The Magic Skillet.


A Talisman is Born.


So, I just saw the hoss Pats lineman almost return a kick for a touchdown, which would have been the most amazing thing I saw today if it was for…well, you know.  This story starts with Rand telling me of an awful experience he had at a local high-end steak chain.  We talked about this style of restaurant for a while, pointing out obvious flaws and wondering if their new strategy was to drive up the prices while abandoning quality.  Setting aside the steaks, is it really that difficult to make a quality side dish or salad?

My thoughts on these places had always been that it was such an ordeal to make a decent steak at home, a restaurant was really the only place I ever had a nice piece of USDA prime.  But a hundred dollar dinner that tastes like Sizzler can motivate a man, and Rand was convinced that we needed to start making steaks on our own.  It prompted a secret 36-hour research and brainstorming session that had us researching the best ways to make a steak indoors.  Why secret? Well, we feared disastrous results.  Kitchen fire. Shoe leather steak texture.  No need to advertise that kind of thing.  But, there we were in our separate apartments youtubing the art of the sear, oven safe skillets, and butter basting.

Sunday’s Eagles/Giants game seemed like the perfect time to try to make our first steaks.  We put the meal together quickly before the game, picked up a cast iron skillet and sat down with a beverage to watch.  The next two and a half hours were a nightmare for Eagles fans.  Every weakness the Eagles have was exploited.  Terrible 3rd down play, porous offensive line, and the inability of Andy Reid to do anything right regarding the clock or a challenge.  With the Giants leading 24-3 at the half, the game wasn’t over, but it was headed in that direction if the Eagles didn’t come out scoring touchdowns.

Well, they didn’t.  It took a Giants turnover to briefly turn the tide, but then after DeSean Jackson coughed up the ball (and Reid inexplicably didn’t challenge) the game was all but over.  Three touchdown lead with seven minutes left. What happened in those next seven minutes is already being dubbed the Miracle at the Meadowlands Part 2.  But, what happened just before that is what could really be important.  There was no optimism in Rand’s living room when Short Bus found Kevin Boss for the Giants final score.  We flipped to Red Zone, muttered some general mean-spirited barbs at the Giants, and got ready for what would be a consolation dinner.

With the football unwatchable, Rand snagged his new skillet from the bag and sat down with it, looking it over, appreciating its weight and beauty.  From the moment that skillet was brought in front of the TV the tide turned.  Brent Celek successfully juggled a long TD catch, David Akers executed onside perfection, Michael Vick ran for about 100 yards, and of course Matt Dodge possibly ended his NFL career.  And, why?  I have to think it had something to do with the skillet, the magic skillet.  I know it’ll be around for all Eagles games for a while.  Oh, and how were the steaks? Phenomenal.

I said in my picks on Friday that the Eagles won games in spite of themselves and Sunday was an extreme example of that.  It wasn’t a game that makes you feel warm and fuzzy about the Eagles post-season chances (it was just the most epic ending in recent Eagles history).  There is that incredible quick strike ability, but other than that, the Eagles are a team with a lot of holes.  The defense (Nate Allen this week) continues to lose bodies.  And for most of the game the Giants showed for a second time this year a blueprint for disrupting Michael Vick and the Eagles offense.

In some ways the injuries on defense might be good for the fans, because it should keep expectations somewhat in check.  There isn’t going to be any secrets.  This team will have to win with offense the rest of the way.  I think DeSean Jackson’s return will be a singular topic tomorrow for most people and they won’t jump to the Super Bowl quite as quickly as they would have after a standard win.  The mantra will become, the Eagles can score with anyone.  Which is true, and once the playoffs start, the outcome is often a mystery.  You just have to get there first, and the Eagles took a massive in that direction with the most improbable of comebacks on Sunday.

Another classic installment from this genius whoever they may be….maybe not quite as good as Cliff and Jayson, but that second line had hooked, “Coach, why are you on the field?”


30 thoughts on “The Magic Skillet.

  1. It is one of the extra delights of beating the Giants to watch Tom Coughlin become more and more bewildered on the sideline as the game goes on.

    • agreed, DC, he is so so fun to watch. yet, i think i am having flashbacks to a turn-into-positive expressions, a few years back against a certain beloved Tom Brady and the (superbowl) unmentionable defeat of a lifetime.


  2. Yeah, its more of a chuckle and point type win than a real junk talking game. High snap!

    In unrelated news, lot of big name disappointments in the DA semis.

  3. Two questions for today:

    1. Where does Vick’s performance rank among single-game performances by a Philadelphia athlete?

    2. Where does Dodge’s punt rank among the worst punts of all time?

  4. haha. tres Q, i’m only a 1/4 way through post.

    this 3-Puttism: Setting aside the steaks, is it really that difficult to make a quality side dish or salad?

    yeah, i mean – seriously, i think we’re debating this before…and you didnt agree with me. but places like my beloved Davios or Flemmings (sp??)…why why why why do you have to pay extra – even, to get a crappy side?

    annoys me. but the desserts keep pulling me back.
    is that the compensation? molten chocolate cake in lieu of my beloved asparagus.

  5. glad you liked the steaks…sounds amazing.

    so, given all these christmas miracles, like marty the q plant growing gemstones…

    could we say that we have an eagles christmas miracle and skillet-no-business-cooking-steaks christmas miracle?

    i’d say there’s a lot to be thankful for this holiday season.

    who needs a grill? when we have DeSean and Skillet power/optimism?


  6. well, there will always be room for grills. it was very reminiscent of the Goodfellas scene where Henry says of the steak, “it used to stink up the joint something awful and the hacks would die…”

    i mean, prepare for the entire apt/room to smell like steak for a while, your clothes, etc.

    Hey BK, nice to see the play snapped you out of Bills fandom and made you feel something real besides half hearted optimism about Fitzy.

    I have no idea where Vick’s performance ranks. I want to say it will eventually get lost in the shuffle and people will just remember the return. I don’t know that Vick had a play that will last in your memory. The scrambles were amazing, but other than that…I think DeSean and maybe that onside kick are what you’ll remember forever. And, it was still a regular season game, so I don’t think it ranks with 4th and 26th or something of that nature.

    It was an incredible turnaround, though. He was borderline awful for the 1st three quarters.

  7. Dodge definitely screwed up big time, but he was just the unfortunate one to make the last bad play. I’m sure there is plenty of blame to go around after blowing that big of a lead.

  8. im willing to say the filet was one of the 10 best steaks ive ever had, from restaurant or wherever, further confirming how much of a rip off most of the steak houses are… and our caesar took a dump on the salad that resembled a caesar at flemmings

    over/under vikings qb will get less than 5 fantasy points or whatever you’d need to squeak into the finals?

  9. i’d say I have a 2/11 chance of winning.

    if they played 11 times, I say once he gets hurt early and once he plays so bad in the 1st quarter they bring in Ramsey.

    but, if he manages to play the whole game, it’ll be almost impossible for me to win.

    but, that’s my fault for leaving 40 points on my bench. as usual.

  10. So the pain of the last night’s loss has faded with the news that I’m headed to Ireland in April. I need some thoughts on courses to play while I’m there. I’ll have at least two days all to myself when the wifey is working so I need to do this right. Any thoughts?

    • I’ve never played there. I suggest finding someone who has a good bit if price is any consideration.

      There are plenty of great resort type courses like Old Head and such, but they’ll cost a bundle.

      Someone who’s been can probably get you as good golf for much less cash.

      Or you can let BK plan it. See if poppa K can get you on Royal County Down.

    • I’ve been 3 times. If you get a “nice” day, Old Head is the best I’ve ever played. Not so much the condition of the course, but every shot has you over a 300 foot drop to the sea with unbeatable views. If you get a bad day, the views are unseen and the course is just decent.

      Ballybunion was my second favorite. I actually opted out of Royal Count Down. We were there for 6 days, had 5 days of golf scheduled and someone got 2 4-somes on RCD on our day off. I couldn’t handle 6 straight days of golf so I was one of the 4 that opted out.

      I’ve also played Lahinch, Tralee, Waterville, K Club, and Portmarnock. The only one I’d avoid is K Club. No different than any course in America.

      • Thanks Tim. I’ll check them all out. I’ve heard a lot about Lahinch. I’ll be in Dublin so I need to figure out what’s accessible.

  11. Giants special teams cost them the game, that and backing off defensively too early. How do you not have your hands team out there with the potential onside kick? Matt Dodge has cost them 2 games now, earlier in the year he was abysmal. It’s his fault. Granted, there are other people with blame, but he has to shoulder a lot of it.

  12. BK – I doubt you can come, but if J was to allow anyone to tag along it’d be you.

    There are units that can be blamed for poor play, missed tackels, incomplete passes, etc… but Dodge take sole responsibility for this one. All he has to do it kick it OB. That’s it. Go to OT and see what happens. Frankly, the Giants probably would have lost in OT given the momentum the Eagles had, but good Lord – you do not kick it to anyone let alone DeSean.

  13. Couldn’t you still trace it back to Coughlin for even allowing Dodge to be on the team at this point? Like you said it wasn’t his first mistake.

  14. They would have lost in OT b/c Tynes isn’t hitting a meaningful field goal any time soon. Their special teams is total sh*t. And Dodge definitely did the one thing he couldn’t do (line drive kick right to Douchesean) but he shouldn’t have been out there in the first place. Call a run play on 1st/2nd down. You could tell watching it that this kid was DOA, nothing good was coming of it. What in his history made anyone think he wasn’t going to completely eff up?

  15. I love hearing how everyone is trying to figure out who to blame. It’s strange to me how Giants fans can blame one person.

    Aren’t they known for telling us it is not one person who makes a team? Wasn’t that their montra before they played the Pats in the Super Bowl? I guess when things go bad their story has to change so they can once again protect certain individuals.

    Oh well. At the end of the day the Eagles received a gift and for it, we are thankful. I’m not sure what will be done with it. For all we know the Eagles may play the Giants in the opening round of the playoffs and lose.

  16. Actually i’ve said several times that there a plethora of people to blame but Dodge deserves the most. Do you really think blame goes around equally in a loss like this? As nichols said, are you going to claim Eagles fans never blamed McNabb for a loss? Pretty sure if the roles were reversed you’d be saying eerily similar things in this scenario.

    In my previous posts i’ve blamed the following people/scenarios-not equally but they all share-Coughlin, Fewell, Special Teams coach, play calling on the last drive (might be gilbride or coughlin, not sure who there, and i can’t kill an OC who puts up 31 pts), Dodge. Dodge deserves the most blame b/c as a professional punter, you should be able to kick a ball out of bounds and at least give the team a shot at OT. He made the fatal error.

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