Week 11: A Complete History.


It's "Crunch Time."


There are only 3 weeks left in the DA Fantasy season and the field is starting to get trimmed.  We’ve lost a couple of contenders and now a couple more teams have their backs up against the wall.  As you’ll see in the summaries later in the post, everyone has stepped up their game.  The boys did a nice job avoiding most of the monster QB performances this week, but in Pick ‘Em we had some mixed results.  As usual, I feel completely and totally robbed by the results. Let’s do some standings:


  1. Kraft: 31-23-1 (This Week, 2-3)
  2. JCK: 29-24-2 (This Week, 4-1)
  3. Big Dub H: 28-25-4 (This Week, 3-2)
  4. Grossy: 27-24-4 (This Week, 2-3)
  5. Nichols: 28-26-1 (This Week, 2-3)

The “Mashed Potato Coma” Pick of the Week:

I should give the award to the betting public, but seeing as how JCK went 4-1 and that he was once no stranger to being gordo, I’ll give him the crown on Thanksgiving week for his rare “double.”  I knew what he was up to when he picked the Colts.  Didn’t want to put any stink on the hometown team, maybe give himself a tiny little consolation if the Colts happened to roll his boys, but the actual outcome was pure magic.  The Patriots hang on to win thanks to Peyton’s late derr-oics, but they miss out on covering the spread.  It was one of two games this week where I personally felt violated, but no one cares about my stories…

The “Lions Still Play on Thanksgiving” Awful Pick of the Week:

So many to choose from this week.  A nice little group of us took the Broncos, breaking at least one cardinal rule of gambling: stay away from the AFC West at all costs.  But, on the week Kraft crept back toward the field a little bit, I think I have to call him out for being unsteady in his conviction.  I understand where he is coming from, trying to balance a theory against wanting Josh Freeman to fail, but betting against Troy Smith in the Continental US was pure gold.  It worked for Kraft last week, but this time he got away from it, and faced the proper consequences.  Smith and the 49ers were awful in a shutout loss.

DA Standings and Summaries:

  1. The Slop Jocks 8-3
  2. BK 7-4
  3. Team Motorboat 7-4
  4. Neckbeards and Codeine 6-5
  5. Kraft 5-6
  6. Team Horse Face 5-6
  7. Dan 3-8
  8. Eli Esses D 3-8

Favre heroic, but Neckbeards still lose to BK 41 to 20.5.

Pretty good match-up between playoff contenders here.  This was the first week I noticed Matt Schaub popping up on DA Lists, and BK ended up locking him up and he was rewarded with 10 points.  The real star for BK, though, was Troy Smith who came crashing back to earth in the shutout loss to the Bucs (31 points).  For Neckbeards, the untimely losing streak hit 2 games as Brett Favre’s 37 points were not enough.  Donovan McNabb continues to haunt Eagles fans and his penalty yardage laden (-16.5) was just the latest chapter.

St. Pierre proves to be “franchise” in Team Motorboat’s 47-25 win.

This was the lock that actually came through.  The Ravens were a lock, they covered.  St. Pierre was a lock for the 1st pick, and he came through as well.  There was a brief moment of panic when all looked lost, but then the “Manny” lived up to his first pick billing with back-to-back pick 6’s on his way to scoring 41.  That was about all Team Motorboat needed.  For Dan, Jason Campbell was almost St. P’s match with 40.5 points, but the Bengals defense struck again and Fitzy ballooned to (-15.5) ruining a chance to play spoiler.

The Streak Ends, Eli Esses D beats Team Horse Face 34 to 12.75.

Well, Eli Manning’s number one fan finally took him in DA, and Eli rewarded Will handsomely with 23 points.  Combined with the Eagles’ cover, I imagine it was a pretty big night in Kennett Square.  Team Horse Face was killed by a lack of turnovers.  Both Derek Anderson and Vince Young were bad in defeat, but they had no flair for the dramatic.  Not the kind of game you like to see out of DA (8.75 points) and poor timing for DC, who now may need to win out to make the playoffs.

The Slop Jocks roll on in an 18.25 to (-18) win over Kraft.

With BK and Team Motorboat nipping right at his heels, Tim can’t really afford a misstep, and he avoided one here with a workmanlike win over Kraft.  Most of the damage was done on Thursday night as Tyler Thigpen put up 24 points in the shutout loss to the Bears.  The poor contribution from Shaun Hill (-5.75 points) was nothing compared to the wrath of Hasselbeck that Kraft faced.  Seattle’s QB remains one of the hardest guys to figure out, and even in a blowout loss he had a regrettable DA performance, piling up yardage and (-36 points).  It was too much for Kraft and Colt McCoy to overcome.

The 3PT DA of the Week:

We don’t get cute here at 3PT.  If Michael Jordan should have won 9 straight MVP awards, we would have given him 9 straight.  Just because everyone knew Brian St. Pierre was going to suck, and just because he spent the week prior chaperoning a Bieber concert…that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get the hardware.  He did have competition.  The broken man, number 4, was right there again.  And, Jason Campbell put in a performance worthy of a DA on most weeks.  But, we have some guidelines.  Like hitting 300 wins, throwing two pick-6s gets you the DA until someone figures out how to throw three.  It wasn’t just the picks, but the manner in which he threw them that clinched it for St. Pierre. Right after an unlikely TD that actually gets the Panthers half a sniff he bounces back to suck the life out of them, and then again.  That’s DA.

The Public are Geniuses? Theory:

Well, we’re learning once again that there are no solid gambling theories.  Everyone loses, but right now the public is a little ball of fire.  The Public rolled up a 5-0 week on Vegas with the Birds, Cowboys, Ravens, Falcons and Packers, and did it in pretty easy fashion.  For our little three-week window, you’d be 4-11 betting against the people.  Not very good.  These trends fascinate me, though, so we’ll keep checking this out.


5 thoughts on “Week 11: A Complete History.

  1. Up early in the morning and I have my Gold Club, Million Dollar Lock, Fill in a Blank Check special.

    Alabama -4 vs. Auburn.

    More deatails to come, but this is like stealing.

  2. What’s the bigger DA upside at this point: Favre continuing at starting qb or t-jax getting tossed in?? New coach, claims he’s committed to favre….seriously. I don’t know which I’m more excited for.

  3. Big Dub, you’ll like my post that goes up in a bit, actually wrote it last night. Pretty funny.

    I think favre is better. I think we are remembering jackson as worse than he was maybe? And, they won’t let him do much. Didn’t the vikings win 10 games with him just handing off to Peterson? He’d be the black Colt McCoy.

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