Roy Wins Cy, Other Lukewarm Stove News.


A Cy Young Award, Because You Were Interested.


Roy Halladay was the unanimous choice as the National League’s Cy Winner.  The voting was announced this afternoon in a manner that doesn’t really befit the award.  Considering the season Roy had, there wasn’t much drama to this, but it seems like baseball pays attention to these races all year and then buries the actual awards in late November.  I don’t understand why the winners can’t be announced during the playoffs.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to give this award to Halladay during the NLCS rather than on opening day next year when everyone has already forgotten about it?  I know the winners don’t always make the post-season, but it seems like it would happen enough to make it worthwhile. And, if there is going to be a debate, that is the time for it.  By now, everyone would have lost the energy for an argument anyway.

Random Phillies Notes:

–I think some news outlets wanted to make a big deal out of Ryne Sandberg being named the manager at AAA Lehigh Valley, but no one took the bait.  Eventually, these “we traded him for nothing in 1981,” stories need to die, and I think this one finally has.  Fans of losing teams are the ones who complain about these terrible trades, because they envision Sandberg playing second base instead of Luis Aguayo, but I think we have finally let this one go, just as I’m sure Boston is finally over Jeff Bagwell.  It’s a nice full circle type thing for Sandberg, but he’ll probably be gone to another organization before Charlie is done here, so there’s no real big-league impact, especially when considering the lack of prospects Sandberg will have at AAA.  He seems to have a good track record, so I assume he’ll do a good job, and he can have some nice Jimmy Dugan moments with the fans up there, but at the end of the day he’ll still be managing a below-average AAA team.

–The Phillies are going to bring Jose Contreras back for another two years.  Last year the Phillies let Chan Ho Park get away and it worked out for them, but I’m not surprised they don’t want to take a risk again for next year.  I don’t love the second year, for obvious reasons, and probably would rather overpay Jose for one-year than give him two, but maybe that wasn’t be an option.  In terms of signings, I’m not sure if it will get much more interesting than Contreras this winter, so go celebrate.

–That’s not what you hear from Charlie Manuel, though.  Manuel in an interview I heard yesterday said he expected the Phillies to be one of the teams in the running for Cliff Lee.  There is no way this can be true, of course.  It’s nice that Charlie is naive enough to believe it, or thinks the fans will buy his company line rumblings.  They wouldn’t touch the kind of contract Lee wants, and even if they did have an interest, at this point the money is probably better spent on Jayson Werth.  It’s not even worth speculating, though, because neither will be playing for the Phillies in 2011.



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