Tell Me What I Missed

Probably the least amount of football I’ve seen in a weekend since about ’86.

So, I’m going to come back with a post on wednesday with the usual recaps, but in the meantime…fill me in.

What happened out there? Eli and Sanchize were pick machines?

The Chargers dropped the ultimate stink bomb?

The Patriots look completely untouchable?

How much did it actually snow in Philly? Are they serious with this Tuesday junk? Isn’t Glee on Tuesdays?

Will an NFC West team get to 8-8?

How’d your fantasy playoffs go? I lost again!

Talk amongst yourselves. I’ve got to get back to the Christmas cookie buffet.

41 thoughts on “Tell Me What I Missed

  1. Eli and his receivers have some serious issues. One of his picks came from miscommunication, one was a desperate heave that he didn’t have the arm for. He and nicks weren’t on the same page all night, and the loss of smith was glaring. Either way, gmen i feel vindicated my pre season prediction. They only got here b/c of a weak schedule, they are the 3rd most talented team in the NFC east and they’re aging in all the wrong places. Osi is the biggest bully around, 5 sacks in one week, 6 the rest of the year. When things are going well, he’s out there barking about respect, blah blah blah, then things get rough and he goes and hides. Go back to division 3 football Osi.

    Um, hope they play Tuesday. I hear they’re calling for rain and some relatively high winds in Philly. Don’t want anyone catching a cold. I’m sorry, i thought this was football we were playing. Lambeau? Ice Bowl? Raiders/Pats “tuck rule” game? I guess playing through the elements is a thing of the past.

    Lets not get crazy on the Patriots, i mean, i love the bills, but i wouldn’t judge a team’s greatness after playing us. it took several missed field goals to beat the dolphins last week.

    Super bowl faves in my eyes: Green Bay/Atlanta in the NFC, Pats/Steelers in the AFC-pretty much chalk. Unless someone knows something about KC that i don’t, of course. Like they have the playbooks for every other team in the league.

  2. Well, I guess they could have played the Eagles game, but no fans would have been there?? Not sure.

    I was speaking last 6 weeks of work for the Pats. Since the Browns. Not just the Bills game, but that appeared to be a total bunzing…

    I guess you were right about the Giants, but Dub is getting closer to his Eli no playofff win guarantee.

  3. I think if we look at the guarantee Eli has until the end of next season, but i’d have to go back and try and find it. I mean….the guy is the first giants QB since Y.A. to drop 30 TD passes in a season, not something to thumb your nose at. He takes part of the blame as the QB and team leader, but not remotely the amount that will be heaped on him by his relative haters. Jacobs/Bradshaw hate holding onto the ball, loathe it, can’t stand the idea of not fumbling. He also shredded the Eagles. I’m not going to stand on a pulpit, b/c realistically anyone who doesn’t have him as a top QB probably just has an irrational hatred for him.

    And in that vein, does this mean i’ve been 100% vindicated on my Eli vs McNabb argument? I mean……yikes.

  4. On set romance? Sounds promising.

    Was that engaged and expecting or the other way around? Expecting…and then engaged.

  5. does it matter, that kids gonna rock the dance world some day.

    buy me a ticket harvard arts first (which is actually 7th at harvard).

    but they have this one amazing weekend:

    to keep natalie giving back and q believing in the dream that higher ed and higher art can marry.

    see this natalie marriage is artist and artist. HOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

    Q (ps, you’re glad i know how to wiki and google, i know:))

  6. I came up with my best idea in years following Eli’s 4th pick in what basically amounted to a playoff game …

    McNabb to the Giants.

    • as much as i like to tease BK, he doesn’t even deserve to get McNabb’d at this point in that downward spiralin’ career.

      at least Eli is unpredictable??


  7. And I don’t know what logical person would consider Eli a top QB when he posts a career high in picks.

    And before the Eagles game two weeks ago Eli’s combined picks and fumbles accounted for more turnovers than 18 teams in the NFL. I’d say he deserves a considerable amount of blame. He may have more turnovers than 20 teams in the NFL this year, but I’ll get back to you on that one.

    And the 30 TDs in a season stat? The Giants aren’t exactly known for the long line of Giants quarterbacks. It’s historically been a running-based team.

    The stat also loses a lot of relevance when you mention the 24 picks.

    At the end of the day if people want to try and figure out who had a worse year: McNabb or Eli, I’m sure they will walk away with no answer or a bunch of people saying, “Who cares?”

    • Eli’s turned it over 31 times this year. That would mean he’s turned it over more times than 26 NFL teams. He’s tied with the Jags otherwise it would be 27.

      Glad the Giants fans were right about their team. They get to avoid the embarrassment of Eli in the playoffs. I wouldn’t want to hear excuses for him following another terrible game.

  8. First, them being historically (and still) a predominant running team is WHAT makes the stat important.

    Second, if you really want to quote stats, then you’ll have to go back and ex out “catchable balls” that were INTs (somewhere around 7 is where i think it was when i last checked), but that’s only if you really wanted stats to use your argument versus just to use them to try and justify a mistaken comment like “mcnabb is a better qb than eli”. Of course, this also would imply you don’t watch the games b/c you don’t see INTs like the one where Nicks misread the coverage and broke the wrong way on the route. When you’re throwing to a spot based on a read, and there’s a misread, it’s an INT.

    Eli is a top QB. Just for a point here, Kurt Warner had his worst year with the Giants, followed it up w/ a pretty miserable one w/ the cards i think… did that work out?

    • This is why it is so painful to talk to you and why I refrained for so long. All of a sudden you pull out Kurt Warner?

      The guy was a former NFL MVP who led the league in TDs, completion percentage, and yards.

      Eli does not have the resume Warner had at this point.

      And the funny part about Warner and Eli is that Warner went 5-4 as the Giants starter. Eli went 1-6. (I know it was Eli’s rookie year.)

      Until Eli backs up this terrible season like Warner did his, then it is safe to say Eli is an above-average QB.

      He’s not the worst thing to walk on the field since player X, but he’s far from being considered a top QB.

      • Painful b/c you hate having to actually have a discussion versus someone jsut saying “oh, he threw out several stats, he MUST be right!”

        Warner-player who’s shown that there are ups and downs in the league. There are other players if you’d like me to choose them, at multiple positions. This is hyperbole, you use warner to show that its entirely plausible to have a bad year despite being a great player. Am i saying Eli had a great year? Absolutely not. But he’s still a top end QB in this league. Look at the ridiculous shifting he had in his WR’ing corp this year. Smith-out. Nicks-out. They had to bring derek hagan and manningham to play major roles. Yes, injuries happen. But it does add color to those stats (both INTs and TDs).

        He’s a super bowl MVP, beat the best team of the modern era, he’s had how many 10 win seasons?

        Is he better or worse than phillip rivers? If you say worse, then you discount much of your argument against eli-playoff wins matter most (eli has a super bowl), Rivers has summarily disappointed with the talent he’s surrounded with-the best tight end in the league for several years and the best RB for several years also. You can’t use stats to bolster an argument, then ignore the fundamentals of other stats (the idea that multiple of Eli’s INTs this year are directly related to his WRs). And yes, this is me using an extreme example to prove a point that you can bend much of this to fit an argument.

    • As for “catchable balls,” who cares? At some point you need to be held accountable for your actions.

      I was a huge McNabb fan while he was in Philly. But after his NFC Championship collapse against Arizona I had to pin a lot of it on him. The explanations were actually excuses and I was too blind to see it. At some point you will get to that point with Eli and you will be a better fan for it.

      • catchable balls would be holding people accountable for actions. Its a measure of wide receivers who get their hands on balls, and if you look he’s had several (7-ish) hit a receiver in the hands and then intercepted.

      • And no, i’m not blind to Eli’s deficiencies, but i’m also not blind to how good of a QB he actually is. He’s top 5 in TDs and passing yards this year, without his number 1 and 2 targets for significant time, not to mention a weak o-line (go watch mckenzie for one game, he’s not an NFL player). If i made a list-no particular order:

        peyton, brady, rodgers, raper, ryan, brees, vick, rivers, eli, probably Cutler/Cassel.

      • I’m talking about holding Eli accountable.

        Picks fall on the shoulders of the QB and that’s how it goes. Keep lying because the only person you’re hurting is yourself.

  9. Im rooting for Eli to get out there and get to 30 INTs this yr- they better give him the full playbook on sunday and let him leave it all on the field

  10. Depends what you consider a top Qb.

    That list, it could be broken up.

    Brady, Brees, Peyton and probably Rodgers (maybe Rivers) are in their own category.

    The whole eli/rivers thing. I think if you’d rather have eli, you are crazy whether the Giants won a Super Bowl or not. That was the only playoff run eli has and we’re getting further removed from that.

    Eli comes in somewhere in the next group. 6th-12th or something like that. Then it depends how you rank?

    If you want success, he’s behind Ben. (Probably behind him no matter what). But you’ve Vick if you are talking this moment. Bradford for long term potential, Ryan, I think Schaub probably is still in there (just a bad season this year), cutler, cassell…

    Eli’s probably in the top 1/3 of QBs. So if that makes him a top Qb in your mind, then he’s a top Qb. But, I think some people would have tighter standards.

    • I think you make my point, which is that you can’t just look at stats and make a judgment. The Chargers throw the ball a ton and have a lot of talent, Rivers has huge stats. Raper doesn’t have great stats, but that’s b/c he’s asked to play the game differently with a great defense and strong running game. Schaub has the best receiver in the game and hasn’t made the playoffs, nor had a 10 win season, so i don’t think you can put him above Eli. I’d probably have Eli 6-8 behind Brady, Brees, Peyton, Rodgers, Rivers, then you can decide him vs raper vs Vick. I also give him credence for playing in the NFC East vs a sh*t league (bradford, i’m looking at you kid). I think Vick could be in there higher, but it’s one year, he’s been fading as of late and I’d like to see another year.

      And top does not equal elite. Top 5 i’d say is elite status, top 8 is “top qb” then you get into “above average, etc.

  11. Your list proves Eli is an above average QB as he comes in at No.9. This year though I would have to put Cassell and Cutler above him.

    So with 32 teams in the league, 16 puts you right in the middle and a 9-15 ranking would put you above average.

    And if you’re going to put Ryan above Eli then I can make a good case for Flacco too.

    Just admit Eli is nothing special and without a great supportnig cast he is not capable of putting a team on his shoulders and winning.

    • Please re-read the post as i clearly state no particular order. And thats idiotic to say “picks fall on the shoulders of the QB” given how much goes into it. Case in point? The vikings secondary last night dropping two balls that hit them literally in the chest. Factors.

    • please show me where Eli has had a “great” supporting cast. They’ll win 10 games again this year, with a hodge podge group of WR’s, a weak o-line and two RB’s who apparently don’t realize that holding onto the ball is a crucial element to their game.

  12. Eli talk aside, I think tonight is Joe Webb’s time to step into that upper echelon of QB’s. I’m thinking 17 for 20, 4 TD’s, 0 INT’s 525 yards.

    Would that get me the DA win after Collins’ remarkably inaccurate 14 for 37 performance?

  13. I’m sure that would do he trick…

    I haven’t been able to look too closely at the box scores.
    I’ll make it all official tmmrw afternoon.

    I know Nichols moved on, and I know Clausen did well for you, but I don’t know the exact totals.

    Maybe ill ballpark it and get back to you.

  14. Well, you were right in worrying about that inaccuracy, combined with a pick 6, Collins really blew up.

    Looks like you need negatives out of Webb.

  15. It may be cold outside, but I’m tired of being a wussie.

    I’m walking to my local bar for the first half. And as I go there, I’ll be working on my calluses…I mean calculator…err whatever it is the chinese work on while they walk to games.

  16. oh. my. vick.

    um, so i had two my belovedest cerebrals over last night.
    a power couple, one swattie one ‘fordian, and a combined IQ of 620. not that iq means anything.

    but alas, the were talking up the tv series “Friday Night Lights.”

    they rarely watch tv, and last i checked neither of their colleges have football teams.

    so, 3-Tech, is this a series worth watching? looking for a balanced opinion.

    if so, how do i download?

    HELP. and safe driving today.


    • Besides Breaking Bad, FNL is just about the only show I get excited to watch. There was a bad stretch in season 2 or 3, but overall it’s a very good show.

      • oh, thanks, Tim!

        what is breaking bad?

        and can i just skip ahead to the FNL current season, i did that with mad men last year.

        q cuts corners.


      • what i’ve seen of Friday Night Lights is pretty good as well. I’ll have to check out online and see what is available to bootleg…

        going back years is tough sometimes.

        I think you could pretty much jump right in, though.

        Wiki yourself a quick series summary.

        I watched some episodes this past season without knowing too much.

      • you could probably jump into FNL, but when it’s been cancelled. The season that starts airing in a few weeks is the last.

        Breaking Bad is about a chemistry teacher that learns he has terminal lung cancer and decides to start cooking meth to leave his family with money when he dies. The dad from Malcom in the Middle has won best actor emmy for 3 straight years for it.

      • wow, breaking bad is an amazing plotline 3-Putt would have never agreed to co-writing with me.

        LOVE IT. sounds great, what channel? my pops likes that other cancer show…yeah, i know, that one…um, the one with Laura Linney (sp??)


  17. In the end, it doesn’t matter really. Gives them the chance to rest players, get healthy, yada yada. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing, resting guys, jury is probably still out, but we’ll see.

    • yeah, i mean, hasn’t Vick been a lil slower the first game back after “rest”….which may be jeopardoses given the playoffs.

      then again. i only 1/2 pay attention to sports.
      like the weather.

      so i may be out in the cold.


    • According to Andy, “we’re not good enough to rest guys”, which makes sense since half the defense is 8th round rookies. But he’s got to sit Vick and McCoy or there will be outrage.

  18. Ever since plaxico left town Eli has thrown 38 picks, gone 17-14, failed to win a playoff game and proven that without a great supporting cast he is unable to consistently play well.

    38 picks = 38 piss poor excuses and zero accountability for delusional Eli blowhards.

    Wow, Eli is going to have 10 wins this year with a hodge podge cast of receivers. Edging mcnabb was going to NFC championships with James thrash and taped pinkston, but I never once cried for him to have more weapons because i held him accountable.

    Maybe when the blind loyalty wears off you will realize how Eli is not a top qb regardless of how hard you try to convince yourself he is.

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