Lee Tease and Annotated Standings Bonanza.

More Blowing Smoke?

Last week when the Phillies were briefly attached to Zack Greinke I speculated that it might be something just to keep the fans sated while the team made no major moves.  The Phillies do seem oddly complacent this off-season.  Talk of a Ben Francisco/Ross Gload platoon doesn’t inspire the newly rabid fan base, even if their production will likely match anything the mid-level free agents would have brought.  The pennies seemed to be counted meticulously on the bullpen front as well.  Confirmation that the Phillies are close to their salary cap, or saving every cent for an unexpected run at Cliff Lee?

The Lee deal makes almost no sense financially.  Even if the Phillies traded Joe Blanton, they’d still have to add another 10+ million to the payroll.  And if they could move Raul Ibanez…then they don’t have any outfielders.  For the first time this week I’ve heard that Lee may leave money on the table, which is surprising to me since he was so set on becoming a free agent.  Maybe he wasn’t expecting the money to be this big?  Or maybe he just wanted to be courted? There is a lot of speculation about where Lee would prefer to go, and it sounds like he likes Philly and Texas better than New York.  Would the Phillies completely throw their free agent strategy out the window to add a 4th ace?

I’ll go on record saying I don’t want Lee for seven years and 150 million.  Obviously adding him makes the team better, but only if all other things are equal, and I don’t think they would or could be.  The only way a team can spend that much money is if they truly have no budget, and I don’t believe that is the Phillies.  And, you could argue that starting pitching is low on the Phillies’ list of priorities.  You can always use another dominant arm, but if the Phillies were going to break the bank, I’d rather see the offense get younger and more balanced.  I don’t believe Lee will be effective for seven more years.  I doubt he’ll be worth more than 20 million for more than a few more years at most.

This Cliff Lee as the new Bob Gibson thing has spiraled completely out of control.  Do we remember that Cliff Lee didn’t dominate this year’s World Series?  Why doesn’t anyone compare Lee to Orel Hershiser?  I think that’s probably about Lee’s ceiling at this point (without Hershiser’s lost season to injury).  Hershisher was effective on a good Cleveland team and had a couple of more playoff moments, but he hardly was an ace or worthy of the richest pitching contract in the league.  And, like I said, that would be close to a best case scenario.

Still don’t see it happening at the end of the day.  But, it’ll be a great thing for Ruben Amaro to have in his pocket.  “Well, we made an offer to Cliff Lee….”


Opening Sarcasm:

  1. Devastated the streak ended, Brett.
  2. Nice Uniforms, Texans.

I don’t have too much to say about the old Pick ‘Em race.  It was a frustrating week for me, and an odd week with the shifting lines and shifting locations.  I didn’t want any part of the Vikings playing in Detroit, but those are the breaks.  It clearly isn’t my year anyway.  The battle for first, though, is still dangerously close.

NFL Pick ‘Em Standings:

  1. JCK:  38-30-2
  2. Kraft:  38-31-1
  3. Nichols:  37-32-1
  4. Dub: 35-32-4
  5. Grossy: 33-33-4

The “Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pie” Pick of the Week:

Sure, I went 1-4, but you know what?  I think I had the best winner this week.  The rest of the field didn’t really impress me with an assortment of similar picks and back door covers.  I’m usually too modest with this award.  Not this time.  Taking the Saints against the popular upset pick shows that I’m only 96.7 percent moron.

The “Leaders and Legends Divisions” Awful Pick of the Week:

I’m going to give it this week to Big Dub H despite a couple atrocious picks elsewhere.  Big Dub is a man of many theories. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.  But, this week was a mixed bag at best for Big Dub who got a couple of late miracles, but not much else.  The worst call was the Bears.  Mikey Miss put his stink all over that one.

Here Comes the Public…Looking All Stupid-Like.

As predicted last week, the public is entering a dark tailspin.  This week it took the Giants’ quasi road game to bail them out of an 0-5.  For the last six weeks the public is coming back to earth.  As of now, you’d be 14-16 betting against them.

Final DA Standings:

  1. The Slop Jocks: 10-4
  2. Team Motorboat: 9-5
  3. BK:  8-6
  4. Neckbeards and Codeine: 7-7*
  5. Kraft:  7-7
  6. Team Horse Face: 6-8
  7. Dan: 6-8
  8. Eli Esses D: 3-11

*Won Tie-Breaker for last playoff spot.

Team Motorboat Ends Team Horse Face’s season with 45.5 to 9 win.

Team Horse Face needed a win and some help to make the playoffs.  Unfortunately, the Colts atrocious defense did him in on Thursday night.  Kerry Collins’ (-13 points) proved to be too much to overcome, even with Jimmy Clausen on-board.  For Team Motorboat it was just another day at the office.  The balanced attack of Stanton (24 points) and Delhomme (21.5 points) was more than enough to send him into the playoffs on a high-note.

Kraft loses game and playoff spot, 38-25.

It was win and in for Kraft, but in a season where he was plagued by unexpectedly awful performances, it was Alex Smith who provided the final dagger.  Smith’s destruction of Seattle led to (-12 points) and Brody Croyle’s heroic DA debut wasn’t enough in the end.

The Slop Jocks clinch #1 seed with 86 to 41.25 win over BK.

The Slop Jocks entered the playoffs in style with a big win over BK.  It was Mark Sanchez’s shocking inaccuracy and 56 points leading the way.  Tavaris Jackson proved there is more than one bad QB in Minnesota, and the combination provided one of the highest point totals of the year.  The victim was BK, who lost despite a very DA worthy performance from Chad Henne (37.25 points).

Neckbeards and Codeine sneak into the post-season with win over Eli Esses D.

Well, if you needed a win this year, Eli Esses D was the man to see.  After getting out to a 2-0 start, Dub cruised home to the tune of 1-11.  For Neckbeards, he was fortunate enough to have John Skelton fall into his lap.  Skelton somehow managed to be completely awful (24 points) despite the Cards scoring 40.  Carson’s two pick-6s were a first class upgrade straight to the playoffs.

3PT DA of the Week:

Almost too many choices this week.  Easily the worst QB week of the season.  Name a QB, and they were awful.  Palmer, Skelton, Bradford, Henne, Croyle, Sanchez, Hasselbeck…all deserving.  I was really just going with my gut when I chose Kyle Orton.  He was the total package.  No response for the new coach, blown out by a terrible team with a terrible defense.  Three interceptions, lost a fumble, 19 of 41 passing.  Welcome back to the DA radar screen Kyle, and more importantly, thank you for possibly bringing Tim Tebow into the equation.

*Scroll down one post for an overly comprehensive DA Playoff preview.

5 thoughts on “Lee Tease and Annotated Standings Bonanza.

  1. Mother Lovin.

    I assume we’re getting Lee so Oswalt can fill Werth’s spot in the outfield?

    Don’t know the money at this point, but supposedly it’s done. Greatest rotation in history. Get Moyer back in there and and we’re looking at 5 starters with 18 wins each.

  2. yeah, too bad moyer just had tommy john.

    then they’d have a 100 win starting rotation.


    takes some shine off eagles/giants….

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