21 Random Thoughts.

Not All Captions Can Be Funny.

  • Do Not Recruit Cam Newton’s Dad to play quarterback.
  • The Rockies have never pulled off a successful long term deal.  Just saying.
  • Will the Cavs become America’s Team for one night?
  • “Freedom,” by Johnathan Franzen is worth reading.
  • Why aren’t all potato chips kettle cooked?
  • Your golf ball is probably too good for you.
  • A cologne sample and an iron is like a dry cleaning do-it-yourself kit.
  • My crystal ball says December swoon for Flyers.
  • How many shapes of Tostitos is too many?
  • I wouldn’t trade for Zack Greinke.
  • What does putting have to do with golf, anyway?
  • The most underrated cracker is the Cheez-It.
  • IKEA should let you pay more to buy whole pieces of furniture.
  • Never buy a round trash can.  Just trust me.
  • I have no idea what “hoppy” means and I have no idea what hops taste like.
  • I’d like to win the lottery, but I never buy a ticket.
  • Beware Gift Guides.  If you can’t think of something you want, you don’t want it.
  • The entire air mattress industry is a racket.  Oh, a patch!  Great.
  • I thought Facebook would be over by now.
  • I’ve never successfully flown a kite, and doubt anyone who says otherwise.

12 thoughts on “21 Random Thoughts.

  1. My golf ball is too good for me. as are my clubs, clothes, bag, and tees.

    I make beer and grow hops in my backyard and I agree that “hoppy” is a stupid word. It’s a marketing buzz word to try to fool people. Miller Lite claims to be “tripple-hopped”, and it’s one of the least hopped beers you can buy. People are morons. All hops impart a level of bitterness and depending on the hops it should make the beer taste and smell floral and/or fruity.

  2. interesting.

    people are morons.

    I’m a moron. If I was categorizing beer I’d go with:

    1. Beers I really like
    2. Beers I kind of like
    3. Beers I drink when I don’t have a choice

  3. Totally agree on Greinke. “Psychological meltdown from social anxiety” doesn’t scream “he’s my ace” to me.

    Disagree with most underrated cracker. Correct answer: Club cracker.

  4. Hey everyone, did you know BK loves Vokda?


    um, I agree, Club Crackers are AMAZING. I think of them so highly probably that I wasn’t even considering them to be underrated I think.

  5. People always sleep on the Club Cracker. Obviously those in the know stick by them, but i think they get passed over quickly in the food aisle.

  6. i’d like to borrow Freedom for the holidays? oh wait, that’d take me 12 holidays plus to get through.

    3-Putt, i think tostitos is lacking in the snowflake shape nacho.

    think CHHEEESSE blizzard.


  7. well, i think tostitos achieved solid gold with the crispy round, so as long as they keep that in the line, they can get as creative as they want

  8. how come no one has praised the SNOOZE button on here, yet?
    maybe one of the finest inventions ever?
    i just thought of this royal greatness, today while blogging.


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