Quick Hits From Wi-Fi-Ville.


Nothing Says America Like Free Wi-Fi.


Here I sit, drinking my venti, extra foam, caramel, mochachino, pounding my keys with authority and wondering how long my battery will last.  Of course, that isn’t exactly what I am drinking.  I sternly looked at the chick behind the counter and said, “Can I get like a medium iced tea or something?”  It’s about as coffee shop as I can get.  But, hunkered down amongst the Virginia horse farms, one must adapt.  So before I head north for the New Year, I knew I had to check in, get my internet fix and hit you all with a couple quick posts before the final Pick ‘Em post of the regular season, coming this Friday.  Since time is of the essence, we’ll do quick thoughts:

NFL Pick ‘Em Standings:

  1. Nichols 44-35-1
  2. Kraft 43-36-1
  3. Dub 41-35-4
  4. JCK 41-37-2
  5. Grossy 39-37-4

As you can see, we are looking pretty good for staying above .500.  Kraft trimmed Nichols’ lead by one game with a nice 4-1 week.  It will likely come down to those two to decide this thing.  We’ll skip the picks of the week this week to save some time.

Eagles.  What the Bleep?

What to say?  I sat in awe as the Eagles refused to block any Minnesota Viking early on.  It still looked like the Eagles would squeak out an ugly one, but the hits piled up on Vick, the turnovers mounted, there was no sense of urgency and the Eagles took a much deserved loss.  The spin has started.  The loss gets them rest.  Wake up call.  The circumstances dictated a flat performance.  All of that is garbage.  The Eagles don’t need a week to rest.  They need a clue.  Maybe both, but another non-intense week against Dallas isn’t exactly what I would prescribe for this team.  Right now, if Green Bay rolls into Philly in the opening week of the playoffs, I’d prepare myself for the nightmare scenario.  Can’t stop their offense, can’t block their pass rush.  That’s a formula for an Eagles loss.

What a Sunday Night Game!

Love that the Seahawks/Rams got flexed into Sunday night.  That is just perfection for the NFL.  How to highlight a division where 7-9 could get the job done.  The question now is whether or not to root for the Rams.  They are probably the less embarrassing team, and 8-8 is certainly more visually appealing to the NFL than 7-9, but wouldn’t 7-9 be fun?  The thought of the Seahawks, with maybe Whitehurst at the helm, hosting the Saints?  That’s just something I think we all need to see.  Go Teal!

Read a Great Book:

Got some books for Christmas.  The first one I finished was called, “Born to Run.”  It is by Christopher McDougall. McDougall was in pursuit of a band of World’s best distance runners, the Tarahumara Indians, who live in seclusion deep in Mexico’s Copper Canyons.  In his quest to find out more about these legendary runners, McDougall encounters an incredibly interesting group of ultra marathoners.  He weaves all of their stories into a build-up for a huge race on the Tarahumara ‘s home turf.  It’ll open your eyes about running, challenge some long-standing perceptions, and entertain the whole way.  Even for someone who isn’t anything close to an ultra-marathoner.  I think it was well worth checking out.

All for now…


2 thoughts on “Quick Hits From Wi-Fi-Ville.

  1. work stressful, needed a 3-Putt fix.

    okay, biggest lie ever:

    “Here I sit, drinking my venti, extra foam, caramel, mochachino”

    coach h’s gonna think you like them frufru drinks…

    like QQQQQQQ.

    q’s substance of choice.


    YO…that wi fi is powerful, though, at B & N.



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