The Redskins Did Hwhat?

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Hard to process what the Eagles did to the Redskins Monday night.  That was just a once in 5 or 10 year type offensive explosion to start the game.  Literally everything worked.  McNabb was helpless against it.  I think most quarterbacks would have been.  When the dust settled, McNabb had a good 2nd quarter, but the rest of the time showed the same deficiencies that he always has.  The more I thought about the extension, the more I realized Washington may be comfortable with this.  It’s so hard to get a decent QB in this league that they are going to take their chances with Donovan, and maybe try to make the team a little better around him.  They weren’t bad enough to get a top pick, and even if they were that’s a 50/50 proposition at best with a similar monetary commitment.  Do I think this is going to work out for Washington?  No, but after kicking it around for a few hours it is ever so slightly less shocking.

Easily the most surprising sports story of the…well, I have no attention span any more, but I was and still am a little bit shocked over this one.  The McNabb/Shanahan/Redskins fiasco seemed to have a lot of possible outcomes.  McNabb staying in D.C. for the foreseeable future was not among them.  In fact, last week when complaining that we couldn’t escape Don here in Philly I said that he was all but guaranteed to move on.  Put another notch in the “stone-cold wrong” column, please.  McNabb signs a 5-year extension with Washington that will give him 40 million guaranteed, and could swell to 88 million.

I don’t know how a player having one of his worst years, clearly on the downside of his prime can manage a deal like this one.  Where does the bargaining power come from?  The Redskins are concerned that what, they were losing their grip on McNabb?  Did they think the only way to keep him after the benching two weeks ago was to hurry up and get it done before Don soured on them for good?  Did they think this was the only way to make the controversy surrounding McNabb disappear?  And, more importantly who there thinks McNabb is a guy you want to have at QB when he is 36/37 years old?

Just one of the oddest decisions I’ve seen a team make in a long time, and the timing is even stranger.  It puts a ton on Donovan for tonight’s game, but I guess there is no way to announce this extension after a loss, so might as well get it on the table.  Good for you Don, now as you creep up on 200 million in career earnings, maybe everyone can stop feeling sorry for you.


12 thoughts on “The Redskins Did Hwhat?

    • I am in shock- on one end this really sucks, because the eagles are going to have to pay Vick something like 4 yrs $300 million, based upon how he is playing vs Donovan this yr…if you are tom Brady, Peyton manning- who all have contracts coming up…Wow

  1. classic line about the 300 million…

    unreal game.

    vick looked like a dominant college QB who was just more athletic than everyone else. don’t see that in the NFL too often.

  2. Okay, but can you imagine what Eagles fans would have done if Don was still here and Reid signed him to a five-year extension with $40 million guaranteed and $88 million on the table? How long would people have been complaining about this on sports radio? Ten years? Twenty years?

  3. Well, it couldn’t have happened here, because he’s already had been around for 10 years. I don’t think they’re sick of him in DC yet, and they’ve seen some awful QB play in recent years.

    I still don’t like the move at all, just when hearing some people talk about it and hearing maybe its not exactly 40 million guaranteed, maybe that was their thinking.

    I wouldn’t think this way, but just for the sake of argument, if McNabb wasn’t back, who is their QB next year? Here, we’d say anyone but McNabb, but I don’t think they are anywhere near that point.

  4. I think it’s the “5 years” that’s by far the most shocking to me. Why in God’s name would you commit to this guy for that long? Even if there’s no one better out there for next year, you know years’ 4/5 he’s carrying a clipboard. I feel like i’m taking crazy pills….

  5. well, now it looks like the Redskins have an out after this year if they want it.

    tirico said something to that effect last night, but I couldn’t find a story on it until a bit ago.

    Using the Kobe metaphor it looks like the ‘Skins gave McNabb a giant ring, but right now its just CZ. He’s got to earn the upgrade to real ice.

    regardless, Al davis has nothing on Dan Snyder.

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