Shannan Click Wears Hats; Picks Winners.

I'd Say She Pulls it Off.

Oh, it’s going to be a long, hard road back to defend my Pick ‘Em Championship.  I think 13-2 might do it.  Luckily, I am off to one helluva start thanks to that San Diego lay-up last night.  Free money.  Anyway, I don’t know where everyone else’s picks are this week.  Maybe they are waiting for all these mystery QB games to officially go to the board.  But, I just want to move toward the weekend.  The picks and Shannan Click wait for no man.

Grossy: Record, 34-33-4 (This week, 1-0)

Dallas (-6.5) vs. Washington.

Here’s one I had my eye on all week.  The Redskins have officially called it a year.  The Cowboys still seem to have a reasonable amount of fun playing offense, and the ‘Skins are their sworn enemies.  But, if there was any chance at all you were on the fence in this game, the Redskins have benched the Don and are going to start the Sex Cannon.  Now, I was looking forward to betting against Don here, and so you’d think I wouldn’t be too psyched about a replacement.  But, when that replacement averages more turnovers than heartbeats per minute?  I’m into it.

New Orleans (+1) @ Baltimore.

Consider me unimpressed with the Ravens.  They are a decent team, but this line being only one point tells you all you need to know.  If the Ravens were elite they’d be laying a good 3 points.  If their defense had any hope of stopping the Saints they’d get at least the standard home team edge.  Not the case.  I don’t think Brees goes wild, but 24ish points are going to be enough to win this one.

Eagles (+3) @ New York Giants.

Everyone is deathly afraid of the Giants running game all of a sudden.  Their 3 straight good games is definitely the Derrick Coleman whoop-de-damn-do stat of the week.  It’s the same backs the Eagles contained in the 1st meeting, they just switched which one starts.  I’d be more worried about Kevin Boss.   The Vick experience is coming to the new Meadowlands.  The Eagles win in spite of themselves, and they’ll do it again on Sunday.

Buffalo (+5.5) @ Miami.

There are certain teams that have no business laying points and especially more than a field goal.  The Dolphins are certainly one of those teams.  Have you seen what Chad Henne’s been doing lately?  And you think Miami can win this game by a touchdown?  When they are 1-5 at home?  The Bills have all the scrap in the world and Miami shouldn’t be too tough a place for them to flex their very limited muscle.  This has OT loss written all over it for the stampeding herd from Buffalo.  Dan Carpenter fans, get excited.


NICHOLS: Record, 37-32-1

Atlanta (-6.5)…I won’t put the same amount of confidence in the Falcons on the road as I do when they are at home, but they’re playing the Seahawks folks, and they need this game to convince the two people left that think they are not legit.

Miami (-5.5)…Why?  No clue.  I don’t know shart about the Dolphins to justify this pick.  I do know that the Bills will put up a cover scare and then fall apart in the 3rd.

Giants (-2.5)…This pick is based more on supporting the team rather than logic.  It’s the same reason I’m starting Hicks AND Bradshaw in fantasy.  The Eagle have recent history on their side and the X-factor a la Vick.  Why take a risk during such an important pick ’em week?  Since when was any pick a lock?  This isn’t DA or anything….

Raiders (-6.5)…The Broncos lost to the Cards.  Campbell may save my fantasy season and win me a couple hundos.

Bears (-3.5)…Polish sausage.  Ditka.  That would be a baker’s dozen Bob.  Minnesota is being forced outside.  The Bears love a cold weather (forecast has a los of 0 degrees).  Advantage: polish sausage


KRAFT: Record, 38-31-1

Its basically playoff time for pick em, with everyone being so tight.  Cue Jim Mora, i would love to hear some “Playoffs? P-L-A-Y-O-F-F-S? You’re talking about the P-L-A-Y-O-F-F-S? We’re just trying to win a game..”

Dallas -6.5 over Washington- You know things are bad when gamblers actually think twice AFTER reading that you decided to bench your #1 QB.  Yeah, that’s right, I actually felt better if Donovan was starting.  Barring an offensive explosion from starting WR Anthony Armstrong, I’ll lay the TD and take the ‘Boys

Detroit +5.5 over TB- Tampa is destroyed by injuries. You have to like how hard Detroit plays every week, and I’ll take the points on the road against a beaten, battered team.

NO +1.5 over Baltimore- The Raven D isn’t what it used to be, and I like Brees to come in and methodically carve them up.  NO is playing for a division and Home advantage, so I think they pull this out.  Baltimore’s offense seems to disappear in big spots…

Jax +5 over Indy- I have been completely dismissive of Jax as a franchise, but this may be the time when I buy a Jags Jersey, place an order for Jags season tickets for 2011 and start hyping Mo-Jo.  They seem to play Indy well (when Indy was actually good) and I will take the points and go with the team that will be playing with a chip on their shoulder in this game, having been viewed still as the underdog when Indy reeks of hot garbage.

Houston +1 over Tenn- Houston showed a little life last week, and Tennessee is dead.  Randy Moss is really showing the Pats & Vikings up right now- I’m sure they are kicking themselves for not giving him a long term deal.


Big Dub H: Record, 36-32-4 (This week, 1-0)

It was great to start with San Diego (pat on back).  The theory this week? Pick against teams that stink.

Atlanta -7 vs. Seattle
Dallas -7 vs. Washington
Steelers -6 vs. NY Jets

And drumroll please…
I really did like the Giants against the Eagles. And then I thought about it for a little bit and Gross made some good points via the ‘ol blackberry.  In the end I can’t ignore the fact that the Eagles run defene has been playing pretty well and Eli Manning is just a disgrace in cold-weather games. I’m not saying he can’t win in cold weather, but his perfromances have not been that great as a whole.

Eagles +3 @ NY Giants


JCK: Record, 38-30-2

  1. Saints (+1) @ Ravens
  2. Dallas (-7) vs. Washington
  3. Tampa (-5.5) vs. Detroit
  4. Buffalo (+5.5) @ Miami
  5. Pittsburgh (-6) vs. Jets -Who Isn’t Hoping for this Jets team to tank?  It’s all I want for Christmas.


The Public Likes:

  1. Dallas
  2. Atlanta
  3. Oakland
  4. Houston
  5. New Orleans


This is not pick ’em related, but was a funny video re: Werth and Lee that I saw this morning by way of Dan.  Check it out.  (Contains Profanity).



4 thoughts on “Shannan Click Wears Hats; Picks Winners.

    • huh, i forgot to ask…is this hat gucci? then it’s extra special. i am sure anyone could pull it off. even 3-Putt in drag.

      so, about that video i finally got to watch…

      poppa jones would give it a d+ for lack of vocabulary.
      personally, it seemed liked a deleted scene from some G/Q script.

      Q deleted it.

      but, she still laughed.


  1. is his uniform big enough?

    that’s that clean up hitter charisma that Washington wanted.

    right now Werth is the kid that got invited to the cool party, but the popular kids gave him the wrong address…

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