Quintana and O’Brien Cause Trouble in the Semis.

A Fitting D.A. Honoree for this Week.

Before we get into the NFL Pick ‘Em standings and what have you, I thought I’d lead with the DA news.  It is, after all, DA playoff time and that is front page type news, not something to bury in the depths of the sports section.  Before we get to the high drama and controversy, let me introduce this week’s D.A. from history.

I’ve been surprised at how easy it was to come up with bad QBs from the past to feature this year.  There were the obvious choices, but it seemed like every week something happened that triggered a memory of awful QB play.  Whether it was Joe Namath or Ty Detmer, there was always a back story.  This week, obviously that back story is the first Miracle at the Meadowlands.  The Eagles improbable win on Sunday was either the 2nd or 3rd incarnation of that miracle, but who was the man behind that first bit of history?  Everyone knows Herm Edwards returned the fumble, but Joe Pisarcik was under center that day.  Was he D.A. worthy?

Well, of course he was.  I don’t know if he wins one for that specific game or not, but when you talk about someone with a career QB rating of 53.9, he’s going to have some bad games thrown in there.  One of the ironic things about Pisarcik’s career is that after he stunk up New York for a couple of years, miracle included, he actually came to Philadelphia as a back up.  He’d throw less than 250 passes in five years, but he did manage a 6/5 TD to INT ratio while in Philly.  A slight upgrade from his 18 TDs and 43 Picks as a Giant.  When picking his best D.A. game there was nothing that really jumped off the page at me.  He was a steady burn, never doing something awesome like throwing 6 INTs in a game, but in the end I came up with the following gem:

On October 29th, 1978 Pisarcik and the Giants rolled into New Orleans to play Archie Manning Face and the Saints.  The Giants stormed to a 17-7 lead, thanks in part to a defensive touchdown and Larry Csonka, but then Joey P got to work. He’d eventually play himself right out of the game, but before he did, he left an unforgettable stench in New Orleans.  He was 5 of 15 passing for 69 yards and 3 Interceptions.  It added up to a nice QB rating of 9.4.  And the man behind the miracle would have piled up over 45 DA fantasy points.

Ok, on to the results of the semi-finals.  The games were not without some intrigue.  The Brett Favre/Webb horror show really put us in a bad spot and exposed some gaps in the D.A. rule structure.  The bottom line is, I extended the semi-finals to two weeks to try to keep it as fair as possible.  More fun for everyone!  Let’s see how the 1st week panned out:

Neckbeards and Codeine take slim lead on The Slop Jocks (-2) to (-7).

This game typifies the week that was in D.A.  There was a lot of star power on the board, but most of those names didn’t come through.  The results weren’t terrible, they just weren’t dynamic.  Take Rex Grossman who actually led the way in this contest for Neckbeards with a single point.  He threw 2 picks, fumbled, was sacked 5 times, and threw a ton of incompletions, but he erased that all with 4 TD passes.  Elsewhere for Bri, Jimmy Clausen game managed his way to (-3 points).  For the regular season champions, The Slop Jocks, it’ll be back to the drawing board after getting victimized by Chad Henne’s 33/45 day (-5.5 points).  Drew Stanton, thanks to a win in OT, wasn’t much help.

Team Motorboat Follows Skelton to 42.75 to 27.25 lead over BK.

This game featured the really one true D.A. performance of the week, and that was John Skelton.  Skelton’s Cards lost a horrific game to the Panthers, and he did nothing.  It was just the kind of general blah performance you love to see in DA, and in the end it added up to 31 points.  To compliment that, Team Motorboat tapped the up and down Matt Flynn for 11.75 points.  Flynn threw 3 TDs, but also had a nice pick-6 and a feast of incompletions.  For BK, he had the pleasure of getting Tim Tebow in his debut, but the Broncos only let him throw 16 times and Tebow managed just 11 points.  To round out the scoring, the re-injured pick throwing machine Brett Favre managed 16.25 points in his limited action.  A nice 15.5 point cushion for Nichols headed into part-2, but hardly insurmountable.

NFL Pick ‘Em Standings:

  1. Nichols 41-33-1 (This week, 4-1)
  2. JCK  39-34-2 (This week, 1-4)
  3. Kraft  39-35-4 (This week, 1-4)
  4. Big Dub 38-34-2 (This week, 3-2)
  5. Grossy 36-35-4 (This week, 3-2)

The “Cindy-Lou Who” Pick of the Week:

Well, as you can see in the standings, we had a bit of a shake up in the pick ’em race.  I’d still say it is anyone’s game (except for me), but Nichols took advantage of an untimely down week by both JCK and Kraft to take a 2 game lead into the final weeks.  In step with that, I went straight to Nichols’ 4-1 week to look for something that needed highlighted.  It jumped right out at me.  The Raiders over Denver.  Not sure how this one slipped through my fingers.  We just saw the Broncos get absolutely throttled by the Cardinals, they were starting Tebow, in Oakland.  Yadda, yadda, yadda, they got blown out.  Easy as pie.

The “Matt Dodge Hang Time” Awful Pick of the Week:

I went back and forth here a little bit.  In the end I decided to go with Kraft’s pick of Jacksonville.  There are two reasons for this.  First, Kraft is the number one proponent on this blog of Jacksonville being a joke of a franchise.  I bet there is someone out there in the shadows that comes here solely for his Tony Boselli jokes.  That’s why I come…Also, after what happened to Kraft last year I think it would be fitting if he turned around and won it all this season, so I am going to give him yet another one of these trophies to add to his collection to try to light a fire under him.  And, this game needed some mention just for the sheer pain caused by the onside kick return TD cover/backdoor whatever you want to call it.  Painful.

How are those Common Folk Doing?

I’m pleased to announce that I am going to put an official end to this part of the blog.  Perhaps we’ll check in from time to time, but after going 2-3 this week, the public has settled in right around .500 like everyone else.  Nothing to see here.  Let’s move on.

3PT D.A. of the Week:

Hey, Golden Boy.  Yeah, you, Golden Boy.  Hitting the wall, fella?  I’m talking, of course, about Sam Bradford who has spent the majority of the year being everyone’s darling.  He deserves some praise to be sure.  He’s made a big difference in St. Louis.  They could even win that horrid division, but Sammy B. hasn’t thrown a touchdown pass in 3 weeks.  The Rams are 1-2 over that stretch, and Bradford’s rating has gone steadily down each week.  After a month or two of very solid play we’ve hit a bit of a speed bump.  Is he worn out?  Has the league seen enough tape on him now?  Is it just a rookie blip?  It’s nothing to be too concerned about if you are a Rams fan (are there Rams fans), but you get no free passes here.  Especially on a mediocre D.A. week.  Bradford’s 2-INT, 22 incompletion performance was more than enough.  Anyone in the semis would have loved his 43 points.


5 thoughts on “Quintana and O’Brien Cause Trouble in the Semis.

  1. Just to give everyone insight into the “controversy”, joe webb was taking numero uno, then favre decided he was ok to start (he wasn’t). Presumably he wanted to get another streak of consecutive starts going. So it became a minor issue, one handled with aplomb by the commish. Regarding webb, whne the announcers are saying things like “if I’m the head coach, I need to start taking a serious look at patrick ramsey on my sideline here” and its the 2nd quarter, you’re in trouble.

  2. i’m not sure I handled it with aplomb, but there wasn’t a horse head in my bed this morning, so I guess it wasn’t that bad.

    everyone’s more flexible when they aren’t playing with their own money.

    that said, what minnesota did last night showed a total disregard for DA football, and I didn’t like it one bit.

  3. A fellow Fummer listed on his status last night that Favre starting killed him fantasy lineup. I asked if that meant he was starting Webb at QB and if so, what kind of jacked up league was he in? He responded that he had Webb as a flex WR. Good Lord. Can anyone explain this?

  4. I think that Webb was listed as a WR at the beginning of the season, same as the Danny Woodhead scenario or whatever. So he can still be played as a WR now, apparently because the interweb is not capable of updating roster positions. It seems like fast and loose playing with the rules in my opinion, especially during the playoffs, but then I missed the playoffs in my league so who am I to opine on the proper way of playing fantasy.

  5. Webb had WR eligibility in most leagues. Not sure how he got it, I know he returned a few kicks. So, when they announced he’d start, people thought they’d get his QB points (maybe 10-12 on a bad day because of his running) at WR.

    This kind of happened to me, well against me. I was going to face Webb, but the person I was playing had Harvin to back that up. So, it was Harvin who beat me. Though, Webb would have too. So, it didn’t really matter.

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