Enjoy the West Coast Davey, Philly Loves Sammy!

Who's That Handsome Fella With the Phils' New 3rd Base Coach?

The Phillies have already made a move that die-hard fans will appreciate.  No, they didn’t lock up Jayson Werth, and they didn’t bring in any arms for the bullpen.  In fact, the one bit of player news I heard in the last day or so is that they are looking at Jermaine Dye.  Oh my.  No, the news is the Phillies wasted no time in filling the hole left by Davey Lopes on the coaching staff.  After reportedly looking at Mariano Duncan among others, the Phils bring back Juan Samuel (a fan favorite and my favorite player when I was a kid).  Samuel will take over 3rd base coaching duties, and Sam Perlozzo will move to first base.  So, not only do we get the return of Sammy, but the fans who had tired of Perlozzo at third get him in a position where he can’t cause as much damage.

I still think Cliff Lee will be the first big free agent to sign.  These guys tend to fall in order of “desirability” much like NFL first rounders.  The 2nd pick isn’t going to sign until he sees what the 1st pick gets, and it is the same here.  The boys want Cliff Lee to set the market.  The Yankees visited Lee in Arkansas this week, and I imagine they want to get this deal done as soon as possible.  Lee will drag his feet, try to bring more teams in, drive the price up, etc.  I heard and interview today with Buster Olney.  He believes Lee is out to make every single dollar possible.  This would concern me a bit if I were a Yankees fan, because Texas could go crazy and tack on extra years to a deal, nullifying NY’s deep-pocket advantage.  I also hear that Carl Crawford might not be thrilled about going to an AL East rival after his years in Tampa.  Will it be another sad Christmas in the Bronx?  I’m sure there is a Javy Vazquez-esque around the corner as a consolation.  Hey, in other Yankees news, this is a very cool shot of the stadium being prepped for the Army game next weekend.  Saw it over at Deadspin…


2 thoughts on “Enjoy the West Coast Davey, Philly Loves Sammy!

  1. Eff Carl Crawford. I hope he goes to the Angels and they continue to whine. Maybe the shine on mike soscia isn’t so bright these days, huh anaheim? Still want to play the “scrappy” card when you’re signing matsui and our sloppy seconds?

    I think Lee will come, i think CC will have a hand in getting him here.

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