The Tally.

Let's Cash in the Chips for the Week.

A great gambling man I know once said something about the money losing all value when it was transferred into chip form.  Meaning it was all about accumulating chips, you had some, you wanted more.  If you lost them, it was just a chip.  Don’t worry about the money.  In some ways, it was already gone.  Of course, there does always come a time when you must cash out, or at the very least get up and leave the table…see where you stand.  Around here we call that Tuesday morning.  The wild ride in NFL Pick ‘Em Continues.  In DA Football we’ve got clinched playoff spots and people fighting for their fantasy lives.  Let’s take a look:

NFL Pick ‘Em Standings:

  1. Kraft 36-28-1
  2. JCK 35-28-2
  3. Nichols 35-29-1
  4. Big Dub H 33-29-4
  5. Grossy 32-29-4

The “Scott Boras Internship” Pick of the Week:

I have to give this one to Big Dub H.  Sometimes we are confident in our picks around here, and other times we give qualifiers and excuses before the game is even in the books.  It is part of the process.  Old Big Dub is never short on confidence, but sometimes it is just hollow bravado.  That wasn’t the case with the Eagles/Texans match-up.  I’m pretty sure Will had this game in September.  Or some point early on he started talking about it, and didn’t really stop, all the way up through last Thursday.  He wasn’t concerned with what the number was.  He was just taking the Birds.  A big fat Eagles line came out, and he was undaunted.  And, maybe the Texans should have back-doored, but that’s the Texans for you.  Can’t take this one away from Big Dub, probably saved his focus for the rest of the year.

The “Phones in the Nats Ticket Office Still Aren’t Ringing” Awful Pick of the Week:

Well, easiest one of the year, right?  No shadows to hide behind.  There are morons, and then there are insults to the morons of the world, and I would be the latter.  The Redskins?  Are you kidding me?  This game left Coverville in about 4 seconds.  I guess after watching Don for 11 years it is a little hard for me to believe that he’s gotten this bad in this short a period of time.  I know he wasn’t winning Super Bowls in Philadelphia, but he was a serviceable QB.  He won games.  And, he certainly could get up for a division opponent.  Not this time.  Cancel the rest of the season, Washington.  It is over, and it’s only going to get worse.  One horrid pick ruins an otherwise pretty good week.

The “Oh, So the People are So Smart,” Update:

The public is starting to show signs of weakness.  Just in time for the playoffs?  They had a rough 2-3 week that needed a late cover by the Falcons to avoid being 1-4.  How long will they stay with Indy?  Not sure, but I think some big favorites are going to be falling in the closing weeks.  The updated 5 week tally of betting against the public is a still an anemic 10-15.

DA Standings and Summaries:

  1. The Slop Jocks 9-4
  2. BK 8-5
  3. Team Motorboat 8-5
  4. Kraft 7-6
  5. Neckbeards and Codeine 6-7
  6. Team Horse Face 6-7
  7. Dan 5-8
  8. Will 3-10

BK sabotages Team Horse Face’s playoff hopes 58 to 49.5

This is the game that sums up DC’s season.  The leading overall point getter falls to 6-7 despite a very solid 49.5 point effort.  Rough bit of scheduling coming up against BK, who after starting 0-3, has run off a smooth 8-2 stretch.  The difference maker here was Josh Freeman.  Freeman might have been considered a bit of a stretch for BK at #12, but he came through with a solid 27 points.  As expected, Troy Smith imploded in Green Bay (31 points).  For Team Horse Face, top-pick Jimmy Clausen was game with 32 points, but in the end it was Donovan McNabb’s penalty yardage that made the difference.  BK coasts into the playoffs with the win.

Kraft annihilates Team Motorboat 49 to (-9)

Will this be the last time we see Brett Favre in D.A?  Quite a way to go out.  Favre’s outing was statistically perfect.  One throw.  One pick-6.  Combined with bonus yardage he ends up with 32 points.  Not many points were needed to win this match-up, though.  It was a disappointment from the start for Team Motorboat who got (-6 points) from Jake Delhomme early.  In the late game, the Raiders hardly let Jason Campbell throw the ball on his way to (-3 points).  Despite the loss, Nichols makes his way into the post-season.

The Slop Jocks clinch a playoff berth with a 59 to (-5.75) win over Eli Esses D.

Well, I guess this is what you expect when you have a 1 vs. 8 match-up.  Hard to fault Big Dub for taking Drew Stanton with the 4th pick.  He seemed destined for greatness, but only came up with 2 points.  It likely wouldn’t have mattered, though, as the Slop Jocks were on the road to a rout after Kerry Collins hung up 40 points early.  Matt Hasselbeck sealed the win with an impressive 19 points in spite of a win against the Panthers.  I could be making this up, but I think Tim has had pretty good success with the bald wonder this year.  It continued, and he snagged the first of 4 playoff spots by rising to 9-4.

Dan beats Neckbeards 76 to 33.75, clinches last place for Eli Esses D.

This match-up was an avalanche of points.  Chad Henne was awful for the Dolphins, but great for Dan, as he piled up 37 points.  Mark Sanchez hammered home a decisive win on Monday night.  For Neckbeards, he was led by the great Derek Anderson who threw up 32.75 points.  The Cardinals QB situation has reached another new low.  DA, Hall and Skelton all saw time on Sunday.  What to do for next week?  So, with this loss, Neckbeards sits at 6-7 and will need a win and some help in week 14 to sneak into the playoffs.

3PT DA of the Week:

Tough week.  There were plenty of guys who did their best.  Favre, as we said, was perfect.  But, you can’t win a DA with only one throw.  Chad Henne was terrible, but you all know I am biased toward Henne, so he’d have to throw about 9 picks to win the award. Kerry Collins?  The Tennessee QB’s are ruining Chris Johnson.  In the end though, I went ahead and gave the crown to the illustrious Mark Sanchez.  It’s been a while since we had someone step up like this on Monday Night.  Poor ESPN.  This was the game they got?  Battle for first…no so much.  I’d be sick if I was a Jets fan, and Sanchez is a big reason why.  Sanchez and Brady might have been the biggest in-game QB discrepancy of the year.  Sanchez fired off 3 picks, barely topped 50% completions, and had a nice QB rating of 27.8.  Really Sanchize?  This is what you came up with in the biggest game of the year?


9 thoughts on “The Tally.

  1. I love how Kraft didn’t even need Fitzy to beat me. Thanks Brett – you should have stuck with your third retirement. Mutt.

  2. yeah, absolutely. I had the thing written with Collins winning it, and I mentioned peyton and breaking my rule…

    and then when Sanchez went over the top last night and I changed my mind, I re-did it.

    forgot about old peyton face.

    but, no doubt, 11 picks in 3 games. He’s turning 2 pick-6s into the DA equivalent of the 4 minute mile.

  3. What the hell’s going on in Washington?

    Buster_ESPN Buster Olney
    There is a growing speculation among rival agents and executives that the Washington Nationals are going to throw a HUGE number at Cliff Lee

  4. oh boy…

    i heard yesterday somewhere the Nats could possibly be trying to pull off what the Tigers did a while back, massive face lift to the team, massive contracts going out left and right…

    so, could be.

    i know cliff will take the cash.

  5. Rumor is, 7/$175M from the Nats.

    Henne, my main man, coming through for someone. I like it.

    So how will the playoffs work? 2 vs 5 with a bye for first place?

  6. That’s certainly an offer.

    Re: DA–glad to see you are reading my emails. Hahah

    Top 4 make the playoffs.

    1 vs. 4.

    Some other details. I’ll fill you in next week.

  7. I’ll take a look, i lost my phone saturday night and didn’t get it back until last night, just in time to fly to LaLa Land.

    Soooo, i don’t think the Nats are necessarily crazy here. No offense to the Phils fans here, but i can understand the rationale of thinking there’s a chance to make a run at the NL East. Oswalt is aging, so he could take a step back. Rollins is up there, Utley had a “rough” year, Werth is gone, so the champs may have stepped back a little. The Mets are gone.

  8. Email coming later today. I’ll get you up to speed.

    I don’t blame the Nats for signing people, but I don’t think the division is wide open either.

    I’m not really worried about Oswalt.

    The position players you could have an argument. They’ve gotten worse on paper there. But, no one had a good year last year aside fron Ruiz and they won 96 games. And, Werth himself was terrible in run producing situations.

    It could be they are all on a decline, but I think for now at least 1 or 2 will bounce back.

    The Nats will be better, but still a ways to go, even if they got Lee.

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