Start The Urban Meyer Comeback Countdown Clock.


Urban Meyer.


Is it for real this time?  I went back and checked.  It was a few days after Christmas last year when Urban said he was stepping down at Florida due to health concerns.  His resignation lasted one day.  He modified it to a leave of absence, but by the time anyone was even thinking about Florida’s season, Meyer was back at his post…same as always.  There is a press conference later today, and I assume that is when we will hear if this is again because of health concerns, or if there is another reason for Meyer’s burnout.  Is Meyer done at Florida?  Will he coach again?

The easy thing to do would be to compare Meyer to Brett Favre, but Favre annoys me to no end, and I think the better comparison right now is Bill Parcells.  Right down to the health concerns it makes a lot more sense.  I’m sure this was not the year Meyer was hoping for when he came back to Florida.  Even as a casual fan I can tell he’s got a QB that doesn’t fit his system, and in the SEC it doesn’t take much to lose four or five games.  It can happen in a hurry.  And, Florida isn’t a bad football team this year, there is just nothing special about them.  They didn’t meet the standard that Meyer himself set.

I think some coaches aren’t meant to stay in one place forever.  I think of Parcells.  I think of Larry Brown.  They are always lauded for their ability, but there are no shortage of teams on their resumes.  I think a certain type of coach, one that gets totally immersed, like Meyer, is far more prone to burnout than a guy like Joe Pa.  It’s not that Joe Pa doesn’t care, or isn’t putting in time, but I think he figured out somewhere along the way how to balance it all.  The Meyers of the world, I’m not sure ever get that balance down.

And so I think they need to remain in a state of constant motion.  They get easily uncomfortable with a situation, they desire change.  They have trouble making up their mind and sticking with the decision.  Ultimately, they can’t stay away from the game.  Parcells kept coming back, and I think Meyer will coach again as well.  His health may be the determining factor, but I’d be surprised if he doesn’t turn up on the sidelines somewhere soon.  He’ll get away, and he’ll probably improve his health, but he’ll miss everything else about football.  That’s when he’ll land somewhere in a pile of money and we can start the whole process over again.

4 thoughts on “Start The Urban Meyer Comeback Countdown Clock.

  1. Farvre of college football baby.

    What’s in his closet? Besides health issues.

    Anyhow, I like the whole flip flop photo image.

    Now, those are shoes I can fill.

    Vick Brady Vick Brady Brady Brady Brady.


    • ps, sorry for mispelling, but i went with Favre cause there’s more of a creepy vibe i get from this guys ego. i always though Parcells was more PURE love of game.


  2. Well those are two good flopping options for now, guess you can wait until the playoffs to make your final decision.

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