All I Want for Christmas: Winners.

Gisele Claus.

All right, just wanted to check in and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  While I’m at it, I’m going to go ahead and make my NFL Pick ‘Em Selections for the week.  I’m not sure when/if the other will make their picks on this holiday weekend, but we’ll see what happens.  If I don’t get a chance to say it again, thanks to everyone who came to the site this year, read, contributed, told a friend, whatever.  Appreciate it, and hopefully we’ll have another year’s worth of good times in 2011.

GROSSY:  Record, 36-35-4


New Orleans (+2.5) @ Atlanta.

Try, try again.  I thought the Saints would win as road dogs last week, and they didn’t.  This week, I’ll go right back to the well.  Are the Falcons really a 14-2 team?  They’ve been getting a lot of credit for things like going into to Seattle and not having a letdown.  Well, Seattle is awful  This loss will soften the blow for Atlanta fans when the Falcons collapse in the playoffs.

Jets (+1) @ Chicago.

My only hesitation here is that it is the second straight road trip for the Jets and they’ve got the lingering foot fetish controversy.  I’m going to put that aside and call them simply the better team in this spot.  The Bears won’t be able to throw it, but that doesn’t mean Cutler won’t try and subsequently throw about 3 picks.  In a low scoring stink bomb, take the point.

Raiders (+3) vs. Indianapolis.

So, the Colts beat the Jags and they’re great again.  Pretty sure in the history of the NFL no team has ever gotten anywhere by beating the Jags.  The Colts are still waiting to be put out of their misery.  They remind me of Jason Gore leading the US Open after three rounds.  Well, their Sunday is coming, and they’re about to shoot 84.  The feisty Raiders should win outright.

Washington (+7) @ Jacksonvillle.

This is just a combo pick with the argument above.  The Jags could win this game, but I certainly am not going to lay a full touchdown.  Not when the Sex Cannon proved himself as a garbage time/backdoor cover QB last week.  No one breaths offense into a broken franchise like Rex Grossman.  Prepare for a last minute drive that cuts it to 28-24.

Baltimore (-3.5) @ Cleveland.

I’ll walk blindly into this one.  Tough divisional game.  The Ravens are hated with a burning passion in Cleveland.  But, sometimes you just have to pick the vastly better team in these scenarios.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Browns have a secret pact to tank the last two games of the season just to get the intolerable Mangini fired.  Maybe Holmgren will bring in “Mooch” next year and they can trade for Kevin Kolb.  Heaven.


BIG DUB H: Record, 39-34-2 (This Week, 1-0)

  1. Atlanta (+2.5) vs. New Orleans
  2. Minnesota (+14.5) @ Philly.


Cowboys (-7) @ DA’s House.
Chargers (-7.5) @ Cincy.
Texans (-2.5) @ Little Baby Tebows.
Pats (-7.5) @ Argos.
Ravens (-3.5) @ Browns.

Five Road Favorites? Yep Merry Christmas.


Tampa (-1) vs. Seattle. Seattle stinks at home. They stink on the road. Hasselbeck has 8 T0s in his last 2 games. When Pete Carroll is daydreaming of John David Booty, that’s a bad sign.

Jets (+1) @ Chicago. Jets can clinch a playoff spot with a win. They’ll come to play.

New England (-8) @ Buffalo. The Pats won’t come out flat two weeks in a row. They’ll drop kick Chan’s boys 31-13.

Detroit (+3.5) @ Miami. Miami apparently sucks at home. Detroit is my cover machine for the last 3 weeks. Start pining for Bill Cowher.

Green Bay (-3) vs. NY. This is basically a playoff game at Lambeau. Rodgers is back for Green Bay, unfortunately Eli is under center for NY. Maybe the Manning face will be frozen in place after his 3rd pick to Charles Woodson and Tom Coughlin’s head will explode on the sideline. A Manning free playoffs would be a great Playoff gift.


Ravens (-3.5) @ Browns.

Indy (-3.5) @ Oakland.

Tampa (-6.5) vs. Seattle.

Giants (+2.5) @ Green Bay

Falcons (-2.5) vs. Saints.


6 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas: Winners.

  1. Atlanta -2.5
    This game almost falls into Gross’ category of biggest game in program history and playing at home theory. Except this is the NFL and they are laying points.
    Regardless, I think this game is the biggest thing to hit Atlanta ever. I don’t think they’ve ever had an NFC Title game in Atlanta and I don’t think they’ve had a lot of playoff games either.
    A chance to win the division against the defending Super Bowl champs and a chance to wrap up the 1 seed?
    Love the Falcons here.

    Green Bay -3
    Everyone says the Giants have to bounce back because they are too tough to lay down and not fight.
    Oh really? So I guess the Packers aren’t tough and won’t bounce back after their tough loss to the Pats?
    This is a playoff game and I will always go with the home team when the matchups are pretty even.

  2. okay, so NBC football boys – ya know (as poppa Q reminded me of names) Chris, Al, and Bob…well, they’re actually debating why the Eagles game was called off. which is amazing to q because:

    1, chris collingsworth what’s to know what precedent this sets for the league. hello? come on sensationalist.

    1b, bob costas chimes in, “they could have played, just without an audience…

    2, chris also wants to know who decides if the game is called off because games have been played in “much worse conditions.” to which, thank god, al added some intelligence, “it’s up to the municipalities…when the city calls for emergency vehicles only…people shouldn’t be out for a game, i suppose.”

    3, OMG. come on. how did football and sports as entertainment come before public safety? even if this forecast has been wee bit blown out of proportion according my recent new-englandish standards.

    4, and i don’t really care, except, i’m snowed in around philly. and something has to be compelling: SNOOWWWW.


  3. Big Dub H, your theory for why you picked the Pack is incorrect. You pick against the Giants b/c they stink, they’re a mediocre team with a weak schedule. They should have been 7-9/8-8, but their schedule wouldn’t allow it. Time to blow up the the coaching staff, need to rebuild the o-line and DBs.

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