The Revenge Game.


Eli Deep in Thought.



  1. Eagles 20 Giants 14
  2. Eagles 23 Giants 11
  3. Eagles 40 Giants 17
  4. Eagles 45 Giants 38
  5. Eagles 27 Giants 17

Those are the scores of the last five meetings between the Giants and the Eagles.  Starting with the 2nd regular season game in 2008, and ending with their match-up about a month ago.  Five straight Eagles wins, and the truth is, that isn’t strange for this rivalry.  You don’t have to go back that far (1997-2001) to find a stretch where the Giants won 9 straight against the Birds.  What I’m getting at is that the general perception about these divisional games is that they are impossible to sweep.  One team always has revenge on their side, and they win the 2nd game.  When going through a schedule before the season most fans look at divisional rivalries (unless it’s an awful team) and say, “Split.”  Split with the Cowboys, split with Giants…in Baltimore they’re probably saying, “split with the Steelers.”

In the last 20 years, the season series between the Giants and Eagles has been swept 16 times.  Overall the record is very close, but more often than not, the better team wins both times.  Now, this could be a fluke I guess.  How many years were the teams on relatively equal ground like they are this year?  Well, I’d start with last year.  Fairly comparable teams, and the Eagles won both games.  It is counterintuitive.  I’ve heard about revenge games my whole life.  I remember listening to 610 WIP back in the day and they’d have the Vegas guy call in with his “trend board.”  He’d say things like, “The Bears are 7-3 in their last ten on the road with revenge.”  It sounds great for the touts, but does it really amount to anything?  I’m not so sure.

We may get to find out on Sunday, because the Eagles travel to New Jersey to take on the Giants in a game that will likely decide the NFC East.  With the Packers and Bears not looking quite as strong, perhaps the game has lost the do-or-die feel it had a couple of weeks ago, but the winner will most surely make the playoffs.  The loser will have some work to do.

In the first meeting of the season the Eagles were slowed by the Giants defense, but still managed a 27-17 win thanks to a 4th quarter TD run by LeSean McCoy.  Michael Vick, who was coming off the thrashing of the Redskins, failed to throw a TD pass but did have a couple of balls dropped in the end zone.  It was indicative of the whole night as Philly controlled the play for much of the early going, but had to settle for field goals and the Giants hung around before briefly taking the lead.  Watching the game you got the sense that the Eagles were struggling and yet they still scored 27 points.  It’s what makes the Eagles the most dangerous attack in the NFC and underscores the point that to beat the Eagles you must outscore them.

The Giants couldn’t do that in Philadelphia, and the most interesting thing about Sunday will be how the Eagles handle the Giants’ revamped running game.  After the loss to the Eagles the Giants shifted Brandon Jacobs into the starting line up and since then both he and Ahmad Bradshaw have been running wild.  Going into the first game Eagles fans were most concerned about containing Nicks/Smith and Manningham.  Now Nicks may be the only one healthy for Sunday and the attention has shifted to stopping the running game.  It is something the Eagles have done well all year, including that meeting against NY when they held the Giants to 61 yards on the ground.

I think this will be another close contest, but I would give the Eagles the edge.  I don’t think home field for NY cancels out the fact that the Eagles were clearly the better team the first time around.  The Giants are running the ball better, but doing that against a broken Minnesota team, Jacksonville and a Washington team that has given up isn’t the same as it will be on Sunday.  New York will have to establish it early and keep the Eagles from getting ahead and putting them in a position where Eli has to put it up every play.  The Eagles will need to hit a couple of big plays, and continue with their own renewed commitment to running the ball.

Thursday Pick Action:

San Diego (-9.5) vs. San Francisco.

I’m reeling, so I decided I’d try to get an early jump on the action this week.  It’s another tough slate and a lot of games are off the board with random QB issues.  This looks like a pretty good spot to snag a Chargers team at home against the 49ers.  Short week for San Fran, they stink, the Chargers are in save the season mode, what else do you need?  Does 9.5 look too high?  Too easy?  Who knows?  I just think SD is going to win by 3 TDs.

D.A. Semi-Final Rankings:

  1. Joe Webb*
  2. Patrick Ramsey*
  3. Matt Flynn*
  4. Brody Croyle*
  5. Brett Favre*
  6. Clausen
  7. Skelton
  8. Sanchize
  9. Fitzy
  10. Orton
  11. McCoy
  12. McNabb
  13. Hasselbeck

3 thoughts on “The Revenge Game.

  1. yeah…

    you have to keep in mind that there are 3 vikings in the top 5 there, so a lot will hinge on what they do.

    Flynn is a real wild card. If he plays He could be gold.

    I think its a real top heavy week.

    The 8 pick is going to be huge for BK

  2. I feel good about my 3/6 spot for the playoffs. I’m passing on tonight’s game b/c Rivers or Smith are not trustworthy DA picks. I like to find guys that are consistently bad, and Sunday’s games will offer some nice options.

    I’m scared to see what BK does with the 1/8.

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