Michael Vick Reclamation Project: Part 23.


If Vick Were A Flyer, He'd Already Have an 11-year Extension

Michael Vick’s contract situation is not something I imagine many Eagles fans thought they’d be thinking about this year.  He was going to be a pet project for Andy Reid.  One year, two at most, and then he’d move on somewhere else to play his brand of unconventional football.  If there was one QB that was the antithesis of an ideal Andy Reid quarterback, it was Michael Vick.  Funny things happen when you start running all over the field and winning games. Vick has convinced some, though I’m not among them, that he’s changed as a quarterback.  For a team that is going to have to make some long-term decisions at the QB position in the near future, Vick is suddenly a viable and attractive option.

I think right now most Eagles fans are still in a wait and see approach with Vick.  Some are ready to sign him to a contract now, but most realize he’s still only put together a handful of games.  They want to see him, and see him healthy for the remainder of the season.  What you don’t hear is people who want to run Vick out-of-town.  There isn’t much Kevin Kolb support these days, and that’s strictly results based.  Last week’s win against the Colts was a big deal, because the Colts still have that name recognition and Peyton Manning had a history of shredding the Birds.  Beating Indy is a win you can brag about (remember last season the Eagles didn’t really beat a good team all year).

Monday’s game against  the Redskins is another chance for Vick to win over the fan base and perhaps the Eagles’ front office.  They are the people who hold most of the cards in deciding Vick’s future.  I look at the Washington game as one where Vick actually has more to lose than he does to gain.  It’s a first-round at a Major scenario.  He can’t win it all Monday Night, but he sure can lose it.

I get the sense this is a must-win game for Eagles fans.  They won’t be able to stomach getting swept by McNabb (regardless of how the Redskins finish), and if the Eagles drop to 5-4, the path to the playoffs becomes far more difficult. I think in some ways the season, thanks to the excitement of Vick, feels better than 5-3 right now.  Vick is playing great, the defense is perpetually “coming around,” but you look at the standings and there are 3 teams sitting in the NFC South at 6-3 or better.  The Eagles will have the 7th best record in the NFC if they lose to Washington, and that’s not where you want to be at the start of the 2nd half.

Getting swept by the Redskins is something I think would stick with Vick.  You start to look at the scenarios and wonder, would 9-7 no playoffs and 0-2 against Washington be good enough to keep him around?  I think most fans balk at that.  But, switch it to 10-6, playoffs and 1-1 against Washington and suddenly we’re talking extension or franchise tag.  Vick has earned himself a lot of fans over the course of this season, but I’d warn him that they could turn on him quickly.  And, considering he’s been playing at a level that is almost impossible to maintain, I think that puts him in a very precarious situation.

So, in the end, I think we might be looking tonight at the tipping point of the Vick experiment.  Of course they could lose and then fire off 6 out of 7 and everyone would forget, but that doesn’t seem very likely.  The game tonight feels a bit like game-5 in an even seven game series.  It’s a tone setting game.  For Vick, the team, the fans, the whole outlook for the rest of the 2010 season could be hanging in the balance tonight.



18 thoughts on “Michael Vick Reclamation Project: Part 23.

  1. The scenario i find fascinating follows the end of Any Given Sunday:

    Eagles lose tonight
    Andy Reid on the hotseat
    Eagles miss the playoffs, barely, with a loss in the last game of the season (in a blow out) being the reason
    Management decides to “head in another direction” and fires Reid
    Given no more Reid, they decide to take their time figuring out the Kolb/Vick thing
    Reid gets a job elsewhere immediately-think Jax or something
    Wherever he lands then signs Vick out from under the Eagles.

    That would be an awesome story line.

  2. That would be interesting as hell.

    Unfortunately I don’t think Andy Reid can do anything to get himself canned here. He’s bulletproof.

    would be a great life imitating the movies moment, though

  3. Agree with the assessment, and they have to win to capitalize on the giant’s loss.
    I agree that Vick didn’t mesh with what Andy reid’s system has been based on, but I wonder if there was something that they saw in him that they thought they could improve, and if so he is just proving them right

  4. At the end of the day, it won’t matter. If the g-men somehow win IN Philly (it would take an effing miracle), then it puts the eagles pretty close to on ice (in regards to the division)-win lose or draw tonight. Even at 0-2 against the skins, this is a two horse race.

    How about the Bills???? Big win over the Lions. I still actually want them to go 1-15/2-14, and lock up Andrew Luck. Get rid of Chan “Where am i?” Gailey and start building around a young QB, some exciting play makers who are young, a pretty decent defense that we can build on, and then you can focus on building an o-line.

  5. Nice win for the Bills heartbreaking non cover.

    I think Chan is doing some things up there, you don’t like him? Who are they going to get would be the problem.

  6. I think Chan is an idiot, and i actually think he’s not the guy to build a winning culture. The defense is largely attributable to Fewell (now w/ the giants). I’d like to see a young guy, more energy. I actually think a guy like Gruden (not that he would come) would be a great fit. Maybe if you gave him some power he’d come. He went to the Raiders when they sucked, rebuilt them, i think he could be convinced. I’d also love to get Rob Ryan, but i don’t know if he’d leave the Browns. To me, i think Gailey is just too laid back, too “aw shucks”, he doesn’t instill confidence or what i believe it takes to build a winning culture. It’s just the feeling i get from him, maybe i’m wrong though. He just doesn’t seem like the guy to get you over the hump.

  7. I thought the Bills spent all of last winter trying to get people to come coach the team and got a whole lot of “no thanks” in return. And how many coaches have they had over the past ten years anyway? Six? Fourteen? Something like that?

  8. I think no one wants to coach there due to the ownership issues currently going on. Ralph Wilson is a little older than Yoda at this point. If you coupled the sale of the franchise of a legit succession plan and the number one pick, i think you could entice someone. I don’t know how much it was people saying no versus the Bills just being the Bills and randomly grabbing a coach. I think you could entice a lot of guys to coach there, might have to give up GM title too, but there are pieces to build on.

    Fewell got shot down as their coach. They really didn’t make a big push, they hired the guy in like 4 weeks.

  9. I think they are still a long way from “the hump”.

    I don’t know about Gailey, but at least the team appears to play for him. I think you have to give him ateast another year.

    Maybe Rob Ryan, maybe…

    But Gruden went to Oak before he was a real big deal, and before Oakland was a total atrocity.

  10. I actual ideal guy for the Bills? Bill Parcells. You can’t tell me 1-15 Miami was more talented than the Bills right now.

    In the NFL, i really think the bad teams aren’t far off from being very good, given the right coach and scheme. The Rams, the Dolphins, etc teams can turn it around swiftly.

  11. The Rams won 6 games the last 3 years and are now 4-5 is that a quick turnaround?

    If they got the #1 pick that might lure someone to take the job, an offensive guy who wants to pair up with Luck, but other than that, I think its a tough sell to most big names.

    and, there’s always multiple openings in the NFL, so some guys can take their pick.

  12. I think the Rams are 4-5, and benefit from an abysmal schedule which helps them. They should be 9-7 this year, but they also are playing better. What was Miami’s turnaround? 1-15 to what? The Jets were 4-28 under Kotite, Parcells took over and they were 9-7, 10-6 the next year. The Cardinals (have to go back and look at their record), but whisenhunt had a huge impact on them.

    I guess my point is, you have a storied franchise at a down turn, as a coach you’d be coming in with low expectations and at the rock bottom. There is talent there, and i think with a little energy it would change the outlook dramatically.

    Do i think Gailey is the answer? No. Do i think he’s the whole problem? No. Of course come guys can take their pick, i’m saying there are guys who i’d like to see and who i think could havea big impact, like Rob Ryan.

  13. Also, i notice that mr. nichols has a rather conspicuous absence here today, after touting the Giants AND taking a separate bet with me on Saturday morning.

  14. Pretty amazing. Just heard that too. On what planet does McNabb have the bargaining power to get 40 mill guaranteed?

    Move over Oakland, there’s a new sherriff in town. The Redskins, and Dan Snyder are taking this baby down.

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