champs usually come to play in this game, and the crowd alone should eliminate any chance the Saints come out flat.  The Vikings are getting 6 points, which feels like a lot in a “revenge” situation.  All I can read into that is the Saints are just as good as they were last year, but the Vikings have some questions.  Most notably, is Brett Favre in one piece, and how depleted is their receiving corps?  Adrian Peterson is great for any offense to have, but last year the Vikings had great balance.  I’m not sure Favre can provide that again, and that just adds even more pressure to the defense.  The official NFL Pick ‘Em season doesn’t start until tomorrow, and this game feels like a stay away, anyway.  Don’t like Minnesota, but they are too good to lay 6 to and feel cozy.  Pick your spots.


Obviously the first week is for answering questions like the one I posed above.  We could know by midnight if the Vikings have lost a step.  The schedule has some other big games as well.  Some teams with a chance to make early statements, and there will probably be an individual or two that sends everyone rushing to the waiver wire after a breakout performance.


The AFC East is a division that clearly has a worst team.  The Bills are terrible.  Fans of the other three teams probably believe they can win the division.  Week one could play a big part in figuring out how this division will finish.  Miami, New England and the Jets all play games they should win if they are going to reach expectations.  If Miami can’t go into Buffalo and beat the Bills, you can forget about them as serious playoff contenders.  The Patriots host the Bengals. Brady is all the way back.  It’s time to check out this defense, see if there is enough there for a division title or more.  The Jets, who fancy themselves as Super Bowl contenders have the toughest task.  They face Baltimore at home.  Now, certainly they could lose this game and still make the playoffs, and the Ravens could be very good, but I think if the Jets can’t get up and win this one at home, we’re looking at a team that is more like the one that barely made the playoffs than the one that suddenly excelled once they got there.


There are some teams out there that probably want to change how they are perceived.  A doormat wants to be a contender.  A contender wants to be a playoff team.  A playoff team wants to win a Super Bowl.  Let’s look at Detroit, Houston and Atlanta.  Tired of Lions jokes, tired of people STILL bringing up Matt Millen and WRs?  Well, go into Chicago and beat the Bears.  That’ll zip a lip for a second.  Are the Texans tired of being a busted sleeper every year, or just the home to a couple of fantasy studs, tired of almost?  The Colts come in week one.  There they are.  Beat them for once.  Falcons feeling a little bit written off, lost in the Saints shadow?  Well, go into Pittsburgh and take care of business against a team missing their starting QB.  Win that, and people will take away the Saints’ free pass through the division.


A few teams out there have new faces at the helm, and week one could be an encouraging sign or a harsh slap of reality.  Unfortunately, I think there might be more reality doled out this week.  Kevin Kolb gets the Packers.  Huge test.  It almost feels like too overwhelming a spot for Kolb.  Don’t think this ends well.  Donovan McNabb gets Dallas.  Three straight games against Dallas.  Bad news is that Washington might do a worse job protecting him than the Eagles did.  Prediction?  No air guitar and a Dallas win.   I’m throwing Matt Moore in here.  No more time as the endearing back-up.  It’s real.  If he doesn’t make it happen against the Giants expect a collective groan in Carolina.  The guy in the best spot might be Jason Campbell.  Solely because the guy he is replacing  was so terrible that Raider fans will take anything.  The bar is obscenely low.  Much like it is in Cleveland where Jake Delhomme debuts against Tampa in what was almost the…


But, you get a look at Arizona and St. Louis and you drink it in for a moment and say, This is what god-awful, putrid, NFC West football is all about.   First team to 6 turnovers wins.


All Kinds of Stuff.

Rhymes With Hype.

Well Eagle fans, I’ve got some bad news.  When that 10th pick rolled around to this guy in his fantasy draft on Wednesday night and he stared at the board, there was only one option.  Aaron Rodgers.  I had somehow talked myself into the last pick (stating I wouldn’t want #1), and I always like to get a top quarterback.  The week one match-up with the Birds (where I”m expecting 4 Td tosses) didn’t give me pause.  It didn’t send me to Brady or Brees.  I went straight for the bandwagon pick.  I wrote something a while back about Chris Johnson living up to the hype.  Do we think Rodgers can?  Now that he’s on my team I would doubt him a bit.  Sorry Green Bay.  How’d the rest of my team shape up?  Hard to say.  I did take the lothario of Milledgeville, GA in the late rounds to be my back-up.

Oh, J-Roll.  If this was hockey we’d say you are prone to lower body injuries.  Seeing Rollins hobble around third really cast a dark light on the Phils offensive outburst against Florida.  I suppose the good news is that the injury isn’t to Rollins’ calf.  The hamstring has him listed as day-to-day, but I have that feeling he’s going to miss some more games.   Just when he’d started to come out of his slump, another set back.  Is Wilson Valdez ready to step back in and do the job again?  I think we’re pushing our luck with him, and hopefully Rollins will be back soon.  The importance of each of these games is really starting to get magnified.  Much needed day off on Thursday, and then off to NY for 3 with the Mets.

I’ve been kicking around the notion of how many games the Phillies will need to win if they want to make the playoffs. Of course, they don’t even really have a magic number yet, not for the division, with the Braves being tied in the loss column, but I’ve had the personal 3putt magic number sitting at 93 wins for some time now.  With 21 games left in the season, the Phillies would need to go 12-9 down the stretch to reach that point.  Sounds like a modest request, and with Atlanta and San Francisco keeping pace all the time, some of you might wonder if that is enough.  Well, as the season shortens, a game or two makes a huge difference.  The Giants, for example, need to go 15-7 to hit 93 wins, a much more difficult task on paper.  So, keep 93 in mind, keep ticking them off, one at a time.

We talk a lot about jinxes and reverse jinxes here.  I try not to believe in them, but there is so much evidence to the contrary.  My new theory on them is quite liberating.  I’ve decided that if you don’t really care about a sport, you don’t have the power to jinx it.  I have this running joke about hating Roger Federer.  I claim Nadal is better, talk some phony trash, get fired up.  It’s the small things that keep me entertained.  Anyway, I feel like I can say anything I want about Nadal, and it makes no difference.  I mouth off, talk about his easy draw, and he just keeps right on winning.  So, I’m really putting it to the test here in writing.  Nadal’s winning the US Open, and there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do about it.

The DA draft is really coming together.  I’ve posted picks 1-6 I think on the DA page.  The beauty of it so far is that almost everyone has gotten one of, if not their absolute top-pick.  Such a democratic game.  Can’t for Sunday when it starts to play out.

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