The Anti-DA Game.


That's Peyton on the Left.


I’m so happy to not be buried under an avalanche of Colts/Patriots hype that I am going to talk about the game myself.  I think we’ve finally gotten to the point where we can treat this game like just another big game on the schedule, and we don’t have to pretend that the world is going to stop for 3 hours while Brady and Pey-Pey compose a master class on quarterbacking.  Perhaps it was over-exposure, or maybe because we are now a bit removed from the real Patriots dynasty, but whatever it is, I’d say the hype is finally commensurate with the stakes.  Of course, I’m sure many NFL pundits will be sitting around Sunday afternoon with their MVP ballots, ready to make a snap decision.

Trying to decipher who is the better player here, or who is more valuable is probably a pointless exercise.  Both Brady and Manning are elite players.  Gisele’s husband is probably the ultimate winner of his era, and commercial boy is probably the prototypical QB in terms of being in total control of the offense.  Whichever style you prefer is matter of personal preference.  If Brady’s hair annoys you, if you can’t stand Manning’s posturing, then so be it.  I’ll say the rivalry if you consider it one, lacks a true “bad guy.”  Both guys have their detractors, but if you were looking for an enemy in the whole thing from a national perspective, you might end up on Belichick.

For the game this Sunday I think the Colts have more at stake, and Peyton probably needs this one more than Tommy B.  The only place where Manning can’t compete with Brady is in the win column when it comes to big games, and New England has been a personal house of horrors for him at times.  The Patriots have the better record, they are at home, Brady’s weapons are healthier…not much is lining up in the Colts favor.  Which is why, if Peyton were able to pull this one out, that it would be one of his most significant wins in the last year or two.  If Brady and the Patriots win, they will just be taking care of business.

The bottom line is, it should be a good game, and could possibly be another shootout.  I know I was touting the Eagles/Giants game as the same, but I feel pretty good that if you are a football fan you’ll be able to lock in Sunday afternoon and just let it ride straight to midnight.  The NFL produces a lot of games that aren’t watchable in the purist sense, but lately we’ve had a couple each week that are worthwhile.  And, here’s a game where you probably don’t have to pay attention in terms of DA….or do you?

Week 11 DA Rankings:

  1. Carolina
  2. DA
  3. Campbell
  4. Thigpen
  5. McCoy
  6. Fitzy
  7. McNabb
  8. Hill
  9. Troy Smith
  10. Titans
  11. Farve
  12. Cutler
  13. Hasselbeck
  14. Bradford
  15. Freeman
  16. Pey-Pey!

*Remember the deadline for putting in a claim on Cutler and Thigpen is tonight at 7 pm.  I’ve already heard from most of you, but last call…


    15 thoughts on “The Anti-DA Game.

    1. St. Pierre is starting for the Panthers…he was a stay at home dad up until last week when the Panthers signed him. He wasn’t even at the Panthers training camp this summer (or anyone’s training camp for that matter).

      The Panthers are a train wreck of an NFL franchise. St. Pierre, are you serious? Testaverde must not have been available. I think this has the chance of being a record breaking DA performance.

    2. Haha.

      I saw they officially locked in St. Pierre. Hard to believe. Is Pike hurt? If he’s healthty does he just retire after this? A team bringing in St Pierre and then him getting the start is amazing. I’d rather have Jamarcus Russell.

    3. Pike is either hurt or he hurt himself on purpose after hearing he might start. I’m not saying Clausen or Pike will turn out to be any good, but starting for a team like the Panthers has to just kill the confidence/career of a young QB.

      If Pike isn’t hurt how can he not retire…can’t start for the worst NFL team after QB 1 and 2 get hurt, you obviously don’t belong in the NFL. Or maybe the Panthers just leveled with him and said if you go out there the Ravens will kill you (but don’t tell St. Pierre because he’s the sacrifical lamb).

      I’d rather have Russell or any current or former USFL (or whatever they currently call it) or arena league QB.

    4. haha, hurt himself on purpose, that’s classic.

      i think this sets up even better than the Whitehurst game.

      I wonder if DA realizes what is going on, and decides to really kick it up a notch himself this weekend.

    5. Maybe we will see arguably the best game played by a QB (Vick) and the worst (the St.) within a week. Good stuff.

      Christmas truly has come early in DA FF.

      On a serious note…I agree the Colts have more at stake in this one. They are still looking for a signature win in 2010 and this may be it. But as beaten up as they are, I don’t think they’ve got enough fire power to keep up. The Pats will score on Indy’s defense because everyone does, but I don’t think Peyton and the offense can keep pace.

      Vick has been a revelation. Can’t wait to see what he does next. Hope the expectations in Philly aren’t sky high after the Wash game, but I’m sure they are already talking SB.

      Q – what if the category was biggest D-Bag. Would you still ch-ch-choose Tommy B cause I would.

    6. I wonder how the St. reacts to the news that he’s starting. Does he say something like:

      “Really, I’m starting. Are you sure? I haven’t played in forever and I’ve only thrown 5 NFL passes. You sure you’ve got no one better than me. I mean you must have someone better than me. I’m terrible. I didn’t even get invited to anyone’s training camp. Five minutes ago I was changing diapers as a stay at home dad. Now you want me to play QB, the hardest position in all of sports. Where the eff is Kutcher cause I must be getting punked. Wait…you’re serious. I can’t play QB against the Ravens. Ray Ray still plays for the Ravens right? I’m not going out there.”

      Maybe he doesn’t say it out loud but he must at least have been thinking some of that.

    7. Between him and Todd collins, some really remarkable starts this year. I know Collins was at least on the team, but who actually knew that.

      I predict they don’t let him throw more than 14 passes, which should yield plenty of bonus yards.

      In terms of Vick, there is definitely SB Talk. There is MVP talk. As far as the Bowl goes, I’d say Vick is 80% responsible, and the fact the NFC is wide open the other 20%.

      One bit of housekeeping regarding NFL picks, Big Dub is taking the Dolphins tonight (-2).

    8. Some of St. Dog’s actual quotes aren’t far off from what Brian suggested:

      “I know what the situation looks like to everyone,” St. Pierre said. “It is what it is. I’m not going to complain about it.”

      St. Pierre, who had last practiced in January as he finished a stint with Arizona, was spending his days taking care of his 18-month-old son in the Boston area and doing some television work when he was signed to the practice squad on Friday. He was promoted to the active roster Tuesday.

      He joked Wednesday that they put his locker by the offensive linemen because they’re “trying to tell me something about my waistline.” After splitting time with the first team Wednesday he said it was “surreal” to think he might start.

      * * *

      “John Fox came in to me on Wednesday and said, ‘Vinny Testaverde came in and did this three years ago,” St. Pierre said. “And I said, ‘Well, Vinny has a little better resume than I do.’


      Also, why do UFL contracts not have an “out” clause so that people can go play in the NFL? That seems silly to me.

    9. And what do you do if you are the Ravens? Tell all of your cornerbacks to stay home this weekend because you will be blitzing 10 players on every play?

    10. It’s the biggest mismatch on paper that I can remember. I don’t see any scenario where st. pierre plays even a mediocre game. how could he?

      If he’s not benched or hurt, I’d be absolutely shocked.

    11. I hope he comes out and lights the world on fire. Just completely dominates everyone. That would be hysterical. And then every team would start scouring the stands for fans to throw in there.

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