Blurbs Before Picks.

Holding Up the Free Agent Market?

I don’t think it is in Mo Rivera’s nature to feel smug, but if it was, he might not be able to help it right now.  While Derek Jeter wages a negotiation in the media, trying to put a dollar value on his intangibles, Rivera has sat back knowing he’ll get his money.  In a off-season where all the Yankee talk has surrounded Jeter and Cliff Lee, Rivera is the one they really can’t afford to lose.  And, whether or not he can continue his historic run of longevity as a closer for two more years (~30 million) remains to be seen, but the Yankees I’m sure never considered letting him go.  I doubt they’d suggest he, “test the market.”  It appears with Rivera in, and Jeter getting closer to an agreeable deal, maybe we can finally see some movement with the big-3 free agents (Lee, Crawford and Werth) at the winter meetings.

Eagles thoughts:  State of the defense + Inexplicably high number of penalties = 2nd round playoff loss.  That is where it looks like they are headed right now.  I guess we can say that the return of Asante Samuel will give the defense a little boost, but good passing games tear this team up.  I’m not sure if you are familiar with Brees and Rodgers, but they like to throw the ball.  The Eagles will be too vulnerable.  And, if they weren’t they’d probably penalize themselves right out of the game.  Another double-digit penalty night against the Texans on Thursday.  Ugly.  And, Michael Vick has to be in the MVP discussion.  This team can’t be more than 5-7 or 6-6 without him Vicking around back there.  If I’m an Eagles fan, I’m praying he stays healthy.  The Birds will be at Dallas in 10 days trying to put a strangle-hold on a playoff spot.

We”ll know after the weekend who will be playing for the national title in college football.  If you want to embarrass the BCS, you’ll be rooting for Oregon State and South Carolina.  If you want to see a marquee game, and have everything fall into place neatly, Oregon and Auburn are your choices.  I think Auburn could lose to South Carolina.  Steve Spurrier hasn’t had a moment like this in a long time.  Long time.  And, we know that Auburn doesn’t exactly shut people down, so South Carolina could get them into a last team with the ball wins type of game.  I don’t see Oregon State having much of a shot.  With the off-year in the Big-12, championship weekend lacking a little firepower this year to be sure. Personally, since I know nothing will change, I think I’ll go for the favorites.  Saves the agony of listening to a month’s worth of second guessing.

Tiger’s leading his own, 18-man tournament, after one day.  Look out.  There were some fawning quotes from Steve Stricker after the round.  You can certainly read some fear into them.  Tiger is 13-under for his last 24 competitive holes.

Last Minute DA Rankings:

  1. Rusty Smith*
  2. Carolina
  3. Delhomme
  4. DA
  5. Gradkowski
  6. Troy Smith
  7. Fitzpatrick
  8. Shaun Hill
  9. Kerry Collins*
  10. Henne
  11. McNabb
  12. Flacco
  13. Favre
  14. Freeman
  15. Sanchez
  16. Palmer

9 thoughts on “Blurbs Before Picks.

  1. Yeah. Can you imagine Greg Jennings running wild in the Eagles secondary? Look out. And how many missed tackles do you think we would have against the Saints? 46? 93?

  2. Oh, stanton is starting.

    I didn’t realize hill was hurt.

    I’d probably slot stanton a little higher.

    somewhere in the 3-5 range.

      • that’s

        jeff (insert lewd reference here) smoker.

        i didn’t have the heart to mention cleveland after miami blitzed them last night.

        i’ve seen those videos, they are pretty good.

        of course, i guess you could say bottom line the cavs now quasi stink, but i feel bad for those bastards out there.

  3. How about Lebron and Cleveland?? First, i just had a colleague send me the youtube video of Cleveland’s “response” to the “Rise” commercial LBJ did. Ummm, he dun goofed, they back traced it and dominated him. My favorite parts are “should i remind you i’ve done this before” and the “done this before? yeah, we know, Boston Game 5. You quit” and then the “should i be who you want me to be” and the response “no, we want you to be who you said you were” and then they play LBJ talking about how he won’t quit until he brings a championship to Cleveland. I know he lit them up last night, but talk about the perfect storm of a bitter fan base and a bunch pretty witty people. Has any fan base ever united like this against one player? I honestly can’t think of one, not to this level.

    I hope Tiger’s back. I hope he starts crushing people again, it’s so much more fun to watch golf as he’s breaking spirits and eating souls of his competitors.

  4. looks like according to the ‘pedia he had a brief NFL cup of coffee hit the Arena league, but has been out of football since they folded.

    you know BK, i know you are anti-facebook, but it is slightly surprising to me that no one has started a wiki page about you.

    i’d be a little worried about that.

  5. Gross, don’t go encouraging people. You know someone like JCK/Kraft/Nichols read this and went “that would be hysterical, if no one’s done it, i’m totally doing that to BK”. If i go right now to wikipedia and there’s a page about me, i’m gonna be effing pissed.

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