Arianny Celeste Has An Octagon Full of Winners.


I'm Not Totally Over the UFC.


Well, as I write this we have a reduced stable of prognosticators this week.  Big Dub has stayed true to his promise of “quitting sports,” and right now it’s just looking like JCK and I, but you never know when these picks are going to pop up in the old inbox.  Not that I could possibly be discouraged from picking games.  First, I already had the picture of the girl.  I don’t just throw these things together in 20 seconds before I make the post.  Care is taken.  Secondly, I was doing some crack research with my friends at the Elias Sports Bureau and I realized that at this point in the 2009 Pick ‘Em Season I was sitting at 18-16-1.  So, we are right at the historical jumping off point for my hot streak.  Say no more.  I’m already 8 for my last 10, and we’re going straight to the top here, people.

JCK:  Record 17-17-1

This week I am going to focus on the real important games.  The games involving playoff caliber teams led by all world QB play.

Chargers (-3.5) vs. Titans

Seahawks (+2.5) @ Oakland

Tampa (+3) @ Arizona

Redskins (+2.5) @ Detroit

Broncos (+1) vs. Bangers and Mash


GROSSY: Record 17-16-2.

Tampa Bay (+3) @ Arizona.  To clarify, this isn’t me coming around on the Bucs or Josh Freeman.  This is simple faith in the notion that the Bucs haven’t given up on their season, and the quarterback that the Cardinals field is going to do everything in his power to lose the game.  Would I prefer DA?  Maybe, but Max Hall will do just fine.  Betting against the Cardinals.  It worked last week, maybe it will become a trend.

Green Bay (+6) @ New York Jets.  I know the Green Bay offense in its current state might not match up too well against New York, but I think the Packers are going to score some points in this game.  Mark Sanchez coming off a bye week would actually scare me if I was a Jets fan.  Did he get less dynamic?  I know he couldn’t be more overrated.  I’m not quite ready to lay 6 points to Aaron Rodgers with the Sanchize.  Not yet.

Kansas City (-7.5) vs. Buffalo.  My first instinct is to look at this and say KC shouldn’t be giving anyone this many points. But, Buffalo is bad, and not only that, they find ways to lose games.  They showed a ton of heart last week, but still took another deflating loss.  Asking them to ratchet it back up in rabid Kansas City?  Too much to ask of a team with very little talent.  Ryan Fitzpatrick wins the Wonderlic contest, loses the game…big.

Pittsburgh (+1) @ New Orleans.  This is a line that hasn’t caught up to this season, yet.  If you were basing this off of this year’s performances, there is no way you could make the Saints the favorite even with home field.  The Saints can’t run the ball, and when they can’t run it, they can’t pass it, either.  They didn’t score until garbage time against the Browns last week.  Keep tossing that pill around Big Ben.  I might start you in fantasy this week, and I may give you a nickname.

Miami (+2) v @ Cincy.  How many times this year am I going to go to the Miami well?  I try to figure them out, with varying degrees of success, but for some reason, I can’t stay away.  Their coach wears sunglasses at all times!  Need I say more?  Anyway, the pundits seem to think Miami is going to have no problem scoring points in this game, and frankly, that is all this guy needs to hear.  If the Bengals haven’t completely folded in on themselves, they’ll finish the job Sunday.  I hear the Palmer brothers are switching jerseys for Halloween.  Look out.


NICHOLS: Record, 16-18-1

Jax (+6.5)… There is no better way to end of the Wade Philips era than to lose to Jacksonville.  This is also the game the convinces all the crap analysts on ESPN from saying that there is still something strong and “special” about the Cowboys.  They’re done, and a Jacksonville win via a last minute field goal will prove that.  Jags 17-14.

Buffalo (+7.5)… As a general rule I am going against all large spreads for the rest of the season.  This is the biggest one I’ve seen this week and I’m happy with it.  KC will win but Buffalo is actually making opponents work.  I can’t decide if this is a high scoring or a low scoring game but the Bills will cover.  KC wins by 3.

Arizona (-3.5)… Anytime a coach declares his team is the best in the league when they are actually in a 5-way tie for third deserves to be embarassed, especially that team is the Bucs.  Even Gruden wouldn’t make such a declaration after being handed a Super Bowl team.  I’m giving this to Arizona 24-20 and Tb walks away with the same record as….Arizona.

New England (-5.5)… A hurt Brett Favre is better than Tarvaris Jackson, so I’d pick against them anyway, but this is a statement game for the Pats.  Randy Moss is held to under 50 yds. and no TDs.  I say Favre/Jackson both play and have a combined 5 picks (they are on the top of my DA list).  I also find it very tough to ever pick against the Pats at home.

Indy (-5.5)… Nothing more than the fact that I can’t see Indy giving up both games to Houston.  Indy 31-20


KRAFT: Record, 18-16-1.

Dallas -6.5 over Jax
Detroit -2.5 over Wash
NE -5 over Minn
NO pick over Pitt
Indy -5.5 over Houston

**Reminder to everyone to get their DA picks in.  And, of course, Happy Halloween.


13 thoughts on “Arianny Celeste Has An Octagon Full of Winners.

  1. I’m not really making these picks in honor of my promise.

    I numbered teams from 1 to 24 and Lindsay picked a number randomly from her little noggin.

    Tampa Bay +3 @ Arizona: Hate the pick for a couple of reasons, but I’m stuck with it.

    N.Y. Jets -6 vs. Green Bay: Lotta points to lay here, but it could happen.

    Oakland -2.5 vs. Seattle: Perfect spot for the Raiders to get their doors blown out. Fuckin A Linds…pick a winner.

    San Francisco -2 vs. Denver: Great. This looks like a perfect way to go 0-4.

    Pittsburgh +1 @ New Orleans: Not a terrible pick, but one I would never touch in a million, bajillion, trillion years.

  2. haha.

    we’ll keep note of these for historical purposes, but I don’t think I would feel right counting them in your record, though you were the one who numbered the teams…

    • I numbered them in order and she had at it.

      On a side note…Scottie Reynolds didn’t pan out in an Italian League. Take fork and insert.

  3. yeah, i feel like college players like that should get 6 or 7 years of eligibility. honestly, who is going to stay in school when they could go pro? so, what’s the big deal. it’d be like kicking career minor leaguers to the curb after 3 years in AAA.

    every school should have a spot on their team for extended eligibility/grad school work/learning to coach, whatever.

    i was joking when i started that comment, now i think it’s actually a good idea.

  4. sorry for not getting picks in yesterday- traveling all day.

    Here we go:

    Dallas -6.5 over Jax
    Detroit -2.5 over Wash
    NE -5 over Minn
    NO pick over Pitt
    Indy -5.5 over Houston

  5. well happy bday a couple days ago

    i am certainly not over UFC either

    huge fantasy football matchup, here’s to hoping aaron rodgers breaks a femur!

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