Weekend Preview.


Zenyatta: Get in the Know.


I don’t want to overstate my realm of knowledge here, but Breeders Cup weekend may be the biggest event on the slate for stone cold degenerates.  Drive by your local Turf Club.  I’d imagine you’d see an uncommon number of cars parked in the lot.  People take this stuff seriously.  Which is one of the reasons why I respect the horse racing fans, because there is nothing casual about it.  If you are in, you are usually all in.  The big race this weekend features undefeated Zenyatta, a horse going for an unprecedented 20-0 career.  She’s already won more races in a row than any other horse in history and the fact that she’s a mare racing against “the boys” only makes it that more impressive.  Zenyatta missed out on Triple Crown hype, but in the horse racing world she is as famous as any horse in recent memory.  Known for drinking Guinness and Fiji Water, Zenyatta takes on the field in the Breeders Cup Classic Saturday at 6:45 pm.

Does anyone have any college football information for me?  When do the conference championship games start?  This has been my worst season of watching college football ever, and I’m not really sure why.  I don’t know if that is a byproduct of the Phillies, or if the older I get the more I can’t justify watching a sport that votes on its champion instead of playing it out on the field.  Utah and TCU this weekend?  Anyone care about this one?  Three vs. Five. Someone care to explain to me how a conference can have 2 of the top 5 teams in the country and not be a BCS conference?  Nightmare.  But, the real nightmare could be unfolding at Auburn.  Reports are surfacing that someone may have asked for six-figures to deliver star quarterback Cam Newton from junior college.  Poor Auburn.  Always getting caught red-handed, and ruining undefeated seasons.  Hopefully Newton stays eligible through the Iron Bowl, I wouldn’t mind catching that.

Attention DA Fantasy Players: Charlie Whitehurst is starting for the Seahawks.  How many sacks will he take?  This could be an unfortunate circumstance.  Matt Hasselbeck was becoming a reliable guy to take in the late rounds and along with Brett Farve was probably the biggest name having a decent DA season.  Now someone is going to have to roll the dice on Whitehurst.  Where will he fall?

The PGA Tour is in China this week for a WGC Event.  I’m not sure when they are playing or where it is being televised, but its a big deal for two or three people.  One, is Lee Westwood, who suddenly has to validate his #1 ranking.  The other is Tiger Woods, who is faced with his last chance to win this season.  If he fails it will be his first winless year since turning professional.  Tiger will slip off the radar pretty soon here (if he isn’t already off yours) and we won’t see him again until January or February.  Right now he’s sitting at 4-under through 36 holes, five shots off the lead.  With our new Tiger standards, this is a decent spot for him to be heading into the weekend.  Scour the golf channel to see if TW can keep his streak alive.

Baseball Free Agent What Have Yous:  Free Agency officially starts Sunday morning at 12:01.  I’m not sure what kind of rush there will be, but considering how thin the pitching market is, I imagine Cliff Lee will be flooded with offers and people will want to either get this done or move on as quickly as possible.  I’m hearing that Texas is really committed to bringing him back, but we’ll see if that is just some posturing for the fans.  If New York somehow misses out on Lee do they crank up an aggressive plan-b, or do they wait patiently like they did last year?  The free agent crop of 2012 has some names (Chris Carpenter), but are they who NY wants?  I’d expect the position players to lag behind in the signings a bit as they try to create their markets.  Had to be bad news for Werth/Boras that the Yankees aren’t interested.  Werth may not have as many suitors as he was expecting.

I think that’s about it for now, apologies if I missed a large tennis tournament or Champions League game this weekend. I’ll be back this afternoon with the NFL picks and possibly a picture of a conventionally beautiful young lady.

Oh, and:

WAKE UP FLYERS KITTEN! The Orange and Black have won 5 Straight.


10 thoughts on “Weekend Preview.

  1. it’s a good day when a see the Q kitty on the blog.

    and nice name for a horse, zenyatta, of course.

    q in delusional state/need of extra hour of sleep weekend

  2. This is a perfect storm for the DA League. Go check out the g-men’s record after a bye week. It’s ABYSMAL. If i were a betting man, i’d have money on whoever they were playing-that includes the Bills. But now the Seahawks are tossing out a Whitehurst wrench in there? So you have to reconcile his awfulness with the long standing history of the gmen completely taking prison face rapes post bye week. Jeebus. What to do….what to do…..this is why i hate the first pick.

  3. By the way, there’s a group email about the Yanks and i almost had an aneurysm when one of them suggested Erik Bedard. Um, what?

  4. king felix really f’ed everything up by signing that extension.

    Interesting point on the Giants game. Exact opposite at work in Philly. Pey-Pey undefeated vs. Birds and Birds 11-0 off byes under fat andy. something has to give. I’m guessing its ashanti samuel

  5. Great, GREAT movie. Love when he pushes himself off the lockers haha, just schwartzman being schwartzman.

    Again, Whitehurst vs the streak of bye losses. He did go to Clemson, and even more importantly the problem is that he pushed Mike Teel off the roster.

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