Hey Ducks! Get in a Row.


Thanks, Ducks.


Winds of change, people.  Need to break the sweaters out of the old cedar chest, and need to change our rankings here around a little bit.  For the first time since September (?), we’ve got a new name on top of the NFL Pick ‘Em standings. In the world of DA football, things remain quite bunched except at the back-end of the field where a couple of guys have all but sealed their fate for the non-existent 2011 DA Draft Lottery.  All in all, lot of ups (like AI’s feted arrival in Turkey) and a lot of downs (Wade Phillips’ career arc).  Before we get to all the standings, I’ll share a text I got from Big Dub last night, “Dallas, you’re on the clock.”

NFL Pick ‘EM Standings:

  1. Kraft: Record, 25-19-1 (This Week, 3-2)
  2. Nichols: 24-20-1 (This Week, 4-1)
  3. Grossy: 22-19-4 (This Week, 2-1-2)
  4. Big Dub H: 22-20-4 (This Week, 0-4-1)
  5. JCK: 22-21-2 (This week 3-1-1)

The Nelson Muntz “Ha Ha” Pick of the Week:

I feel a little wronged by the goings on this week.  I hate (love) whining about losing picks, but I really think the gosh darn Bills deserved a cover on Sunday.  And, some winners this week were nothing to be too proud about (Tampa, Indy, Pittsburgh, etc.).  This didn’t leave a lot of winners to choose from, but I finally landed on something I am comfortable with.  I’m going to give a split here to JCK and Nichols for picking Green Bay.  First, it was the easiest game on the schedule. For JCK, it ended a string of 2-3’s.  For Nichols, I’ve never seen anyone take so much pleasure in Dallas sucking.  He’s riding high, might as well pile this little title on top.

The “Colt McCoy will Come Crashing Down” Awful Pick of the Week:

I really set myself up to take this one when I didn’t even know where the Texans/Chargers game was being played. Luckily for me, it’s just more of the same old mess for the Texans.  In the end, I’m going to go with JCK for picking the Pats.  Kraft also picked this game, but JCK failed to listen to his instincts on this one.  He spent the whole pick detailing why he didn’t like the Pats, but then picked them anyway.  When you see your hometown team in a spot like this, you’ve got to stay away.  That’s the bottom line.

*Reminder to NFL Pick ‘Em players, there is a Thursday game this week.  If you want to include that game, pick it somewhere by Thursday.  Send me an email, post it in the comments, whatever works.

DA Standings and Summaries:


  1. The Slop Jocks 6-3
  2. Neckbeards and Codeine 6-3
  3. Team Motorboat 5-4
  4. Kraft 5-4
  5. BK 5-4
  6. Team Horse Face 4-5
  7. Dan 3-6
  8. Eli Esses D for Food Stamps 2-7

Team Motorboat ends BK’s winning streak 14 to (-35) as Farve sinks the ship.

Brett Farve has been one of the most consistent performers in DA this season.  He hadn’t had the old Farve “the gunslinger” type of game.  Until Sunday that is.  Seeing as how he was a threat to suffer a game-ending injury on any play, you can’t blame BK for taking him with the 16th pick.  But, Farve’s career high in yardage ended up in (-58 points) and even the ambitious debut of Chuck Whitehurst was helpless against that.  Team Motorboat was in dire need of a win, and got one thanks in part to Farve and in part to the refreshed Ryan Fitzpatrick, who put up a respectable 23 points.

The Slop Jocks hone in on a playoff spot, beat Dan 29 to (-20.5).

When looking at the draft order this week I wasn’t sure that Jason Campbell and Matt Cassell would work out for the Slop Jocks.  I also thought people were overlooking the Sanchize.  It was a good week for me to be commissioner. Cassell and Campbell were far from spectacular, but in a week where there weren’t many great DA performances, their combined 29 points more than did the job.  More importantly, Tim picked up his sixth win, and stayed on top of the field.  Dan creeps toward the brink of elimination, but a little 5 game winning streak to close things out could cure that.

Kraft exacts some revenge on Eli Esses D, wins a close one 50.75 to 48.

In the infancy of the league, I wasn’t sure how the scoring was going to work out.  Would there ever be a close game? That question was answered in week two when Big Dub and Kraft locked up in a classic battle.  That week, Eli Esses D prevailed, but that was about the last thing that went Will’s way.  He’s lost seven straight now in just about every manner possible.  This week, Chad Henne (27 points) and Josh Freeman (21 points) combined to post a nice score, but it wasn’t enough to edge Kraft this time.  Kraft some could say benefited solely from Matt Moore’s (30.75 points) injury, but who’s to say Moore wouldn’t have rolled up a 40 spot if he lasted 4 quarters?

Neckbeards get revenge as well, stay tied for first with a 24-16 win over Team Horse Face.

This was another tight contest from week two.  DC slipped by Neckbeards by less than one point.  This contest all came down to Monday Night.  Brian needed Carson Palmer to better 5 points, and while he threatened to fail,  a last second drive came up short and the loss combined with the lack of that 3rd TD left Jordy’s brother with 13 points.  Elsewhere in this matchup Team horse face got a very disappointing performance by Derek Anderson.  Anderson is supposed to be a game changer, but he could only come up with 14 points this week.  The loss sends DC to 4-5 and on the outside of the playoffs looking in.

The 3PT DA of the Week:

Not the greatest week for DA.  Most of the performances were just in the average zone. Charlie Whitehurst, if you saw the highlights, was dreadful and looks like a future winner, but the stats weren’t quite there.  Instead I am going to go with one of the game’s great enigmas.  Mr. Chad Henne.  It pains me to give Henne, he of the rocket arm, this award, but he really let down the Dolphins down on Sunday, and he seems to do it on multiple occasions.  While Henne appears to be a serviceable QB, he may not be a winning QB.  Arm-strength can only get you so far (according to people other than me), and it’s time for Henne to be accountable.  His 3 INT performance was his worst of the year and came at the worst possible time for the ‘Fins.

The Public Are Morons Theory:

Well, if you didn’t see it in the comments section, I decided on Friday I was going to keep track of how you’d do if you bet against the trends.  We’ll do it for at least a month, maybe the rest of the season.  Anyway, the 5 hottest picks for the gambling public this week were NE, INDY, PITT, NYG, and NYJ.  So, after one week, betting against these teams would have put you at 2-3, but Pittsburgh and Indy didn’t exactly earn their covers.  In fact, only the Giants earned the respect here.  So, maybe some merit in future weeks.


10 thoughts on “Hey Ducks! Get in a Row.

  1. I’d like to point out the multiple texts and picture of a Bills t-shirt that was e-mailed to me on Sunday from one BK. He was cheering as hard as he could for Fitzy to have a huge game and guarantee the DA win. Well, it looks like Brett “not so hog dick” Favre was the only one listening. A big thank you to BK for the entertainment and laughs. You make me smile.

    I’d also like to point out that I’ve been predicting the end of the Wade era for a coule weeks now, and while I know I wasn’t alone in this prediction and am not looking for a ton of credit, I feel my picks against the Cowgirls over the past couple of weeks have helped the cause. There is a good chance I’ll go with them this weekend as a Wade-less Dallas team and a high-flyin Giants team are a bad combo for this Big Blue fan.

  2. Keep hanging your hat on that slippery, shaky shingle Mr. Nichols. Brett was helped by the sad, sad fumble at the beginning there, you got lucky.

    You were the only person alive picking Wade’s demise. I’m pretty sure all the stories written before the season about his pending termination were tongue in cheek.

    • If it wasn’t the fumble the pick-6 would have materialized. Either way, I was destined to beat you. Accept it and move on.

      Read my post again…”I wasn’t alone in this prediction.” I am, however, taking credit for the speed at which the demise occurred due to my anti-Dallas picks on 3Putt. It’s all me.

  3. I think BK just loves the Bills. The DA race was probably a bonus.

    Do Giants fans ever think they are going to win a game? This must be a rough way to go through a season. 6-2 and expecting to lose every week.

    You’ve got dallas. in total disarray. they just fired their coach. at home. regardless of all of that, Jon Kitna is their quarterback. they have maybe the worst offensive line in the league.

    you can’t win that game?

    • Most Giants fans never think we will win…see the history of BK’s posts about the team. I am the minority, and constantly argue with BK about the team, but this is the kind of situation that has haunted us in year’s past. Honestly, I fully expect a win. Maybe not a big win, as I expect a renewed sense of team and a desire to actually win in Dallas, but a win nonetheless.

  4. I don’t believe in this Giants team at all, and i haven’t from day one. I had this discussion (briefly) on Sunday with a giants fan who was telling me how good we were. Um, we’re not. Please tell me one good team they’ve beaten. We got spannnkeeddd by the Tennessee Titans, the team that is so desperate they picked up effing Randy Moss. We have no starting center, and now Diehl is out for a few weeks. Nicks is a stud, i’m all in on him. I don’t think the defense is good, i think we’re just playing sh*t teams. Win or no win against the ‘boys, I’m not buying in. 6-2, we could easily go 3-5 the rest of the way. Granted, you could say “they can only win the games on the schedule”, use that old mantra, but that’s not getting me on the bandwagon. We beat the bears!!! Yeah!!!!!

  5. And i do love the Bills. This Sunday is the one truly winnable game on the schedule. Gimme Stafford’s back up, a slightly hampered Jahvid Best and i’m on board.

  6. You’re right on the giants. Without a starting center, they are doomed to flare out in the playoffs. Pitt is the super bowl fave because of maurkice pouncey, the jets are in 1st due to nick mangold…cmon if your worries about your team start with “…but we are hurt at center” you are in the upper echelon of teams. Or, maybe your GM needs to pick up the phone and offer the Vikings a 1st and a 3rd for Matt Birk

  7. Please re-read and get back to me. Two starting o-linemen are out, Diehl isn’t a center. And again, there’s a lot more that goes into it. We were lit up by the Titans. We’ve had one “blow out” and it was against The Charlie Whitehursts. The gmen have always pinned their identity on their defense and running game. Soooooo, two starting o-linemen being out is a significant blow to their “identity”.

    PS-NFL trade deadline was Oct. 19th.

  8. the thing about the giants, or whatever team…

    what is an impressive win in the NFL these days? How bad is the league?

    So, Pittsburgh, baltimore, NE, Green Bay? Philly? Atlanta? what is an impressive win?

    You could make the argument that not buckling, ala the Pats last week, or the Saints two weeks ago is just as impressive. Avoiding that type of epic fail is at least something the giants can say they’ve done lately.

    I don’t think the Giants are some freight train rolling downhill, but let’s not go into panic mode about a game with the cowboys at home when dallas might at this second be the worst team in the league.

    neutral field against the panthers, what’s the line?

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