Eagles/Giants Week. It Has to Mean Something…


I'm Seeing A Tent/Circus Scenario.


According to the standings, the Giants and Eagles will be playing for 1st place in the NFC East on Sunday night.  Whether or not that actually means anything in the big picture is up for debate.  I’m sure you could find plenty of people who would claim the winner of this game (even at 7-3) isn’t much of a post-season threat.  Much like the Chicago Bears, who also have a chance to get to 7-3 Thursday night, there has to be some kind of wait and see approach taken with these teams.

Last week it was New York who was riding pretty high.  They were 6-2 and were getting ready to host a Dallas team in total chaos.  Guess that was just a ruse by America’s Team.  They looked perfectly sharp in a blowout win, and the Giants’ stock as an NFC contender fell through the floor.  The Eagles are back up (again).  A few weeks back they beat the Falcons (this week’s NFC flavor of the week), and everyone got excited until Ellis Hobbes vs. Kenny Britt turned into one of the great mismatches of the forward pass era.  The Eagles were smoked by a team that looks like a middle of the road AFC opponent.  But, one Monday Night game and a Mike Vick fantasy explosion was all it took for the Eagles to pop back onto the scene.  We’re hearing Andy Reid for coach of the year talk.  Um, what?

The point I’m trying to make here is that both these teams have been all over the map in 2010.  I’d say the Eagles have far more to be confident about right now.  You could make the argument that the Giants really don’t have a quality win. Their best win (vs. Chicago) was against another team most people think is a fraud.  They’re also coming off a terrible loss at home, and at first glance you don’t really see a way they are going to be able to contain Michael Vick.  The Eagles’ confidence should be at an all-time high.  They’ve gotten better play out of the offensive line (thanks in part to Vick’s skills), the defensive backfield has looked slightly less vulnerable, and the offense as a whole is clicking beautifully.

Confidence, hot streaks, any type of trend hasn’t held any water in the NFL this year, though.  Saying a team will do something based on what they’ve done the week before almost makes you sound like an idiot.  Each game is such a separate entity, and because of that it will be hard to predict an outcome on Sunday, but I feel pretty comfortable in predicting that the game will be wild.

It just has that feel for me.  According to the analysis of our Giants’ experts, it sounds like Eli will be running for his life in this one, yet again.  Michael Vick just runs around for the hell of it.  I’m seeing sacks.  I’m seeing turnovers.  I’m seeing two sets of receivers that probably have significant advantages on the people trying to cover them.  We’ve got Andy Reid in full arrogance mode, which means gadget/idiotic plays that usually have an impact one way or another. I’m not expecting textbook football, but I really think this could end up being one of the more exciting games of the year.

The Eagles are sitting at 3.5 point favorites, which is about what you’d expect.  If I saw a bigger line than that, I’d be excited if I was an Eagles fan, because I’d be thinking blowout.  But, this is just a line where two teams are fairly evenly matched and one gets the nod for being at home, and maybe a bonus 1/2 point for the Redskins blowout.  In related news, the over/under is sitting at 49, which is the 2nd highest number on the board and a sign that maybe Vegas agrees with me that things could get a little weird.


11 thoughts on “Eagles/Giants Week. It Has to Mean Something…

  1. Ths giants…..stink. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I don’t do pick ’em, but they’ll lose by 10 in this game, maybe more. We prefer to rush with just 4 and create pressure-which you can’t do with vick bc if you get upfield he’ll run all over you. Ross vs d-jax is going to be ugly. This is ovah….

  2. I think regardless the state of their O-line, the Giants will be able to score on the birds as well, which is why I think it might end up being a good game.

    I could see the Eagles winning fairly easily in the end, but they can figure out a way to lose this one too. Don’t let last week fool you too much.

  3. Gonna be a fun game. I can see the Giants having more success than the Skins did re: pressure on Vick. They are more intense and won’t sit back and wait for Vick to run like Washington did. They also don’t play dead like Haynesworth. Your comment about two sets of receivers having a leg up on the coverage is dead on in my opinion. The Giants D is still getting the nod as the better overall squad but again, that’s based on the past 10 weeks which is no way to gauge any team in the NFL. I’m staying away from this game this week in pick ’em but I really do think it could go either way. Vick is def. the x factor here, but are we really going to crown him based on one Monday night performance?

  4. I’d mostly agree, but while it is a small sample on Vick, its not just the Monday Night game.

    He’s now 4-0 as a starter I think, he’s got an 11/0 Td to Int ratio. He’s ran in 4 or 5 more. Monday’s game wasn’t an isolated incident.

  5. I mean how could I NOT respond on my most favorite blog ever? The fact that you gave a compliment to the Cowboys amongst this post forced me to comment (HEY – I have to find a positive somewhere in the season). But I must say, it would give me great pleasure to watch the fear in Eli’s face as he’s running around like a little girl. OH it makes me so happy.

    The chances of me staying up until 2:20am to watch the kickoff? Highly unlikely. I’ll check the score when I wake up at midnight your time and see if I can see some fear in little Eli’s eyes!

  6. There you have it. Eli Manning, giving Eagles and Cowboys fans (on multiple continents), one thing to agree on since 2004.

  7. does this mean 3-Putt is gaining more popularity in Europe than NFL games in Europe?

    Suuuuzzzz, don’t you think 3-Putt should do a National Lampoon-eqsue live “European Vacation” blog?


  8. Q- TOTALLY!!!! How great would Grossy’s blog be? I mean, you’d be International Gross! A real Chevy Chase extravaganza! I’m all over it, and I’ll totally promote it!

    • doooo it.

      what movie’s that from? something with ben stiller? bk, 3-putt, help??

      hey, 3-Putt, winning lottery ticket: 1st Bday…buy it, own it.

      Fly to Swiss Missy Suzzz.


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