Who Cares About Volleyball? I Want Win….Oh.

One-Way Ticket To Australia, Please.

After you digest the picture, google image search “Nicky Whelan*,” and come back to the site, I’d like you to take a moment to reflect in appreciation of the handicappers here.  I know no one here is actually “using” these picks, but the bottom line is, you could do a whole hell of a lot worse.  I’m not sure what the chances of all five of us being above .500 after 10 weeks is, but it can’t be that great.  This is hard.  Get a time machine to 2009 and ask Kraft what he thinks about 50% winners.  Anyway, just wanted to pat everyone on the back for a job well done.  So far.  Let’s picks some games.


KRAFT: Record, 29-20-1

Some great stories this week, some big games…let’s rock ‘n roll

Baltimore -10 over Carolina- i’m sure i’m not real original here, but i don’t bet on a team with a QB who has been a stay-at-home dad for the 1st 10 weeks of the season.  I would lay 27.5 in this one.  My other fave quote from Mr. St. Pierre, when John Fox told him that a 42 yr old Vinny Testaverde came off his couch to lead them to a win back in like 2007, his response was ‘but i don’t have the resume that VINNY TESTAVERDE HAS’- yeah, if i’m a Carolina Panther i am getting fired up for Sunday.

Cleveland +1.5 over Jax- I trust that Colt McCoy’s 4 yrs of big time D1 football will allow him to be poised in that mad house for opposing teams that Jacksonville, FL has become.  Hand it off to Mike Alstott 2.0 and you won’t become another victim of the U.S. version of the Roman Coliseum…..

SF -3.5 over TB- I know i’m going against my theory of not backing Troy Smith on games that are in the continental U.S., but i really don’t trust Freeman on the road in the house that DeBartolo built.  I love how unbelievably awful the NFC West is:  i was watching some NFL Live type show and they showed the standings, SF is 3-6 and almost every panelist said that they were going to win the division.

Tenn -7 over Wash- i went to a website that lists the NFL games, talks about matchups..etc.  When you see ‘Washington Offense:  Keiland Williams..”, thanks, i’ll lay the 7 with Tenn, who get VY back against a porous W. defense.

Philly -3 over NY Giants- F the Giants.


GROSSY: Record, 25-21-4

Baltimore (-11) @ Carolina.

I’m sure everyone is going to end up picking this game.  I don’t care.  The Panthers could be running the veer with Mike Goodson by the 2nd quarter.  If you have the Ravens defense on your fantasy team, I’d expect a minimum of 5 turnovers and a TD.  That’s a starting point.  Go ahead and bench your tight end, be a showoff.  You’re not going to need him.  And, if Brian St. Pierre, who’s thrown five more passes in the league than you isn’t enough, Baltimore is coming off 10 days with that awful taste in their mouth from ATL.  Someone’s got to pay.

Dallas (-7) vs. Detroit.

If there is one team in the league who you know is going to give up points, it’s Detroit.  I don’t think last week was a fluke for Dallas.  I think they’ll be able to go on now and beat bad teams for the rest of the year, and Detroit is a bad team. It’s amazing a team can go from being 2 TD underdogs to a TD favorite in the span of a week, but this is the NFL.  The 49ers are favored every week, and they stink.  I’m always really comfortable when I pick Dallas, because I know deep down in my heart I want them to lose every week, so I’d take this one seriously.

New England (-3.5) vs. Indianapolis.

This is just to piggyback on my post from Thursday.  By the way, I was a little premature on saying the hype had died down.  The last 12 hours have been all Peyton/Brady all the time on ESPN.com.  This is a respect line for the Colts.  You can’t tell me that these teams are practically even aside from home field.  If they pushed it to 6 though, where it should be, the entire world would bet Peyton.  So, take a chance to bet against team Manning, and take the Pats at home where they are absolutely deadly.  If I were the Pats I’d dress the whole secondary in “24” jerseys and sit back and watch the magic happen.

Denver (+10.5) @ San Diego

Another classic microcosm of the NFL game here.  Denver scored how many last week?  And, they’re getting 10?  Last time I checked, the Chiefs’ defense was decent too.  So, let’s go ahead and assume that the Broncos are going to score some points.  I don’t think they can go into San Diego and win, but I think they can keep it nice and close.  This will be the classic game where San Diego takes the opening kickoff and goes 75 yards in 3 minutes and I’ll say, “still got that 10.5 to 7 lead,” then I’ll start drinking heavily.  And, isn’t Rivers due  for an off-game?  Or is going to throw for 6,000 yards?

Cleveland (+1.5) @ Jacksonville.

Ok, I had to do it.  This Colt McCoy thing isn’t going away, so I’m going to have pick the noodle armed assassin.  Take matters into my own hands.  Jacksonville is built to play teams like Houston.  The Browns are going to push back, at which point the Jags curl up into the fetal position.  Call it post hail mary hangover, call it I have a feeling MJD is going to score 3 fantasy points for me this week, call it don’t bet against white running backs in Florida, whatever you’d like.  If the Jags are only good enough to lay 1.5 points at home then they are going to lose the game outright.


Big Dub H: Record, 25-23-4 (0-1 this week)

Big Dub told me he’s unveiling some type of AFC-centric strategy this week.  It didn’t pay off for him too well last night, but he’s got some more AFC chalk for your liking and the stones to pick those hometown Birds.

  1. Ravens (-10.5) @ Carolina
  2. Titans (-7) vs. Washington
  3. Kansas City (-8) vs. Arizona
  4. Philadelphia (-3) vs. New York Giants


JCK: Record, 25-23-2

  1. Ravens (-10) @ The House BSP Built.
  2. Dallas (-6) vs. Detroit
  3. New Orleans (-11.5) vs. Seattle
  4. Indianapolis (+4) @ New England
  5. Denver (+11) @ San Diego



Oakland (+7.5) at Pittsburgh
Washington (+7.5) at Tenn
Atlanta (-3.5) at St. Louis
Seattle (+11.5) at New Orleans
Denver (+9.5) at A Whale’s V*gina

The Public Likes:

  1. Baltimore
  2. Green Bay
  3. Atlanta
  4. Philadelphia
  5. Dallas

Ok, that’s it for now.  I’m sure we’ll probably get those other picks in at some time during the day, as usual.  Reminder to anyone who hasn’t sent their full DA list in to get that to me, and aside from that, everyone enjoy the weekend.


7 thoughts on “Who Cares About Volleyball? I Want Win….Oh.

  1. just a model..

    i think she’s attempting to “get into the pictures” as they say.

    looks like a natural on the sand courts, thought.

  2. I thought about it, just not trusting the pittsburgh offense to blow anyone out right now for some reason. Kind of like the Jets.

    But, I see what you are saying. Classic spot for Raiders to come crashing back to earth.

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