Picks: You Get What you Pay For.

Praising the Bar?

I’m starting to get a little sad for the end of Pick ‘Em season.  Only 5 more weeks to go.  The good news is, I think we’ll run out of interest in making picks long before the world runs out of beautiful women.  There is a lot of jockeying for position in the race this year, and at this point we can’t overstate the importance of each game.  Let’s see where people are going this week…

JCK: Record, 32-26-2

  1. Saints (-6.5) @ Bungles.
  2. Bears (-5) @ Detroit.
  3. Falcons (-3) @ Tampa.
  4. Packers (-9) vs. San Francisco
  5. P-A-T-S (-3.5) vs. Fireman Doble.


NICHOLS: Record, 32-27-1.

I don’t really like the lines this week so I don’t have a lot of confidence in my picks, but honestly, when do I ever?

Bears (-3.5)….This is the perfect game for them to transition into playoff mode.  Cutler won’t have another game like last week (the clown killed my fantasy streak) but he doesn’t need a career day to beat the Lions by 4.

Bills (+6.5)….They may not be the cover machines they were earlier in the season but they can put up a fight.  Minnesota got their big first game without Childress.  Time to come back to earth.  I’ll still give the Vikings the win, but just barely.

Raiders (+12.5)….I know this is Rivers favorite time of year, but this game does not warrant a 12.5 pt. spread.  Cover city.

Colts (-5.5)….Even with the unpredictability of the Cowgirls and the uncertain status of the Colts I still can’t pick against them at home.  Colts by 10.

Pats (-3.5)….I can’t wait for this game.  Like the Colts, I just can’t pick against the Pats at home.  My only fear is that the Jets cover but I think Brady is ready to break out for the playoffs, and it’s high time for Sanchez to have a flash of rookiedom that ultimately loses the game for the Jets.


Big Dub H: Record 30-28-4 (This Week, 1-0)

Minnesota -5.5 vs. Buffalo: The Bills Modus Operandi has been to fall behind and then come back to cover. How many times can they do it? They did it against a Cincy team that quit and a disinterested Pittsburgh team. The Vikings still think they have a chance at the playoffs and I can see the Bills terrible run defense getting gashed by whoever the runnning back is.

Miami -5 vs. Cleveland: Is Delhomme still the quarterback? I hope so, cause that’s what I’m basing this pick on.

Atlanta -3 @ Tampa Bay: Maybe it’s a trap, but I’m on board with the Falcons after they burned me last week. Don’t do it again, K? K.

Pittsburgh +3 vs. Baltimore: The Ravens barely won in Pittsburgh last time and Big Ben wasn’t playing. I think the Steelers find a way to win and they become the flavor of the week.


GROSSY: Record, 29-27-4

Packers (-9.5) vs. San Francisco.

My favorite game in a long time.  Take that to mean whatever you’d like.  Troy Smith is going to be awful.  You have the Niners traveling to Green Bay to play an early game.  The Packers are coming off a tough loss.  It just doesn’t add up for San Fran.  If you picked up Brian Westbrook on waivers, might want to wait until next week against Seattle to break him out.  On Sunday he’ll have 17 yards on 11 touches.

Dallas (+5.5) @ Indy.

Here’s an example of a game where Vegas wasn’t sure what to do.  The famous Simmons’ “Vegas Zone.”  If this is old school Indy, it’s at least 7.  If you can trust Dallas at all, it’s no more than 3.  So, they just rifle it right in the middle and hope for the best.  I guess that means the game should be a stay-away, but I’ll take Dallas’ ability to score points right now over the shell of a team Indy is trotting out there.  Dez Bryant is back safely on my fantasy bench.  I’d expect an explosion, and a NFL rule change after the game assigning Pey-Pey’s picks to his receivers.

Chicago (-4.5) @ Detroit.

Well, now that I know Drew Stanton is playing…that doesn’t bode well for Detroit.  Not that anything does really.  How much longer can I fight the Bears?  I talk, I spit vitriol, but there they are at 8-3.  Can they get to 9-3?  Sure, what the hell.  They have to win one before they lose out.  The Lions are still one year away from being the Rams.  Ride the hot Cutler pony to an easy win.

Washington (+7.5) @ New York.

A Donovan McNabb rises from the ashes game.  But, seriously, I’m still not sure what the Giants have done that merits them laying more than a TD.  Isn’t this essentially the same game they played last week?  I know the ‘Skins don’t have a MJD to trot out there, but certainly divisional intensity has to make up for that?  I suppose Washington could have given up on their season, and I’ll end up looking like a fool, but I like Washington and I like them to win the ENTIRE game.

St. Louis (-3.5) @ Arizona.

I felt bad for DA in his press conference.  I’m not saying the guy shouldn’t have asked the question, but DA panicked and then he totally buckled.  He should have just said, “It was one moment of levity on a miserable night.”  Instead he got confused, denied it, then had to feign anger before storming out.  But, that in a way, sums up the Cards.  They are totally rudderless.  The Rams are still feeling good about this year, in the fight, and the Cardinals can’t wait for it all to be over. I’d expect more of what we saw Monday Night, minus DA in hysterics.


KRAFT: Record, 32-27-1

  1. Seattle (-5.5) vs. Carolina
  2. Jacksonville (+3) @ Tennessee
  3. Dallas (+5.5) @ Indy
  4. New Orleans (-6.5) @ Cincy
  5. Green Bay (-9) vs. SF



  1. Rams
  2. Colts
  3. Falcons
  4. Saints
  5. Bears

Here’s your weekly DA reminder.  I am going to be lumbering around the streets of West Chester on Sunday, so please get the picks in by 10-10:30 or so. I’m not afraid to give you Drew Brees.  Not at all.


5 thoughts on “Picks: You Get What you Pay For.

  1. Well, yeah.

    The lines will vary a bit from site to site. This one seems more all over the place than others. Maybe because of Stanton.

    Nichols sent me these a few days back, so that might account for it, but feel free to peruse the internet. If you can find it somewhere still at 3.5, we can change yours.

    I’m not worried about it, I think they’ll cover up to 7-9 points.

  2. Pros: We injured that POS Favre and it appears ended his “streak” of consecutive games started. Also, we might have ended his career, since i don’t picture them going back to him over jackson.

    Cons: We’re getting slaughtered. Oh that tricky Tavaris Jackson-and not just the spelling of his name.

  3. I suppose its fitting he end his career with a pick-6.

    What a hilarious sequence of events.

    But yeah, from there, ugly for the old Billz.

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