Abigail Clancy Would Like To Interest You in Some Winners*

*Not Really.

Well, not sure this post will get its usual amount of attention.  The holiday weekend has changed the flow around here a little bit, but the picks and the women of the picks are like the sunrise.  Inevitable.  We saw some mixed results on Thursday, but there is still plenty of action to come this weekend.  I imagine the selections will be coming in piecemeal if they come in at all, but I’ll give you mine and we’ll go from there.  I know you’re just coming to look at the girl by this point anyway…

BIG DUB H: Record, 28-27-4 (This Week, 0-2)

Cleveland -9.5 vs. Carolina: I promised myself at the beginning of the year I would take the Browns if and when they ever put 9 or more points on the table.

San Diego Chargers +2.5 vs. Indianapolis: Can’t wait till Pey-Pey misses the playoffs. Actually, maybe not. I like seeing him choke in the postseaon more times than not.

Green Bay Packers +2.5 vs. Atlanta: The better team getting points sounds good to me.


Grossy: Record, 27-24-4

Minnesota (+1) @ Washington.

Just testing out my “Phillips Theory” here.  I’ll be ready to take all the harassment that comes with this selection, but I think we may see history repeat itself here.  The Vikings hated Brad Childress.  That was the only absolute truth of their season (that and the fact that Favre should have used “stunt dong”), and having him gone is going to make the Vikings play like kids again.  The Cowboys proved your season can be done and you can still cover, let’s see what Minnesota has to offer.  Oh, and the Redskins suck.  Hard.

Baltimore (-8) vs. Tampa Bay.

Dear Josh Freeman, you may have the rest of the world fooled, but not this guy.  Go ahead and beat Carolina, beat the 49ers.  That’s great.  Again, we’re talking about lowered standards here.  This guy threw 5 picks at the drop of a hat last year.  So now all of a sudden he goes 20/34 for 231 and 1 TD and we think he’s the black Dan Fouts.  Tampa Bay is now a good enough team to beat bad teams.  What they aren’t is good enough to do is go to Baltimore and not get blown out. Their best win this year is the Rams.  Freeman has 14 TDs in 10 games.  To quote Derrick Coleman, “Whoop-de-damn-do.” Ravens need this one, and they’ll get this one.  Big.

Jacksonville (+7) @ New York Giants.

The BK special.  I imagine he expects the G-Men are going to lose this game by several TDs, so maybe the Jags can manage this cover.  I don’t hate the Giants, but this seems like a big line for them to cover against a team that can score some points.  The Giants are down to 1 WR now?  That was their strength so they still can’t run it, and my entire fantasy week is now hinging on MJD blowing up, so might as well go for the rare double.  I could see NY winning ugly, but not by a TD.

Pittsburgh (-6.5) @ Buffalo.

Oh, this looks too easy.  Blah, Blah, Blah.  Did the Patriots look too easy in Detroit on a short week?  Guess not.  Have the Bills become overvalued?  Because they beat the Bengals?  What planet are we on where this is a single digit line?  Is there going to be 4 feet of snow falling in Buffalo this weekend I don’t know about?  Honestly, this looks to me like a bigger lay-up than the Ravens last week, and that should terrify me, but I’m still high on mashed potatoes.  I’m fearless right now.

Philadelphia (-3) @ Chicago.

Time to put my limited money where my fat mouth is.  All week I hear people cry about how bad this spot is for the Eagles and how great the Bears are.  Come on.  I’ve seen the Bears play a couple of times this year and it’s not pretty.  Is their defense pretty good?  Yeah, but the Giants’ defense played all right last week.  Vick was about as contained as possible and they scored 27 in a game that could have been 40…easy.  How are the Bears going to score?  Put their receivers in Eagles jerseys so Cutler can find them?  The Bears are overrated slop, on the Acela train to 9-7.  Buckle up.


NICHOLS: 29-26-1 (This Week, 1-0)

Falcons -2.5…Matty Ice is 19-1 at home. Gonna be a great, high-scoring game.

Vikings +2.5…The pressure is off in Minn. No more Childress, playoffs are gone, Favre and Rice put up points.

KC -1.5… Not clue. Just feels right.

Indy -2.5… Rivers is a stud this time of year but Manning is looking to seal his post-season fate. Close game but a home win nevertheless.


JCK: Record, 31-25-2 (This Week, 2-1)

  1. Chefs (-2) at Seattle
  2. Steelers (-6.5) @ Argos.


KRAFT: Record, 31-23-1

  1. Blitzburgh -6.5 over Buffalo
  2. Jacksonville +7 over NY
  3. Philly (-3) @ Chicago
  4. Green Bay (+1.5) @ Atlanta
  5. Indy (-2.5) vs. SD

The Public Likes: (already 1-0)

  1. New England
  2. Philly
  3. Pittsburgh
  4. Kansas City
  5. St. Louis

9 thoughts on “Abigail Clancy Would Like To Interest You in Some Winners*

  1. Gross,
    The only reason I don’t like Pitt too much is cause they have the Ravens on deck so maybe they are looking ahead a little bit. I agree it seems too easy, but sometimes it is.
    In the end I think you’re good, but I would fear the old backdoor cover.

  2. Yeah, could be. All I know is the Bills stink. I’m sure I’m looking at 1-4, but if you give me Pitts (-6.5) against buffalo, I’ll take it every time. They have to cover it a good 80% of the time. We’ll see.

  3. So, Eagles defense: Not that good?

    What are we to make of the Titans game and now this?

    Call me stubborn, but I am still not persuaded that the Bears are that good of an offense. The big plays happened while Joselio Hanson was falling down and Stewart Bradley was missing tackles.

  4. I actually just saw this, but as you can see in the new post, I agree with about everything.

    The Eagles may not be the team to do it, but if the Bears make the playoffs, someone is going to beat them down. Hard.

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