The Biggest Non-Story of All-Time.


At the Worst, Poor Timing. Maybe.


This just in.  Athletes ask other athletes for autographs.  It happens, and it probably happens more than you think.  The fact that Tashard Choice got caught asking Michael Vick on camera makes the situation unique and has sent people into a frenzy.  I’m having a hard time digesting the reactions.  People are making it sound like Choice stormed Vick like a crazy Bieber fan, started snapping cell phone pics and then asked him to sign his forehead.  Buzz Bissinger, who wrote Friday Night Lights one of my all-time favorite books, tweeted the following: ” WHAT THE F*CK IS AN NFL PLAYER ASKING ANOTHER NFL PLAYER FOR AN AUTOGRAPH?  GROW THE F*CK UP.”  Does that seem like a commensurate reaction?

Choice explained that the autograph is for his nephew, who is 2-years old.  Who does Tashard Choice think he is getting an autograph for his nephew?  I guess immediately following a game you just lost is not the best time to be asking for autographs, but what is the alternative?  I would argue before the game is even less appropriate.  Should he have his agent contact Vick’s agent and work it out that way?  Come on.  Choice is a young guy so maybe he didn’t go about it the right way, but I promise you guys sign things for other players all the time.  For family members, for charity, and even for their own personal collections.  I have some autographs in my possession that were acquired when one player asked another for their signature.  The horror.

So, I would say, please leave Tashard Choice alone.  And, don’t bother yourself getting worked up over this story. Especially if you are a Cowboys fan.  You have plenty of other things to be concerned about.  The issue in this story that is buried and not being talked about is actually the piece that I find the most interesting, and that is Michael Vick’s status among his peers or especially the guys in the league that are about 25 years old or younger.  Vick is almost universally revered by these players, and I think that explains a lot.  I think it explains Choice’s actions.  He probably doesn’t get the autograph if his nephew is a DeSean Jackson fan, for example.  But, I think it also explains how Vick steps into the starting role in Philadelphia and instantly seems to have more gravitas than Donovan ever had.

Whether or not Vick will ever be respected or accepted by the fans makes no difference in the football sense, because his fellow players have already welcomed him back and they look at him differently than other players.  Whether that is because as fellow athletes they recognize his unique talent, or if they identify with his situation, or if they simply grew up using the video game version of Vick, it doesn’t really matter.  Vick may not be someone you’d like to identify as a leader, but in the NFL he seems to have fallen into that role naturally, and players are following him.


8 thoughts on “The Biggest Non-Story of All-Time.

  1. My local games yesterday included the TB/Wash heavyweight slugfest. I watched Donovan 1 hop open receivers and throw low and behind others. It is amazing to see the love and respect the eagles players have for Vick- it isn’t like they are 13-0 either, my point being that @ 9-4 they are relatively the same position they have routinely been in with mcnabb and it seems like they enjoy following #7 much more.
    I was never a mcnabb hater, he is a good qb in a league that has 75% horrendous QBs. But he isn’t an elite guy. Vick is playing at a higher level than anyone Philly has ever had. They aren’t the favorites in the NFC, but I would think their offense’s big play ability should concern every playoff bound team. Their defense will be the key and if there is bad weather it could inhibit their big plays- but, they could very well make some noise

  2. I agree about Donovan.

    I was never a hater, and I think there was a level of comfort because you know you can do so much worse in this league. so much worse.

    but, there is certainly something different about Vick.

    I think it is obvious the other players feel differently about him leading the team. I don’t know if that was necessarily donovan’s fault, but it seems obvious.

    I think the eagles could be a tough matchup in the playoffs, though the injuries on defense are really starting to pile up.

  3. OMG. way to break this story wide open…wow.

    last time i heard this reaction from you:
    ” Does that seem like a commensurate reaction? ”

    well, F bombs were involved and it referred to another prep school kid who went to the Ivy Leagues.

    is there pattern? i dunno, but can we get a lil penalty box action going for bissinger.

    i’d like to pull all his books off the Barnes and Nobles shelves this holiday season. SCROOOOge him.


  4. yeah…

    obviously seeing that pop up all over.

    i can’t imagine.

    unless he leaves a lot on the table.

    maybe they’ll trade oswalt to free up some money.

    keep revolving those aces.

    • um, q’s a lil stressed out. i feel like every time new pitchers are discussed for big money investment, i worry this sets up a certain batting coach for repeat scape-goatisms.

      like, blah blah blah blah, we are a shield of perfection on defense.

      where’s the money on offense?

      utley, choke.
      werth, choked enough.
      ibanez, who dat?
      rollins, a little too late.
      howard, whaa?

      i’m just saying, i think i have rights to nervousness?
      human right? no?

      is this a logical path, to kind of put all your eggs into a pitching basket? i dunno. i dunno. i mean those guys hit a lil last year, just not when it counted and by the end of the season, no steady power hitters.

      i need sleep. i guess. or the temps to go up by 10 degrees.


      • going to touch on this a bit later, but I agree to some extent with what you are saying…

        not worried about scapegoating….

        but, I would be somewhat concerned about prioritizing where the money is going.

  5. thanks. i worried i was going momma q. but that’s my opinion.

    unfiltered at the 11th hour and “pretending” to care about the phillies.

    see how i like to stay non-committal with my fanhood.


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