Meet Joe Webb.

I’m not going to say the Vikings QB situation is the sorriest I’ve ever seen.  That would be a slap in the face to your Arizona Cardinals, but considering the Vikings are going to play some combination of Joe Webb and Patrick Ramsey on Monday against the Bears it certainly warrants a mention.  Webb could possibly be more anonymous than John Skelton.  I guess if you watch Vikings preseason football, if you are a UAB Blazers fan, then you might have heard of Webb, but he’s new to me.  Drafted with perhaps an eye toward converting him into a wide receiver you can see that Webb doesn’t athleticism.  Don’t think he’s your typical drop back passer, though.  Easily the most mysterious DA pick of all-time.  Will he throw the ball more than 10 times?  Bonus yardage vs. Ball control to Adrian Peterson.  Unless the depth chart changes before Sunday, someone is going to have a tough pick to make.


Approximately 1/4 of an inch of snow brought the area almost to a standstill yesterday evening.  I looked out the back door of my apartment onto the scenic Baltimore Pike and find it completely clogged with traffic.  It’s snowing, or maybe you’d call it power-flurrying.  There is just a coating, a whisper of a dusting of snow on the ground, but it is so freezing cold it isn’t going anywhere.  When I took to the roads myself I found people occupying both idiotic extremes.  On a barely wet, approaching dry route 252 someone three cars ahead of me had the cruise control locked down on 14 mph. Keep it steady!  They were in a Jeep.  I was traveling against traffic, and yet both directions were moving at the same speed.  Then, I got off the major road onto one that was covered with a slick coat of snow and I saw someone had skidded at a 4-way stop straight off the road and into some landscaping.  A quarter inch of snow!  Doesn’t bode well for the rest of winter.


I’m taking a poll.  Or, I should say I am reaching out so that I don’t have to make a decision.  I want this out of my hands.  Aaron Rodgers is my starting fantasy quarterback.  This match-up against New England wasn’t going to be too favorable anyway, and with him a little foggy in the brain parts, I don’t think there is any way I can start him even if he plays.  One knock in the 1st quarter and Joe Webb will out-score him.  My back-up all year was Big Ben, who had a couple decent games, but has since broken his donkey hoof and has his nose busted.  The Steelers offense is a hot travesty.  Anyway, I cut him and hit the waiver wire for David Garrard.  Then I hit it again for Jason Campbell.

I like Garrard, but the issue is: against the Colts he may only throw the ball 19 times.  I also have MJD, and how many Jags do I really want?  The Colts defense is terrible, but how much is too much?  Of course there is the off-chance that Pey-Pey comes out hot and Garrard has to match.  He chucked 3 touchdowns on just 20 passes last week.

Jason Campbell is coming off a really nice game and is playing the Broncos.  In Oakland.  The Broncos got carved up by the Cardinals last week, though that wasn’t really Skelton’s doing, and I wonder if we are just looking at a 28-165-3 for Darren McFadden.

I could also probably snag Kerry Collins (coming off 3 Tds) against those lovely Texans.

So, you decide.  Let me know.



9 thoughts on “Meet Joe Webb.

  1. Unforunately for you all three of your options had good weeks last week. If I learned one thing this year in the DA league, it’s that QB’s of this quality rarely have back to back good weeks. I’d put Hasslebeck higher in my DA rankings the week after he has a 3 TD game than after a bad game.

    That said, Houston’s got a terrible pass defense, so I’d go with Collins.

  2. I would just put the following names in a hat and pick one at random: Garrard, Collins and Kitna. Kitna’s averaged 17 a game in FF which isn’t bad and I just heard the Redskins are starting Grossman (which means turnovers and a Cowboy rout). I don’t really like Campbell. I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of watching Campbell play a few times this year and I don’t know if I could trust him in this spot.

    All three guys have favorable matchups and it just comes down to luck from there. But, if I had to pick, I’d probably keep an eye on Garrad (I read he has a hamstring issue) and if he’s healthy start Garrard and hope for the best. I think the Colts/Jags game will be high scoring. Plus Garrard’s played in a few games earlier in the season that the Jags had to win to stay relevent and he’s seemed to play well in those games. Collins hasn’t nearly been as consistent (spot starter who has played two decent games and a whole lot more terrible games).

  3. Grab Kitna if you can. I picked him up in a 4 player trade and have eased into the playoffs with him. That being said, I may pick up Collins or Campbell. Garrard has been nice for me too but I think you’re on to something with MJD – he will be the top Jag-off in Indy. I’m dropping Big Ben tomorrow and picking up a backup DST – the potential 10 points from the Bucs or Rams is more valuable than Big Ben.

  4. lot of good input here.

    i guess i should be considering Kitna.

    don’t know if i have the stomach to take a Cowboy.

    I do think they are going to completely roll the ‘Skins, though.

    hopefully MJD scores 40 and I don’t have to worry about it.

    • philly blooded hh is all about the kitna. he’s a happy camper, even when they got slammed by eagles. during the game hh interview, q, “hh, you cheering against your fantasy QB?”
      hh, “q, that is FANTASY.”


  5. Is Josh Freeman available? He’s got a decent matchup @ Detroit.

    And what about Kitna? Redskins defense blows.

    My picks:

    It was great to start with San Diego (pat on back).

    The theory this week? Pick against teams that stink.

    Atlanta -7 vs. Seattle
    Dallas -7 vs. Washington
    Steelers -6 vs. NY Jets

    And drumroll please…
    I really did like the Giants against the Eagles. And then I thought about it for a little bit and Gross made some good points via the ‘ol blackberry.

    In the end I can’t ignore the fact that the Eagles run defene has been playing pretty well and Eli Manning is just a disgrace in cold-weather games. I’m not saying he can’t win in cold weather, but his perfromances have not been that great as a whole.

    Eagles +3 @ NY Giants

  6. Kitna getting a lot of love.

    I guess he’s in the running with the vodka assassin Kerry collins.

    Time to cut Campbell.

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